Hard 2 Face Reality

Alice and her friend Jasmin, is two high school girls, with some things to deal with. A teacher has disappeared from their high school, and its their job to find out how. They went out to many adventures, and places they weren't supposed to be at, and everything is going to be a whole drama.
The question is, will they every find out where the teacher went? We will find out in this super story!


2. The Plan

So Jasmin and I went to my home. It was quiet boring at the first moment, but hen we quickly remembered why we were there! We had to make a plan, to sneak into the school and find all the proof we could get. " Okay so first of all, we could need all the help we could get! " Jasmin explained slowly. I nodded resolutely. " Hey what about Damien? Hes cool, and a close friend we both could trust! " i ordered. She nodded happily. " Who else? " She asked. " You know we don't know many others on the school, right? " she had totally forgot that we are totally unpopular in the school. But maybe if we found Mrs. Rose, we would be so popular! " Your right, i just wish we had more friends. I mean, Damien is so popular! Why aren't we getting popular by being with him? " She yelled. " Okay now you are making me thinking, that we are just using him to popularity! " I looked into her eyes, and she slowly blurred away. " I know. " She said. I rolled my eyes. " Let's continue our plan. " while we continued in like two and a half hour, we began being tired.

The next day, i immediately when to Jasmins house. I knocked at her door and she opened the door. " Ready to go? " i asked. She looked tired. " is it today? " She yawned. " yes? Come on, get out from your feathers and let's go for Damiens house! Im excited! " " Listen we don't even know if Damien wanna join us. What if he says no? " She asked tiredly. " Then we will just do it. " i said. And then we were going to Damiens door. I knocked at his door, and we stood for a while before the door opened up. It was Damiens mother. " Who are you girls? " she asked, with a confused voice. " To of Damiens friends. " I explained. " Oh, Damien you got visit! " she yelled at her son, and walked away. Then Damien came walking over to the door. God he's hot! I stood staring at him for a while, till he asked us what we wanted. I shook my head, and explained why we were here. He looked at me with a confusing, but cute face. " So are you with us or..? " Immediately he interrupted. " So you are literally asking me to go with you to school? Are you crazy? School is over! A murder is walking around at our school! And its saturday morning! " he yelled. " So? It's Mrs. Rose whos gone, not Mr. Gregg or inspector Wilson. " I talked with a clam voice, but then he freaked out. " Are you kidding me? I don't give a fuck at her! She always gave me extra math. She hated me, and i hated her! " " Admit it, your so bad at math! So, that literally explains it all! " Jasmin yelled. I interrupted the two idiots conversation. " Guys stop it, Jasmin, mind your own business about Damiens career, and Damien have a bit compassion! She just tried to help you! " Damien looked furious at me. I became a little sad. I did not want to hurt his feelings. " Get away. " he said, and closed the door, hard forward of us. " I told you, he would never go with us! Hes too cute, and cares more about his look! " Jasmin explained. I nodded, and we walked to the school. But suddenly the door opened. It was Damien. " I don't only care about my look. But if it cares so much to you, i will go with you, but you owe me! You spill my saturday on this… " " Stop crying baby boy, and let's just go! " Jasmin beat him, and we ran to school.

Police were still everywhere. I did not expect it to be that hard. " So what's the plan? " Damien asked hurry. " Calm down. " Jasmin said, and explained the whole clan for him. " Great idea. " he said. Jasmin rolled her eyes. We began the clan. Sneaking between the police, and into the secret way i've found. We crawled in, and then we were into the school. Trespassing signs were everywhere. A police came running. " Hey, your not supposed to be in here! " We looked terrified and each other, and then Jasmin whispered. " Run! "





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