Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


12. Chapter 11

Before my friends can even get to me Mara wraps her arms around me tightly and I feel wind against my hair. The wind stops and I look around cursing. We are in an open field in the middle of a forest. I growl and look at her. “Take me back.”


She shakes her head. “We shall be living here for about. A decade. You know until you know longer follow my orders. Until then you are mine. My slave. I control you. Forget about everyone else. All you know is me.” She says.


I groan holding my head. Every memory I had becomes foggy unreachable. All but three. Each one a remembrance. I look up at her. I can’t feel anger toward her but i know I hate her. She smiles. “Come here.”


I walk over to her and she wraps her arms around my waist. She leans down and kisses me. My whole body tenses and I try to push her away. Her grip tightens as she becomes more forceful. A shiver of disgust run through me. I think she mistakes that for pleasure because she smiles moving to my neck. My breath hitches as her lip touch my neck.


My fang itches and I feel it slowly elongate. I hiss and shove her as hard as I can. She falls against the ground on her ass and I hear her breath rush out of her lungs. She looks at me shocked. I wipe my mouth with my arm glaring at her my fang already retracted. “I am not bisexual. I’m not gay. I would appreciate it if you don’t try to force me to be what I’m not. It’s disgusting and unnatural.” I say.


She gets up and I see her eyes turn red. “You don’t have a say. You are mine and I will do what I want.” Next thing I know I’m up against a tree pinned.


I growl. “Let me go.” I say. She shakes her head and pulls out rope. You don’t want to know where from. Trust me. She ties me to the tree. I glare and pull against the rope.


She smiles and starts touching me places that I would never let anyone other than my husband touch. I pull harder against the rope. “You bitch!” I feel sharp pain and my head snaps to the side.


“Don’t talk.” She says. She rips my only clothes off leaving me in my bra and panties. She smiles and her hand traces my stomach before slowly moving down. My whole body tenses and I can’t find the strength to move. Her hand slips into my panties and next thing I know I see red and she’s on the ground holding her nose.


She only commanded you not to be mad. I’m a completely different soul.


I sigh thankful but angry at her for waiting so long. You want to take over. I think any command she gives won’t affect you. Your not the part that’s vampire.


I think it will be interesting to try out the human….er….vampire part.


I let her take control and it’s like watching from afar. Mara is shouting at me trying to command me but I am not reacting to any of them. Miakoda throws a punch to Mara getting her in the stomach. Mara winces but recovers. Miakoda is a little sloppy using my body for the first time and Mara gets her pinned to the ground eventually. I take that cue and take over.


Sorry I tried.


It’s ok. I glare at Mara. She glares back. “Open you mouth.”


My face scrunches up in disgust. “Eeww no.”


She uses her legs to pin my legs and plugs my nose. “You still need oxygen since your part wolf.”


I glare at her keeping my mouth closed. After a while my lungs starts to burn but I hold out as long as I can. I see my vision start to darken. She elbows me in the stomach causing me to gasps and I breath in gulps of air. She pries my mouth all the way open and curses. “Dammit it’s happening too. Soon.” She looks at me. “Where is it?” She asked. I hear a slight panic in her voice and take as not a commanding question not answering. She growls. “Where is it?”


I frown. “Where is what?”

She slaps me. “Don’t play stupid. This is not a game. Where is your missing baby fang?” She asks.


I glare at her. “It’s at the pack house with my Alpha. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to bring it.”

She looks at me startled. “How did you find out our secret? How did you that was what could kill vampires?” She asks.


I smile. “I didn’t until now. Thanks for spilling your secret.” I force a shift which was very pain since Mara was stopping my arms from shifting. I snap at her and she jumps away from my snout letting me go. I finish my shift and growl at her before taking off running. I can hear her trying to catch up but my vampire speed has been increased because of being a werewolf as well.


I keep going hearing her following steps fade. I reach similar scents and slow to a regular run. I take a deep breath and turn following the scent of the pack back to the pack house. I am immediately met with shouting and growling. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BRINGING HER THERE?” I hear Nick yell.


I roll my eyes and run up to the door. Being I can’t knock I instead scratch on the door. The whole house goes dead silent. “This conversation is not over.” Nick says angrily before i hear his footsteps coming toward the door.


He opens it and looks down at me. “You are in deep shit Abigail. Get your ass in here.” He moves to the side and I walk in. He walks in close behind me. The others look at me. Mostly with relief.


I sit down in front of them. I look at Nick. You can be pissed at me all you want. I know how to kill Mara.


He looks at me shocked. “What?”


I walk into the guest bedroom and shift back quickly getting dressed. “Yeah. Seems that the only way to kill a vampire is with the baby teeth of either the vampire itself or the vampire it created.” I say as I walk out of the guest room. Found it out trying to stop her from basically raping me.” I say casually.


I go to the chair and pick up the fang. “Of course that’s only a guess. She didn’t tell me directly. I don’t even know where. But it’s a start.”


They all look at me shocked. Dimitri looks pissed.”She almost did what?”

I look at him. “She almost raped me. Anyway Dimitri come here please.” I set the fang down just in case he thought that was the reason I wanted him over. He looks at me skeptically. I roll my eyes. “It’s ok I’m not going to bite.” I smile. “Might just nibble a little.” I tease.


Everyone looks at me confused. I look at them just as confused. “What?”


Suzannah frowns. “You just teased playfully to Dimitri.”

I become even more confused. “Yeah. Is that a problem? You all are staring at me like I’ve grown another head.” I sigh. “Fine forget it. Lost the mood anyway. If you all will excuse me I will be in the..” I notice the books everywhere. That and that there’s a stranger in the house who doesn’t smell like and one that does.


“You ok?” Nick asks. I notice they’re holding hands.


I frown. “When did you get a girlfriend?” I ask.


They all look at each other including the strangers. Dimitri looks at me. “Abigail what’s the last thing you remember?”


I roll my eyes. “The last thing I remember is you and I watching a movie with Nick, Alex, and Suzannah.” I frown as another stranger comes out of the bathroom.

“What about before that?” He asks. I look back to him.


“You pushing me against the wall forcing me to kiss you because you were being an overprotective jerk.If you ask about before that. Me helping Clarissa to ride without training wheels for the first time.” I say I go to the books and pick one up. “I don’t why you guys have these. Or why you didn’t tell me about your girlfriend or why there are two strangers in here along with your girlfriend.” I look at Nick.


:You mean Charles, Jason, and .Rory? They aren’t strangers. You know them.” He says.


I shake my head. “Maybe at one point but I don’t remember ever knowing them.” I tell him.


I rub my forehead. “Every other memory is foggy. Other than really resent ones.”


I sigh. “I don’t even remember how I became a vampire.” I grab the fang again. “ I think I’ll just sit down in the guest room. I’m confused. You all are confused. I’m not really in the mood to chat or think right now.” I walk to the bedroom and close the door locking it. I sit on the bed messing with the fang. I try to think about where I would stick it to make the killing blow. I know many weak spots. A stab to the heart, neck, stomach. I don’t think it would be that obvious though.


I mull it over getting lost in my thoughts.I wince and drop the fang looking at my finger that’s now bleeding. I sigh looking at the blood slowly going down my finger. I guess I was holding it too tightly. I shrug and wrap my shirt around my finger applying pressure. I hear a knock on the door and get up to get it. I unlock the door and open it. I see Dimitri and try to close the door. He grabs it stopping me and I head back to the bed.


“You ok Abigail?” He asks.


I shrug my shoulders. “ I honestly don’t know anymore. I only have three memories in all basis. I know I have more but I can’t access them. I’m a vampire hybrid. I’m a freak of nature. I have emotions I remember feeling that don’t connect with any memories. All of which confuse me more.” Play with the sheets on the bed. “That Mara keeps commanding me and I have to fight to stop myself from obeying. She makes me uncomfortable because she forces herself on me in ways that disgust me.” I say shuddering at the memory. “ I feel like she’s done it before.”


Dimitri walks up to me and places a hand on my shoulder. I unconsciously lean into his touch finding comfort in it. I look up at him. I wrap my arms around him tightly and I feel his body stiffen before relaxing as he puts his arms around me lifting me so he can sit down and place me on his lap. He grabs my chin softly and tilts my head up so I look at him. “I won’t let her touch you like that again. I promise you the my luna.” He says before placing his lips softly on mine.


Electricity sparks and warms me as our lips touch. I melt into him my eyes closing. His hand stay firmly wrapped around my waist as he deepens the kiss. My arms move to rest around his neck loosely. He shift his weight and moves slowly placing my head on the pillow as well as my back hitting the bed. I open my eyes and look at him. He looks back at me his eyes full of love and conflict. Like he’s struggling to not go any farther than this.


I tighten my grip slightly and kiss him deeply. His eyes darken nas his love turns into lust. A growl rumbles deep in his throat and his tongue runs across my bottom lip. I shiver as I feel his hands move down. The grab my ass and I gasp. He starts searching my mouth slowly putting more weight on me. Enough to keep me pinned but not enough to hurt or limit my breathing. Well…..Any more than it already is.


My heart skips a beat as his hands move under my shirt. Every where his skin touches causing warmth and electricity to go through me. His hand move further and further up and I tense. He pulls away almost immediately. “I’m sorry my luna. I got carried away. I didn’t mean to go that far.” He says getting up. I keep my grip tight and pull him back down. He looks at me startled


“It’s ok Dimitri it happens…...Can you please just stay with me? At least for a little while” I ask. I don’t want to admit I really like being in his company. That and that I really need a snuggle buddy right now.


His eyes soften and he wraps his arms around me pulling me close to him. “There’s nowhere else I would rather be my Luna.” He says kissing my forehead. I close my eyes as his lips rest against my forehead for a couple more minutes before he pulls away and snuggles his face into the crook of my neck. “So tired.” He mumbles in my neck.


I feel his breath even as he falls asleep. I look at the door that was left open and hope that no one saw us making out. I hear footsteps and see Nick walking to the door. I place a finger on my lips motioning him to be quiet as he looks at me. He smiles. I see you’re comfortable with him now. I’m glad. He hasn’t slept in a while.

I frown. Has he at least eaten like he should?


Nick nods. Yes. Suzannah makes sure all of us are fed.


I nod slightly. That’s good. I’m going to go ahead and sleep. If you would close the door that would be great.


He nods. Sleep well Abigail. With that he closes the door softly and I listen to his retreating footsteps.


I sigh and feel Dimitri’s grip tighten slightly instantly relaxing me. I cover up a yawn and close my eyes. My thoughts drift to the encounter I had today with Mara. The thought of her basicaly rapung me sends a shiver of disgust down my spine. I am not disregarding bisexuals or anything. I’m just not bisexual or gay. I don’t have that type of attraction  towards females that I have with males.


Well one specific male. I tilt my head closer to him and breathe in his scent. I may have just met him but I can’t deny the feelings I have for him. The way I feel drawn to even the smallest touch. Just the briefest contact. The way he looks at me. Well looked at me. Something has happened that I can’t remember. I did something to cause him to be cautious around me. I can’t help but get a nagging feeling that it wasn’t at all like how I usually act. I mean I don’t really know for certain since i can’t remember really anything.


With all of this going through my head I find it hard to sleep. I stay still not wanting to wake Dimitri but for some reason he wakes. I know this because I feel his grip tighten on me and him sigh. He lifts his face from my neck and sits up. I turn to look at him and he frowns. “What are you doing still up” He asks. I can hear in his voice that he is still half way asleep.


I shrug. “I can’t sleep. I tried.”


He moves so he’s right above me his face inches from mine. “What’s wrong?” He aks is voice sounding stronger.  I sigh.


“A lot. I have very few memories. I don’t know what I did to cause your hesitancy towards me.” He opens his mouth as if to protest but don’t give him a chance to argue. “A woman probably much older than me was kissing me and telling me i was going to be her slave and I would have to do anything she wants. She has a power over me that is hard to fight. I feel like a big chunk of me is missing right now. I’m confused. My emotions are in battle with me constantly. I don’t know what to do anymore.” I say running a hand through my hair.


Dimitri cups my cheek with his hand. “You’re not alone in this. All of us are here to help you. Suzannah, Nick, Rory, Jason, Charles, Alex, and me.” He says.


I rub my cheek against his hand and close my eyes inhaling his scent. I sigh. I look at him. “Then why do I feel alone?” I ask.


He rubs a thumb on my cheek. “I don’t know. I don’t want you to feel like you’re all alone in this.” He says. I see the hurt in his eye. He leans forward placing his lips on my forehead. He moves down and places his lips on mine. He kisses me softly at first before he soon deepens the kiss moving his hands to rest on my waist.


I kiss him back wrapping my arms around his neck melting into the kiss. My eyes close as his touch awakens my heart. Every brush of contact leaves tingles of warmth and electricity. He moves down my cheek to my neck kissing a very sensitive spot causing me to shiver. His lips move up into a smile. He pulls away. “I can’t help but love the way you react to me everytime I kiss or touch you. Of course I love you.”


I look at him. I guess it’s hard to believe that he loves me. Not that he hasn’t proven it. Just that we haven’t known each other that long. He kisses me again briefly before laying next to me wrapping his arms around me. “Get some sleep. I’ll be here with you.” He says.


I turn so that I’m facing him and snuggle close to him. His scent calm my mind and I feel myself finally start to get drowsy. I close my eyes with a sigh and slowly fall asleep in Dimitri’s arms.


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