Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


13. Chapter 12

I wake up to the bed being empty. My eyes shoot open and I sit up. My heart pounds in my chest. This isn’t the guest room. I look around not recognizing it at all. I pull the sheets off and go to get off the bed.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you little mutant. You see I got a call from the boss. He got a little impatient being you weren’t trying to get your family back. Of course he got pissy when I told him what happened and blamed me. You see we can’t use the serum now that you are also a vampire. It won’t affect you. Though if another vampire were to bond with you it would help influence you to do what said vampire ask. Sadly it can’t be a female vampire that bonds with another. Strictly female, male type bond.” I look and see Mara on the other side of the door.


I growl. “Where are my friends? Where’s Dimitri?” I ask angrily. Pain flares through my mouth and I try my best not to react. My fang elongates and retracts inside my mouth.


Mara sighs. “I told you to forget about everyone but me.”


I get up and walk closer to her. The door now the only thing separating us. “Yeah well I’m not the listening type. I’m the stubborn type.” I say.


Mara glares. “Not for long.” With that she turns and walks away.


I growl and bang hard on the door with my fist. I curse under my breath. My last fangs causing splitting pain for what seems like hours before it finally comes out. I slip the baby fang in my pocket and head to the bathroom to clean up the blood that’s flowing in my mouth. Once I finally stop the bleeding I walk back out. My head pounds and I stumble. Memories flood my brain some bad some good. A lot I would prefer not to remember.


The information comes so fast it’s hard to process it all. I shake my head trying to clear the dizziness.When it finally does clear I’m left confused and extremely pissed. I slam my fist into to the and the hinges snap. The door flies and hits the wall across the hall. I force myself to not shift. Instead two new fangs pop from my mouth. “MARA!” I yell my voice powerful. Almost unrecognizable.


I hear a sigh and turn to see a guy shaking his head like I’m a two year old who just disappointed him. “You really shouldn’t be throwing a tantrum little one. You’re only a youngling. You don’t understand what it’s like to be a immortal creature. Do you understand the gratitude you should feel towards Mara for what she has turned you into?” The man says.

I glare at him. “And who exactly are you? You the guy who is dating the whore? The ‘boss’ the one who caused me to be a fucking freak?” I ask angrily.


His eyes eyes flash when I call Mara a whore and I know he is exactly what I think he is. I smile. “How does it feel to know your girlfriend or whatever she is to you likes me just as much as you? You know she kissed me. Wanted me so bad she tried to rape me.” I feel a sting and my head snaps to the side.


“Shut up! You have no clue what she is like. She is mine. The only reason your here is to carry out my wishes. It’s why you were made. The only complication is now you are a vampire. All I need is another vampire to bond with you and then you’ll be on my side. Well that or we could go ahead and get rid of one pack of the pesky mutts.” He says with a small smile.


I grab him by the throat and slam him up against the wall.  “ I would not threaten me with my friends and mate. I know exactly how to kill you. If I said baby fang would that ring a bell?”


He glares. “You couldn’t possibly know that. Mara said you lost all your memories.”

I laugh. “Except the ones she gave me. That happened to be one of them.” I squeeze this throat tighter.


He grips my hands and pries them off of his throat. “Well dear. Just means well have to bond you sooner than I planned. I wanted you to be at least a little comfortable with the guy before you had to bond with him but it seems the bond will have to be immediate” He grips my wrist so tight I fear it might break before dragging me behind him.


I try to rip my hand from his grasp but my new found strength is gone. I look around and see cages strewn everywhere. Some are covered and there are feint scents. I hear even breathing from the cages and realize whatever or whoever is in those cages. I yank as hard as I can and he stumbles back. A familiar calming scent hits my nose. I glare at the guy. I pull on the arm that is holding mine and bite down. He hisses letting go of me.


I run to the cage where the smell if coming from and take of the cover. I see Dimitri curled uncomfortably asleep. I see a lock and break it off. Dimitri wakes up with a start and bangs his head against the bars. He groans rubbing his head and looks around. He sees me and I see him relax only slightly. “What’s going on? Why am I in a cage?” He asks me.


I open it and feel a hand grip my wrist. “You stupid girl. No one bites me.” His eyes are rimmed with red.

Dimitri growl and is out of the cage immediately. “Let go of my mate you leech.” Dimitri’s voice is dangerously low.


I look at him and all i see is my hand around his throat choking him. Tears spring in my eyes. “ Oh goddess. Dimitri. I am so sorry. I’ve treated you like crap these past couple of months.”


Dimitri looks at me stunned. “You remember?”


I sigh. “Yes but I don’t think that’s the time to get into that.”  The guys grip tightens painfully.


“The little one is right. If you want her safe and in one piece I would suggest you follow quietly and not try anything.” He starts tugging me along.


I look at Dimitri and see his eyes black. I shake my head and motion for him to follow. He glares at the guys head but follows. The guy continues tugging me almost dragging me. I go into my pocket slowly and pull out my last baby fang and hold out behind me. I feel Dimitri’s hand wrap around it and take it from me. I get shoved forward and I stumble falling into a chest.


Arms steady me. “Do you have to be so rough Niccolo?” A voice asks. My heart flutters in my chest and I don’t look up.


“You know how I feel about any kind trash talking my girlfriend. That is her fault for not keeping her mouth shut.” Niccolo says.


“I told you she is not to be harmed as prince I expect you to obey my wishes.” The guy says his voice calm with only a slight edge.


Niccolo sighs. “I’m sorry. Sometimes I can not control my anger.”


Dimitri growls. “Hands off my mate.”


I hear the man with his arms still around me sigh. “You know I would if she were not my mate as well. Being she is now part vampire I became her destined soulmate.”


I push away from him immediately. “I would never be mates with someone who let my friends be caged.” I look up meeting inhuman eyes, They are a hypnotic gold and green that seem to swirl when you look into them. His hair is brown, short, and wavy. He looks to be 20 or maybe even 19.


He looks at me his eyes soft. “This is not my plan. Nicco has a grudge against werewolves for something that happened many years ago, He is a very good friend of mine so I’m just here to support him. My name is Kenelm. I am your vampire soulmate.” He says lifting his hand to cup my cheek.


I back away from him before he can. “I don’t believe you.” I look back at Dimitri. “That is my mate. I love him.” I look back at Kenelm. “Plus you’re only supposed to have one mate.”


Kenelm shakes his head. “Though that is true your case is rare. You see you’re a hybrid. You have both wolf and vampire. The werewolf part of you needs a werewolf mate. The vampire side of you craves and needs a vampire.mate.”


I laugh. “Craves? I don’t…..” His hand touches my face cutting me off. He traces his thumb against my cheek and I close my eyes. His hand pulls away and I open my eyes and look at him. I back up. “I can’t have more than one mate. You say that I do but how do I know it’s not a trick? A lie to get me back to being a lap dog again.” I reach for Dimitri’s hand.


I feel his hand in mine and I squeeze it. I see anger in Kenelm’s eyes. I catch the movement of his hand and before I can react I hear a buzzing sound as something goes right past my ear. I hear Dimitri curse and I look back to see a dart in his neck. Dimitri stumbles and I wrap my arms around him to keep him from falling. I turn and glare at Kenelm.


Kenelm waves a hand and Niccolo walks over toward me and Dimitri. My grip tightens on my mate slightly and I growl. “You touch him and you die.” My voice low and dangerous.


He hesitates for a minute before continuing to walk toward me. “We swiped your baby fang. You have nothing to kill me with.”


Dimitri’s out cold and his body is slumped against mine. I growl. “You sure you want to test me? I had only lost one baby fang. Who’s to say I haven’t lost the other?” I say to Niccolo who is now way to close.


I feel a hand on my arm and my body relaxes all anger leaving me. I look and see Kenelm. I glare at him. I feel Dimitri’s body being taken off me and my anger builds up again my fangs itching to come out. The elongate and I hiss at Niccolo who now has Dimitri in his arms.


I feel lips against my neck and my fangs retract my body relaxing again. Kenelm wraps his arms around me. “Do not place her werewolf mate in a cage. Make sure he is comfortable and taken well care of. I do not care of the grudge you may hold against there kind as long as it doesn’t affect my mate. Her friends shall also be placed in better conditions then a cage. I will check and see if you have done what i have ordered.”


I look at Kenelm in surprise. He looks at me. “I am not a monster my princess. You have had the wrong impression of our kind. You see there’s a king, my father, and a queen, my mother. They have created laws and rules we must follow, kind of like humans and their laws. Ours are a little different and may seem unfair to someone who was a human before. The laws we have set inplace is to prevent chaos between species.” He sits in a chair pulling me into his lap. “My father has made many laws beneficial to the piece of all species. What Niccolo is doing? It’s illegal. I am here to get proof of what he is doing so he can be punished.”


I frown. “Wait so you don’t agree with what he’s doing?”


He shakes his head. “No I don’t. He has experimented with humans and is using them to eliminate another species. It’s cruel even on vampire standards. Now we do hunt humans. I know you probably think that’s wrong. From a human’s point of view it is. Think of it this way. I’m a cat and the humans are mice. I am hungry and need to feed. Just because I don’t want to kill the mouse doesn’t mean I won’t have to eventually. It’s either the mouse dies or me.” He says as he talks he traces circles along my arms making it almost impossible  to listen and focus on what he is saying.


“So you hunt humans? Do you kill them?” I ask slightly angered.


His finger stops tracing mindlessly and he wraps his arms back around me. “No we only take what we need. We use influence on the human to make the human forget if we need to. Usually the bite leaves them in a state of bliss. Almost like humans being drunk. Sometimes a vampire decides to keep a human. Now only vampires of high positions can keep a human. Even then they only have a month before they have to release the human.”


I growl. “It’s been over three and my family is still locked up in this place somewhere.” I say and push away from him getting up.


Anger flashes in Kenelms eyes. “Your family is here?” He asks.


I look at him surprised. “You did not know my family was here?”


He shakes his head getting up. “Come on we shall go search for them. If i had known they would be at home by now. I am truly sorry my princess.”

I sigh. “My name is Abigail. I would appreciate you not calling me princess in front of my family if and when we find them.” I say.


He rolls eyes. “Fine I will call you Abby then. Now hop on my back.” He says.


I scrunch my eyebrows at him. “I’m not getting on your back.”


He sighs. “You are not that fast little one. You have not drank as much as your supposed to. It will be fast this way.” He says.


I shake my head.”I’m not getting on your back. I’ll go find them. I still don’t fully trust you.” I run at inhuman speed and he catches up easily. When I run everything seems to slow down to be like a normal running speed. He grabs my arm and before I can protest I’m on his back. Within a minute he stops and sets me down.


We are in front of a large door. It looks to be made of sturdy metal. On the side is a keypad with numbers for a code. I look at Kenelm. “What are we doing here?” I ask.


He goes to the keypad. “I smell humans. They might be in here.” I frown not smelling anything. He looks back at me. “When you’ve been a vampire as long as I have and have drank the blood of humans enough you’ll be able to sniff them out better.” He pushes in a code and the door clicks.


I walk up to the door and open it. I see my mom holding my sister protectively and my dad in front of them both. My eyes tear up seeing the fear in their eyes.  

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