Hard Love

When 17 Year old Levi goes to University with his sister, he finds some hidden secrets.


1. University


Levi slowly put his bags down, sitting down on the Bed silently. He glanced around the room slowly, eyeing up the wall decorations and the Bunk Beds beside him. "Levi!" his sister burst in through the door, throwing her arms around her muscular bother. Levi grinned. "Did you have a safe journey?" he protested, patting the space by her bed beside him. "Yeah. It was ok" Kenzie said, setting her suitcase down beside her. Levi grinned happily. Levi and Kenzie had moved from Germany to the United States for University. Blue Tree Leaves University. Levi raked his hand through his Brown curly hair. Kenzie had the same colouring, but only her hair was tied up in a messy bun. "You should unpack" said the girl, unzipping her suitcase and taking out the neatly folded clothes. Levi nodded, and took out is messy jeans and T-shirt. 

Suddenly, from above the Dorms, there came a loud bellow. Kenzie and Levi looked up. It felt like the ceiling was shaking. Kenzie glanced at her big brother anxiously. "Whats that?" She asked, and stopped putting her bags under her bed. Levi shrugged: He was not a sociable kind of guy, shy and caring. They carried on with there work, Levi brushing his hands against the wooden floor and tracing pictures in the walls with his nail.


All of a sudden, from the end of the Dorm, a Boy crashed through the door. His hair was Blond, and he had a hood up, covering his silky locks. He ran towards Levi, and grabbed his arm. Levi's eyes widened as the boys grip tightened. Kenzie looked up and stood infront of the boy. "Let him go!" she yelled, tightening her fists. The boy scowled. He gripped him and started to drag Levi out of the Dorm. "Hey!" Levi struggled, trying to loosen the mysterious boys hand. Then, the boy yanked him out

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