Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


15. Chapter 14

I wake up to arms around me. I open my eyes and see an unfamiliar room. I turn and tense as I see Kenelm asleep next to me. His hair is in his face and I fight the urge to brush it away. The room is big and comfortable looking. The curtains are styled like something from a movie. The bed is huge and fit for a king. The scent is his all the way. It is strong in this room like it is his.


His grip tightens and I hear him sigh. I turn and look at him. His eyes pop open one at a time. He smiles softly at me. “Hey princess.” He says.


I glare at him. “Where am I?” I ask.


He sits up and pulls me to him. “My room of course. I am not letting you sleep in a place like that. In fact your little boyfriend is in another room. He’s angry at me but he’s comfortable at least.” He says.


I frown. “You brought me to where exactly?”


He smiles. “My father’s castle. They are excited to meet you. Well while you are conscious. They saw me with you as I came here into my room.” He says. He gets up setting me on the bed. He goes to his closet and opens it. He takes off his shirt and I look away from him letting him change. I hear him chuckle his arms wrap around me. “I was just changing my shirt.” He picks me up and I wiggle in his arms.


“I can walk.” I say. “And before we go anywhere else I’m going to see Dimitri.”


He sighs but doesn’t set me down. “Fine. It pains me to have to share you.” He starts walking to the door. He walks across the hall to another door and sets me down pulling out a pair of keys. He unlocks the door and opens it. Dimitri is glaring as soon as the door opens but it changes as his eyes catch mine. He runs up to me and wraps his arms around me.


I hug him back. “I’m so glad you’re ok.” I say hugging him tightly. He pulls from the embrace only far enough to place his lips on mine. He kisses me taking my breath away. When he pulls away he glares at Kenelm keeping his arms around me protectively. I kiss his cheek. “It’s ok Dimitri.”


He looks at me. ‘I’m not sure it’s ok. All the rest of our friends our locked in cages! This ass isn’t doing anything about it!” He says angrily.


Kenelm sighs. “I can’t. Not until I show proof of what they are doing. I have told you this before.” He says sounding slightly annoyed.


Dimitri glares at him. “By then they may go insane. Werewolves are not meant to be caged!” His grip tightens on me slightly.


I sigh. “I was in the process of getting them out. Mara fucking darted me.” I say.


Kenelm looks at me. “And she is now suffering punishment for it.”


I laugh. “Snapping her neck did so much last time. She was thrown into a lake too while her neck and she still went after me. That is not punishment for her.” I say crossing my arms getting out of Dimitri’s grip.


Dimitri looks at Kenelm. “I have no like for you. I don’t like that you are claiming to be my luna’s mate. I would rather take this.” He pulls out my baby fang, “Kill you and be done with you.”


I grab the fang from him. “That would be a careless move considering where we are Dimitri. This is his home. His family is here. Probably everyone here would be after us both considering you would kill him with my fang.” I place it in my pocket.


Kenelm frowns. “Niccolo had your baby fang. How’d you get it?” he asks.


I roll my eyes. “This is my other fang. I’m not a youngling anymore.”


He smiles. “Explains the temper.” He says. I slap him across the chest. He rubs the spot and I glare at him.


I see a smile play on Dimitri’s lip. I glare at him. “Both of you are getting on my nerves.” I turn and walk away.


Kenelm talks to Dimitri and I hear Dimitri groan before the door closes and I hear the lock click. “You know it’s easy to get lost in here.” Kenelm says walking next to me. I shrug and keep walking. He sighs. “I would really like for you to meet my parents.”

I groan. “Fine.”


Kenelm smiles. “Good. The maids will help you get ready then.” He says.


Before I can respond I feel arms grab me and me being pulled away. I glare at Kenelm who only smiles wider and waves at me.They drag me into a room and start taking measurements. I watch as they work quickly. I mean seriously quick. Within maybe ten minutes I’m in a red dress that is puffy on the bottom. The designs on the dress are little gold hearts going in a spiral like swirl up the dress. They start working on my hair and face. They finish and smile at me. “You look very lovely Miss Abigail.” The girl in the front says. Her hair is an auburn color and her eyes are a beautiful shade of green.  


I sigh. “I look like a princess. This isn’t me at all.” I say pulling at the dress feeling uncomfortable in it’s poofy layers. The girls look at me sympathetically.


The one with the auburn hair smiles. “You look beautiful. Technically you are now a princess Miss Abigail. Being the mate of Prince Kenelm and all.” She says her eyes sparkling.


I cross my arms. “That may be but I have another mate I have known longer. I can’t just reject him because I have another mate that is a prince no less. I am not one for luxury like this. It makes it seem almost like it more for the spoiled rotten. I am not. I will never be.”


The girl frowns. “You have another mate?”


I nod. “Yes. He was my only before I lost the human part of me completely. You see I’m what you could call a mutant freak. My eyes? Hair? Well they were not as they are now. I had dull brown eyes and just plain old brown hair. I don’t like to explain it so I’d rather leave it at that. Also please just call me Abigail.” I turn and before I can walk out one of the girls grab my arm softly. She holds up a pair of red heels. I sigh knowing what she wants. I slip on the heels and click out of the room.


Kenelm looks at me silently. I glare at him. “What?” I ask angrily. Being in this stupid dress was bad enough. I hate it when people oogle at me. He walks up to me.


“Nothing. Just stunned at how much more magnificent you look in this dress.” He lifts his arm out to me. “Shall we?”


I glare putting my arm through his. “I am really hating you for this.” I say looking in front so I don’t trip. The last time I wore heels was when I was sixteen. Let’s just say they weren’t this tall. I stumble a little and Kenelm moves his hand to around my waist steadying me.


He looks at me. “Have you not worn heels before?” He asks curiously.


I glare at him. “Never this tall. Now shut up let’s get this over with.” I say and turn back to look in front instead of at him.


We walk again and I look at the seemingly endless hallway. There are guards almost every where other than where  Kenelms room is at. I frown thinking about it until we reach double doors. Kenelm stops and smiles at me. “Here we are.” He says.


The doors are open by two people and Kenelm leads me inside. I see two people sitting in chairs not that far away. A woman who looks to be in her late twenties and a man that looks to be about the same. I look at Kenelm and see the immediate resemblances between them. The woman smiles at me. “Why hello. You must be the woman we’ve heard about. Abigail right? It’s really nice to meet my sons mate. I was wondering when he would finally find the one he was destined with.” The woman says looking at him.


The man gets up and walks over to me. He looks me up and down then looks at Kenelm. “Her scent is off. She smells like werewolf as well as Vampire.” He says sending me a skeptical look.


Kenelm frowns. “That should be discussed later father. Miss Abigail has been quite temperamental. She just recently lost both of  her baby fangs. You remember how that was.” He says.


The man nods. “We will be discussing this as soon as possible.”


I look at Kenelm. “I think it best it be discussed while my friends are still sane Kenelm.” A slight edge creeps in my voice.


He sighs. “I would rather wait a little while Abigail.”

I growl. “I’m not going to let you wait to discuss then when you feel like it!” I snap.


The man steps in front of Kenelm and looks at me. “What are you saying about your friends?” He asks his arms crossed.


I relax and take in a deep calming breath. “Sir. My friends are in cages by a man named Niccolo. Humans are being taken and experimented on. I am a result of the experiments. My eyes used to be brown and my hair was just brown. I was mutated to be a werewolf to blend in with their species and destroy them. I have been tortured emotionally that it’s turned physical. Mentally I am broke. That man has taken my family from me and I was finally able to get them back three months later.” I say.


He is silent for a couple of minutes before he turns and looks at Kenelm. “Is this true?”


Kenelm nods. “Yes. He seeks revenge for the wrong the werewolf did long ago.”


The man steps back. “At the cost of suffering of other species! We have rules here! I take them all very seriously Kenelm. You know this! Why did you not report this to me immediately?!” He asks angrily.


Kenelm frowns. “I had to get proof of his crime or he would deny. What is an accusation without proof of such conviction?”


The man’s eyes glow slightly red. “I would have gone and investigated! If not I then someone who could that I could trust!” He looks at me, “I  deeply apologize for the suffering you have been put through my child. This will be taken care of. They will regret breaking the laws I have set in place.” He turns and with that walks out of the room.


The woman gets up and walks over to me. “Abigail. Who is it that has changed you into a vampire?” She asks.


I look at her. “Mara. She used it to her advantage as well. She had no intention of actually doing it. When it was done she took revenge on my friends. My mate. Not Kenelm. I have a mate who I love. His name is Dimitri. He is currently locked in a room across from Kenelms.” I say.


The woman snaps her fingers and someone is kneeling in front of her in a second. She looks at him. “Please go unlock room 214. Let the guest no in there that he is welcome to roam as he pleases courtesy of the queen who deeply apologizes.” The guy nods and is gone.


I smile. “Thank you.” I give a respectful nod.


She shakes her head. “Think nothing of it. I want you to be welcome here. This will be your home soon. Due to the fact that you are half Vampire you are immortal like us. Though your werewolf side will die at one point in time. I understand if you want to spend your time as a werewolf hybrid with your first mate. I will not discourage you from it. It is sad to say once you are turned there is no changing you back.” She says.


I frown. “You’re saying I won’t die but Miakoda will?”


She’s startled. “Miakoda?”


I sigh “My wolf side. Her name is Miakoda.”


Her face relaxes. “Oh. Yes darling. She will die and you will live on.” She says looking at me sympathetically.


I turn away from her. “I need a minute.” I run out of the room without another word. Well more like stumble run. I fall into a pair of arms.


“Abigail. What’s wrong?” Dimitri asks.


I wipe my eyes. “I i i’m ok.” I choke out. I curse myself and he raises an eyebrow at me.


I take out my hair and run my fingers through. “I’m fine. Just realized something, I just need to get out of these heels and this dress.” I pull from his grip. “Please.”

He frowns. “ I believe it’s more than that but we’ll discuss it while you change. You do look absolutely stunning in that dress but I know you’re more of a t-shirt kinda gal.” He says and picks me up from the ground.


I kiss his cheek and wrap my arms around his neck. I close my eyes and breathe in his scent as he carries me. I sigh and open my eyes and look at him. “Kenelm is my mate as well as you. I’ve been trying to deny it. I can’t. The thing is I only want you. I love you.”


He looks at me. “I love you too. More than I could love anyone else. It pains me to know he is your mate. I hate that he is your mate. I will even admit I am jealous of him. I want you to myself.” He says.


I give him a sad smile. “Well you can have me for the rest of your life. It seems mine will go on past yours. Past Miakoda’s.” I say my eyes tearing up again. I blink back the tears before they can spill.


He stops walking. “Is that what’s upsetting you? The loss of me and the loss of your wolf? Abigail you won’t have to worry about that for a long time. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Neither is Miakoda. She is a part of you. You share a better bond with her than any werewolf in the world. I doubt she would leave you even when she’s gone.” He says softly.


A tear slips past my barrier. “But I will still lose you both. You’ll age while I will still look the same. I will watch you die then I’ll lose a part of me. I don’t want to ever lose you.”


He sits on the ground and pulls me close to him. “I hate not knowing what to do or say to make this better.” He rests his chin on my head. “I wish I had not lost control and caused you to be what you are. Now because of me you have been through so much.”


I pull away and look at him. “How many time do I have to tell you? It’s not your fault. Anyone would have lost it. If you hadn’t of I would be at that place with vampire blood being put in me. I would be a weapon sent to kill you. I’m grateful that didn’t happen.”


I hear footsteps and look to see Kenelm walking to us. His eyes are sad. “I am truly sorry for my mother’s words. She forgets sometimes that somethings are better left unsaid.”


I feel Dimitri’s grip on me tighten. He growls. I move my hand to his cheek and he relaxes rubbing his cheek against my palm closing his eyes. I turn back to Kenelm. “She only said the truth. She wasn’t going to sugar coat it. I’d rather know now then find out latter. If you would please, I would like to go away for awhile and live my life with my mate and family.”


Dimitri picks me up.


Kenelm shakes his head. “I wish you wouldn’t leave. Mother has given me orders not to stop you. She knows what it is like to have a life that needs to be lived before being completely ready. I shall let you leave for now. I will be back to visit you from time to time.” He says.His voice is sad and his eyes hold anger. He walks up to Dimitri and I. Dimitri glares at him. He smiles cockily before taking my lips in his.


My body reacts to his touch and I kiss him back closing my eyes. He pulls away what feels like to soon and gives a soft, sad smile. “Bye for now my princess.” With that he’s gone and in his place are two guards.


They bow. “We are here to escort you out Miss Abigail.” The first says.


I nod. “Thank you.”


They start leading us toward the front of the castle. The queen stops us at the front. She hold something out to me. I reach for it and she lets it drop in my hand. I look at it and see that it’s a ring. A very expensive looking ring. I hold it back out to her. “I can’t take this.”


She shakes her head. “Please take it. It was my mothers ring she gave me when I first found my mate. It would mean so much to me if you had it.”


I sigh. “You won’t let me leave if I don’t take it will you?” I ask.


She smiles. “It just means so much to me to have my sons mate where the ring my mother had given me.”


I nod. “Then I will wear it. I just want to go home. I want to make sure my family made it there safely.”


She nods and lets us leave. In front of us is a black limo.Dimitri goes past it. Someone clears their throat and Dimitri looks back. “Sir it is requested that I be Miss Abigail and your personal driver for the rest of the time or until my lady says otherwise. She wants all rides for you both to be comfortable and enjoyable.” He holds out a card. “This is from my king. He wants you to live in luxury. It is a credit card. It’s your own account so don’t worry about overspending or anything.” He hands it to me.


I frown but take it knowing there was no point in arguing. Dimitri walks toward the door of the limo and the guy opens it. He sets me inside and gets in beside me. The man closes the door and Dimitri wraps an arm around me. I lay my head against his shoulder. “My parents know I’m not human. They know about you. There’s going to be a lot of commotion when I walk in those doors.”


He nods kissing my forehead. “We’ll deal with it one step at a time.”

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