Charlie's "Girlfriend"

Ren "Charlie" Joiner Is what some would call gay or a poof...A fairy... and he has A Crush..He'd sort of rather not talk about but can't confess to them


Author's note

This is a fantasy about me and my friend please don't judge

1. Meeting him

"Hey Mac" I say as I pick up my ringing phone answering a soft-ish deep male voice."Me and alex are breaking up...Because I don't want to be hurt he cheated on me." I now didn't care about him it was like we didn't even date..because we didn't."I'm sorry I'm switching schools...I wish I could stay..Let's just stay in contact..Okay........yeah,bye"

It somehow wasn't painful for me to break up with him because I didn't know him.And now It's almost the end of winter break...Tomorrow was the first day for me. I wrap myself up in blankets and start to cry.

-next morning-

"Ren..Wake up get ready before we're late" I hear my mom call to me from down stairs..

I get up change my clothes and grab my drawing supplies.

As soon as we pull up to the school I get very anxious and I head in leaving my mom behind.

My first day..huh.."Uh...H..." I say walking in to Class science classroom..everyone had their heads focused on papers and I almost had an attack..of fear..Almost freaking out and crying..anxiety.

It wasn't so bad til I knew that it was a block schedule..One set of classes one day another the next and so on.

There was this one kid who had freckles all over their face it was beautiful..almost like tiny stars he just wanted to draw it right away but didn't because he didn't want anyone judging him

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