Rodeo boy and spotlight girl

Dakota is running from her hectic life as an international pop star and is looking for an easy escape. When she rents a cabin in a little country town in Texas she meets amazing friends and one special boy in particular. Jordan Woods is a rodeo champion, risking his life for the fame. After one encounter with Dakota, he's completely hooked.


1. Chapter One-- Airport coffee and a fresh start.



(I say that Dakota made certain songs e.g. See You Again by Charlie Puth. Just pretend she made them and it is her original work. For this example pretend Charlie Puth doesn't exist.)


After ordering my iced latte from the airport's star bucks, I take a seat by one of the giant windows. A view of the air field stares back at me and every so often a plane would ascend up into the clouds or descend towards reality. I check my phone and have a million missed calls and messages off my manager and parents. For a while I debate whether to answer or not but eventually I block all their numbers and turn my IPhone off. I take a sip of my coffee and lean back into the metal chair, waiting for the muffled voice to announce my flight. A few people stare at me as they begin to recognise who I was and it makes me instantly put my over sized sunglasses on and hood up.

Last night I had ordered a plane ticket to a small town in Texas that was basically the stereotype of cowboy city. I figured if I go off grid I might as well go somewhere I've always dreamed about going. Everything back home was getting too much for me so I decided I needed a break. I'm planning to write an entire new album while I'm away. I've booked a small cabin thing for the next 12 months and it is right by a stables as well.

Before long the awaited signal that Gate Five was open for boarding passengers was given and I down the rest of the coffee and gather my things. In my right hand I had my Louis Vuitton suitcase  and in my left I had my guitar case. I shuffled my way through the sea of impatient people and eventually find Gate Five. I quickly find my seat and shove my suit case in the over head carrier and slump into window seat.

My heart was racing with paranoia and anticipation as the plane lunged forward and began to gain speed as it raced down the track. I squeeze the arm chair and shut my eyes as it begins to take flight but let go when the plane levels out. When I look out the window clouds coat the world in a layer of white candy floss and the ground looks light years away. After a while my eye lids feel heavy and I fall into a light sleep.


"Excuse me? Miss?" A small voice interrupts my dream with a gentle shake. It was an airhostess with bright red lip stick.

"Oh sorry." I chuckle as I realise I was the only one left on the plane. I grab my stuff and walk down the steps until my feet hit the pavement. A hot wave flushes over me and the unfamiliar clean air infiltrates my nostrils. I smile as I make my way through the airport. I've actually done it! All my life I've had people doing everything for me but this is the official start of my own independence.

"One cab to River Creak please." I smile as I jump into the yellow taxi.

"Sure thing missy." The jolly man in front says in a thick American accent.

An hour passes and we're driving through a small quaint town. I pay the man and then get out, looking like a typical tourist. For a moment I stand still and take in my surrounding. The town consisted of a small church, an ice cream parlour, a diner, library and a small grocery shop. There was obviously little business shops dotted around and a small water fountain in the middle of the typical American set up.

I bring myself out of my day dream and walk towards the small bar across the street. Hopefully someone can give me some directions as to where I should be heading. I realise that this town is surrounded by fields, trees and plenty of farms or stables. There are even horses tied to fences around here! Sceptically, I walk into the bar and welcome the relieving cold air that rushed against my exposed skin.

"Excuse me?" I smile as I plonk myself at the bar, resting my guitar against my leg. A tall blonde haired boy in a cowboy hat pokes his head up from behind the counter and smiles.

"Howdy, I'm Rusty and you are a newbie." He smirks with a playful glint in his eye.

"That I am, my names Dakota." I smile and shake his huge hand.

"What can I do for yah today then Dakota?" He asks as he starts to dry glasses.

"I'm looking for the cabin that is across from some sort of stables and have no idea where I'm going." I chuckle.

"Ah that's Mrs Blossom's holiday home. I have to go to the stables after my shift which ends in....ten minutes. Wanna ride?" He smiles after checking his watch.

"That'd be great!" I grin, "Thanks Rusty."

I sit and chat with the brown eyed boy until he's got my bag in one hand and is leading me towards his pick up truck. He puts my bag in the back and then unlocks my door for me. With a smile I jump in and do my seat belt.

"Hey me and some friends are having a barbeque tonight at around 6. If you're staying in town for a while, you'll need some friends. You up for it?" He smiles as he turns the radio up and opens the windows.

"Sure thing, pick me up at 6?" I smile.

"Great! You'll love em. My girlfriend, Charlotte, will be really over the top but that's just her." He chuckles. I laugh and then sing along to the song on the radio. Rusty gives me an applause when the song finishes which makes me blush.

"Right here we are, Blossom lodge." Rusty chuckles.

"Thanks Rusty, see ya at six." I smile as I slam the door shut. He laughs and then drives off leaving me on a dusty road to stare at a little cabin.

"I'm freaking doing it!" I shout as loud as I can as I stretch my hands above my head. I race towards the front door where the keys and a little manual await me.

When I step foot into the fresh hold, I scream again. It was the most lavish and modern interior I had ever seen! It had twirling wooden stair cases with black metal railing. There was two hue light grey sofas in the living room that sat opposite a giant window and surrounded a glass coffee table. The kitchen was white marble and had a breakfast bar and little island in front of a big pale stone accent wall. Excitedly, I sprint up the stair case and burst through the white doors. The bed room had a humongous window that reached from the floor to the ceiling, just like down stairs, and had a king sized bed with a walk in wardrobe. All the other rooms were fantastic and luxurious as well and I couldn't stop the huge grin from spreading on my face.

I'm brought out of my fantasy when my phone goes off. A pit in my stomach deepens when I see who it is- my mum. Nervously I answer.

"Hey mum." I laugh nervously.

"Hey mum...HEY MUM!? Where are you Dakota? I've been worried sick!" She screams angrily down the phone.

"Mum, listen. I'm staying away for a while and I need you to leave me alone. I'm going to be fine, in fact better than fine. When I come back I'm going to have a full album ready to record. I love you, bye." And wit that I end the call and throw my phone on the bed. A huge weight vanishes off my shoulders as I let out a sigh. This is it. I'm now the most independent I've ever been.

After exploring and unpacking my stuff, I decide to take a hot shower. I wash my golden blonde hair in apple shampoo and then shave every square inch of my body. When I'm finished I throw my wet hair into a bun and wrap myself in a fluffy white towel. I wonder down stairs towards the kitchen and put a slice of bread in the toaster. My belly rumbled at the prospect of eating- I hadn't eaten since 6AM this morning and it was now half four. While I wait for the toast I make myself a strong coffee and peel a banana. Tomorrow I needed to go food shopping otherwise I'd starve to death.

When I finish eating my toast and drinking my coffee at the breakfast bar, I turn on spotify. The cabin had blue tooth speakers in every room so I decided I'd put some ridiculously loud music on while I get dressed for the barbeque. After selecting my 'Charlie Puth' album I make my way up the spiral stair case and dry my hair. I'd chosen a pair of ripped high waisted denim shorts and a white boho shirt with elbow length sleeves. I put a pair of white converse and do two Dutch braids in my hair. My make up was light with a glowey high light and nude lip.

"Dakota?" Rusty shouts from downstairs. I turn my phone off and walk down stairs.

"Please help yourself." I chuckle as I see him rooting around the fridge.

"Wanna ride to the grocery shop tomorrow?" He says sarcastically as he sticks his head around the fridge door. I laugh and then finish putting in my small hoop earrings. I also had some bangle bracelets and a small golden chain around my neck.

"Come on kiddo, lets go get drunk!" Rusty laughs as he shuts the fridge door and walks towards the door.

"This should be good." I chuckle. After locking up I jog over to where Rusty has the pick up truck running.

"Ready?" He smirks. I nod excitedly and then he drives away.


We drive down a dusty road surrounded my thick forest until we arrive at a small opening. There was a caravan type thing next to a big stone fire pit. A girl was sat on a foldable chair beside two other dudes. Rusty winks at me and then we jump out the truck and he introduces me.

"This is Dakota everyone." Rusty announces as he grabs a beer. The girls eyes widen and she goes to speak but stops herself.

"Sup, I'm Sammy, this is Nathanial and that there is Charlotte." A muscular tanned guy smiles.

"Hi." I smile.

"Girl talk. Now." She insists shooting out her chair and grabbing my forearm. I look at Rusty and he just chuckles and nods his head. Charlotte drags me to where two tree stumps are and forces me to sit on one.

"Dakota North! Are you kidding me!" She whisper shouts at me.

"Hey." I laugh awkwardly, giving a pathetic excuse of jazz hands.

"You're all over the media! Everyone is looking for you!" Charlotte stresses. I look down guiltily at my hands.

"Look, I'm not judging. I'll keep your secret." She smiles, reaching for my hand. I smile gratefully I give her a tight hug.

"Thank you Charlotte." I sigh before releasing her from my grip.

"No problem Dakota North." She winks playfully. We walk back to the camp fire where the boys all have beers in their hands and are laughing. The sun had gone and we were left with only the fire to light up the area. I sit beside Charlotte on a large camp chair with my legs over her. For some reason I truly trusted her and I knew we were going to be close from then on.

The night goes on with us laughing and dancing to old country music. I learnt that the boys were all rodeo champs and Charlotte's parents owned a rodeo company. Next Friday there was a competition and all the Rodeo stars were going to be there. We all sit on weird deck chairs under thin blankets and pillows surrounding a roaring fire. Little orange flakes dance out of the flames and into the cool breeze.

"Oh God. Nathanial put the guitar away." Sammy teases as Nathanial starts to strum the instrument.

"I feel attacked." He responds sarcastically.

"Do you play?" Sammy asks.

"I do actually." I smile.

"Take it away!" Nathanial laughs shoving it my way. I smirk and then detach myself from Charlotte.

"Don't judge me." I laugh as I begin to play the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean.

"That was great!" Rusty chuckles giving me a small round of applause. I blush and Charlotte suggests I play another. I start to play one of my songs called 'See you again' and out of habit start to sing along. Charlotte grins excitedly and grips Rusty's. When I finish they all stare at me hypnotised.

"That was bloody insane!" Sammy erupts after no one speaks for like five whole minutes.

"You're amazing at singing!" Rusty says speechless. Me and Charlotte exchange a knowing glance and stifle a laugh.

"I recon if Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande had a baby, you'd be the end result." Nathanial says as he leans back in his chair.

"Thanks." I smirk, putting the guitar to the side.

"It's so nice at night." Charlotte yawns as she nestles into my shoulder. I rest my head against hers and move my legs so they're draping over hers.

"I never knew the sky was this bright." I whisper, staring up at the black blanket with white shiny specks dotted all over it. The fire was dying out and all of us looked half asleep. A warm breeze had filled the air and it still felt like 40 degrees outside. I feel my eye lids get heavy and then I fall into a deep sleep.


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