hymn for the missing.

wher are the missing people?


2. side by side

i walked down the alley, trying to walk together with you was simple.

or so i thought.

thought you were beside me, but i reached for you but nothing was there.

"mike? MIKE!?" 

no answer. i look for you everywhere since that day. sometimes i hear your voice from far away. like for a distant beach or something like that. 

my son, my colleague, my friend, my family.


where are you? can i find you soon? please?

my life isn't the same. my brother Kai hadn't seen you since you left with me for a stroll through the city.

you let me with a broken heart. i miss you. can you come home?

you left these scars on my heart. i wonder lost and wounded, wishing you'd come home. my life isn't the same.

my brothers haven't seen you. not in 3 years.

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