Made to Forget

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine. I don’t feel any different.”

He frowns. “Did something happen other than kissing while you were with Mara?” He asks.

Before I can answer there is a growl at the doorway. I turn my head to see Dimitri looking at the both of us angrily. “Get your hands off my mate Alexander.” He says.

I growl at Dimitri. “I am not your mate. You can’t control him or me.” I say getting up.

Dimitri looks at me with hurt in his eyes. “Yes we are mates.”

I cross my arms. “You can’t be mates with someone you have no feelings for. I don’t like you at all. In fact I hate you.” I say.

His face completely drops and I can tell my words cut him deep. Deep down I feel guilty and regret saying those words but on the surface I smile to see him like this. I walk past him without another word and head to the kitchen.


11. Chapter 10

Alex stayed for the next couple weeks as they slowly got the big pile of journals to grow shorter. Every once in a while they’ll have information on vampires that they read aloud but so far nothing about how to kill one. I wake up feeling extremely hot one morning my head pounding and feeling like I’m having cramps but worse.


I groan holding my lower stomach kicking off the blankets. I get up and fumble with the door handle trying to get it open. Sweat is beading and trickling down my forehead my shirt damp. I growl in frustration and i hear a knock on the door. “Hey you ok in there?” I hear Alex’s voice and his scent causes my mind to go foggy.


I hear a growl from the other end of the door and I know he’s caught my scent as well. The knob turns but then pops back in place as I hear a slam. “Get a hold of yourself Alex. Go.” I hear Nick say.


I groan as pain slices through me. I slid down to the ground and curl holding my stomach. My shirt is soaked from sweat. Everything is foggy like my brain isn’t quite working. My thoughts fuzzy. The door opens and I see Rory she looks around and sees me on the floor. She comes over to me and kneels next to me. “I’m here for you Abigail. Come on let’s get you a cold shower.” I see Suzannah at the doorway. She comes and helps me up both of them holding my weight as they wrap an arm around each of their shoulders.


I whimper wanting to curl up on the ground again. They end up basically dragging me because I feel too weak to even walk. Suzannah picks me up and puts me in the tub and starts taking off my clothes and tossing them on the ground. Rory closes the door and locks it. Suzannah turns on the cold water.


I close my eyes as I feel the cold water run down my back. I open my eyes feeling finger kneading my hair. I turn my head and look at Suzannah. She looks at me and smiles her hands filled with foamy bubbles from the shampoo. “It’s ok I’m just washing you. It won’t dampen the smell of the heat but you’ll be clean.” She goes back to kneading the shampoo into my hair. I close my eyes again as the water starts to feel warm as my body gets used to the cold water. I sigh and feel a rag placed in my hand.


I look at it. “I thought you would want to wash the rest of yourself.” Suzannah says.


I nod and she helps me up. I grip the handle on the wall inside the shower to keep me up. Suzannah closes the curtains and I struggle to wash the rest of myself fighting the urge to just curl up again. My grip tightens as my legs almost buckle my knuckles turning white as I hear a crack from the plastic handle. I continue washing myself with a shaky hand before I slide to the ground letting the now lukewarm water wash away the soap.


I look up at the handle and see the crack. It looks like a spider web. I sigh letting my head rest against the wall. Eventually the curtains open and Suzannah picks me up wrapping me in a towel. “You should eat more. You’re really light.” She says. Rory unlocks the door and they take me back to the guest bedroom closing and locking the door. Suzannah dries me off as Rory gets out a pair of booty shorts and a crop top. Both of which I had no clue I even had. I know I definitely buy them for myself.


She grabs a pair of undies and a bra. She walks over to Suzannah and I handing Suzannah the close. Suzannah shakes her head. “If she could argue right now she probably would. She’s always been the shorts and t-shirts or pants kind of girl.” She says.


Rory shrugs. “Since she’s in heat we need to have as little bit of her skin covered as possible. She thanks us for it.” She says.


Suzannah sighs and helps me get dressed in the very revealing outfit. Once that’s done I curl up in a ball whimpering in pain. Suzannah looks at Rory and they both share a look but my brain is too fuzzy to even try to distinguish the look.


I am in pain for days. They come in and out of the room bringing cold cloths and sometimes ice. After a few day my fangs started aching as well so I didn’t want to eat or drink anything. My fangs would retract and elongate on their own each time hurting a lot. I would cry out. At points in time I would black out.


The fact I felt like I was in an oven didn’t help either. I was in so much pain I just wanted it to stop. I would beg Suzannah and Rory to stop the pain.


Another wave of pain goes through me and I taste blood in my mouth. I feel something fall on the bed close to my head. I look down startled forgetting the pain for a second. I grab the fang that was in my mouth. It’s bloody and smaller than I imagined it was. I can still taste the blood running in my mouth and stick my tongue to were the fang used to be. There’s now a hole in my gum that’s bleeding where the fang used to be.


Rory and Suzannah had left for a little while. I take the fang and place it under my pillow wanting them to see it once the other came out. My mind goes foggy as I smell the familiar scent of a male. I whimper as the door knob turns. The door opens to reveal Nick. He smiles at me. “You feeling any better?” He asks.


I shake my head. I feel the itch of my other fang and feel sharp pain as it elongates and retracts. I whimper placing my hands over my mouth. Nick frowns. “I smell blood.” He says. He looks back and Rory is behind him crossing her arms.


“I’ll take care of her. You know how she’s like right now. You being here is going to make things worse. She’ll try to get up and comes toward you. Shoo.” Rory says.


Nick sighs and walks away. Rory walks in and locks the door behind  her. She looks at me. “You have just a couple more days Abigail. Then it will be over. No more pain.” She says walking up to me. She frowns. “He’s right you smell like blood.”


I nod. “It’s my fangs constantly rubbing against my gums.” I say my voice cracking with pain. Honestly it’s the first time i took the effort to talk.


She nods. “Let me know if something happens with them. They have been acting stranger than usual.” She pats my shoulder then sits down a kindle in her hand. She grabs a pair of glasses the were hanging from her shirt and puts them on and starts reading whatever it is she is deciding to read. I don’t really care.


The next couple days go by painfully slow. When I wake up on the fourth day I feel better. My other fang is still in and my gum has stopped bleeding but it’s pounding like a heartbeat. It’s not that it hurts. It just doesn’t feel good. You know when a muscle or something starts twitching? Yeah that’s how it feels. I look at myself and shake my head. I really would have punched them for putting me in a crop top.


I go under my pillow and pull out the fang. I get up and unlock the door. I walk out and head to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and open my mouth. I see something poking from under my gum so tiny it’s barely noticeable. I run my tongue along the empty space. I hear a knock on the door. “You ok in there?” I hear Suzannah ask.


I go to the door and open it. I smile. “I’m doing really good. I’ve got some good news too. A couple days ago this came out.” I hold up the fang and smile wide showing her the gap where it used to be.


Her eyes light up. “You lost a baby fang.” She says excitedly and grabs my arm dragging me into the living room. “Guys. Guys. Put down the journals. Come on. I got news. Abigail lost one of her baby fangs.” She says sounding like an excited kid who just got a piece of candy.


Everyone looks up. Nick looks at me. “Wait what?” He asks. They all put down the journals letting me I have there full attention.


I hold up the fang. “I lost it a couple of days ago. I wanted to wait and see if i would lose the other before telling you guys. It really hurt. That’s what the smell of blood was. My gum was bleeding afterward.” I smile wide showing off the gap.


They all talk in excited chatter. I head to the kitchen and grab some strawberries from the fridge craving something red. I place some on a plate and head back. They all look at me. “Do you feel any different now that that fang is gone?” Charles asks as I take a bite from a strawberry.


I think about it. I shake my head. “Not really. I feel the same. Well other being glad that I’m finally done being in heat.” I say the take another bite of the strawberry. I sit down. “Here let me see one of the journals that you haven’t read yet.” Suzannah walks over to the table and tosses me a journal.


I hold a strawberry in my mouth as I open the journal. I start reading making sure to commit every word to my memory. I see no useful information once I finish and place it down. They all look at me weird and I frown. “What?” I asks taking the strawberry from my mouth.


“Doesn’t your eyes hurt?” Alex asks.


I scrunch my eyebrows. “Why would my eyes hurt?”


He shakes his head. “You have only been reading for ten minutes.”


I shrug. “I guess I’m a fast reader. There wasn’t anything useful in that journal by the way. Not even a mention of vampires.” I get up and finish my plate putting it in the dishwasher after rinsing it off. You will come to me Abigail.


I hold my head as it starts to pound. It’s not as bad as it was last time but it still hurts. I hold back a groan rubbing my temples. I walk in the living room and sit down. My body is shaking as I fight it to stay on this chair. Suzannah walks up to me. “Hey you ok?” She asks.


I nod. “F fine.” I say most of my focus on fighting. She looks at me knowing I’m not.


She leans close to my ear. “Come on. I’ll take you there and I’ll supervise. Make sure she doesn’t do anything. That way you’re not giving in.” She whispers in my ear almost in audible.


I get up and nod. Suzannah grabs the keys. “We’re going out for some girl time. Come on Rory.” She says opening the front door. Rory looks at us confused but looks at my shaking body and quickly gets up heading out the door.


“Be back before dark.” Nick calls out to us as we walk out.


Rory crosses her arms and looks at both of us. “Mara?” She asks. I can see slight anger in her eyes as well as frustration.


I nod. “All we have to do is walk over to her and then we can walk out. She only said for me to come to her not that I had to stay.” I say shakily grabbing the door handle to the passenger side of the door.


Rory shakes her head. “We shouldn’t even risk it. What if she orders you to stay?” She asks.


I shrug. “I’ll walk out. Her commands are weaker than before. I noticed it when she ordered me to come to her. If you notice I’m only shaking and not groaning in pain. It’s easier to fight her now.” I say.


Rory sighs. “Still if something goes wrong…..”


I cut her off. “That’s why you guys are here with me. So if something does go wrong you can get me out. It will just be quick. I promise.”


Rory shakes her head. “I am probably going to regret this.” I quickly get in and buckle up. Rory takes her time getting in and Suzannah drives taking my direction to the bar.


Rory is silent the whole time. When we park I look back at her. “Now you guys know where it is. It will be easier to get to Mara now.” I get out and walk up to the  bar. My body no longer shakes and my headache goes away. I open the door and am stopped again by the big burly guy like last time. He has a beard this time though. Guess he thinks it makes him look more intimidating. He raises his sunglasses so I can look him in the eyes.


I roll mine. “I.D.” he says. Mara walks up.


I almost laugh at the outfit she’s wearing. She’s wearing a red dress with a deep v cut and it barely covers her ass. She’s wearing matching heels and a gold necklace with earrings to match. She flips her hair and smiles. “It’s ok she’s with me.” Mara says. She looks at me and gives me a once over biting her lower lip. “Sexy.”


I look down and groan. I had completely forgot that I was wearing the crop top and tight ass shorts. I look like a whore waiting to be fucked. A guy suddenly walks up towards us. He smiles at me. “Hello there. You look uncomfortable. Would you like to borrow my jacket?” He asks.


I shake my head. “Thank you for the offer sir but I will have to decline. I am actually leaving now.” I look to Mara. “I am kind of busy. I don’t like being called out like this. I shall take my leave.” I turn and walk out.


I turn and walk out. I hear the clip of heels following behind me. I sigh. “Mara I’m leaving and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


She grabs my arms and I turn to see a frown on her face. “I thought I commanded you not be mad at me.” She says.


“You did. I’m not angry at you. I am just annoyed. I don’t like being bossed around. Now if you’ll excuse me I will be off.” I say.


Her grip tightens. “No your going to stay with me.” She says angrily.


I try to rip my arm from her grip. I look and see my friends get out of the car and walk quickly over to me.

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