Hard 2 Face Reality

Alice and her friend Jasmin, is two high school girls, with some things to deal with. A teacher has disappeared from their high school, and its their job to find out how. They went out to many adventures, and places they weren't supposed to be at, and everything is going to be a whole drama.
The question is, will they every find out where the teacher went? We will find out in this super story!


1. Disappeared

It was a normal day, just like the others. I were on her way at school, and looked forward to see her best friend Jasmin. Jasmin and her had been friends in 12 years. When I came at the school, police were everywhere. Jasmin came running. " Alice! There u were! Omg, i tough it was you they searched for! " she yelled. " What are you talking about? What's happening? " I asked curious. " A teacher has disappeared. School is out today. Everybody is here and when i saw you weren't i was afraid that YOU were disappeared. " she explained closely, but i still didn't understand. Was there a murder at our school or just a kidnapper? I were completely lost. " So, have they found her? Is she dead? " we don't know yet. " She said. " Who is it that has been disappeared? " i asked nervously. " Our math teacher, Mrs. Rose. " she sighed, and looked sad at me. " our favorite teacher. " she explained. " Are you serious? " i talked loud, and looked directly into her eyes. " Yes! Well since school is out today, we can maybe hangout? " she asked me, and completely forgot about the disappearing. " forget it! I need to find out about what had happened. I want to find Mrs. Rose! " i said, with a fixed voice. " Are you crazy? A weird man walks around our school, kidnapping people! And you wanna find out what have happened? " I nodded with a resolute at my look. I was ready to the mission. I just hoped that Jasmin would help me, so i wouldn't be alone at the mission. " please help me with it. Its our favorite teacher! " i begged. " Fine! But if it was another teacher like Mr. Gregg, i wouldn't help you, that's for sure! " We began laughing, but then i said: " Don't tell anyone about this mission, understand? " i had a serious voice, and she nodded slowly. Then we walked home at my house, and began finding out what to do and where to search.

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