Hard Love

When 17 Year old Levi goes to University with his sister, he finds some hidden secrets.


3. Blood

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" yelled Levi, people crowding around him. "Shut up German boy" roared the Boy, and through the knife again. This time it brushed past a Girl, proberly the same age as Levi. She put her hand over her mouth, muffling the screams. Levi backed away from the Boy, as he stepped towards him. The boy put his heavy boot on Levi's ribs and crushed them, kicking him hard. Levi screamed, as friends rushed towards him. Kenzie ran out of the distance, a knife in her hand. She plunged a knife deep into his back. The blonde boy didn't flinch. The few people still in the room gasped. "This has to be a nightmare!" yelled Kenzie in German, and nelt by her brother. 


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