Hard Love

When 17 Year old Levi goes to University with his sister, he finds some hidden secrets.


2. The Battle

The boy dragged Levi out, yanking him up the stairs. Kenzie ran after them, shouting in her nasal German accent, while Levi struggled. "Shut up German" snarled the boy, pulling his hood down over his eyes. "Please!" protested Levi. The boy through him down on the floor of the cafeteria. The Teenagers sitting at the tables looked at them with wide eyes. Frantically, Levi scrambled up and ran. He didn't know his way around the University yet, so barley found himself to the Mens Toilet. Running in, he locked himself in a cubicle. He could here frantic shouting. He heard his sisters voice. He sprinted out in the direction of the shout, and soon found himself standing beside his sister. The boy was standing face-to-face with them. Then, he got out a knife. "RUN!" Levi yelled, and pushed his beloved sister out of the way of the knife. The boy threw the knife, and it slashed against Levi's leg, blood dripping from the open wound. The people around them gasped, and one by one, got up to help Levi, who was lying helplessly on the floor. Kenzie had fled the scene.

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