The Worst Scars Can't Be Seen

Katelyn has been struggling most of her life. Ever since she was a young child, she had been going through more than anybody could even imagine, scaring her permanently. She has a hard time trusting others and feeling safe because of that, and she doesn't think she'll ever come back from it.


1. Most Loved, Most Missed

*trigger warning: family member loss*

Soft, classical music filled the background of the nursery. The pastel yellow walls accompanied the pearl colored carpet well, giving the room a comforting vibe. A white crib in the corner was parallel with a small, white child's bed covered by a light blue comforter in the other corner of the room, both illuminated by soft streams of sunlight, slating through the windows above them.

Katelyn was playing in the room with her mother, drawing on pieces of paper with red, blue, and green crayons, and making her mother guess what she drew. Katelyn, who was small for a four-year old, was nearly a perfect copy of her mother. They had the same shade of sky blue hair, crystal blue eyes, and light freckles dotting their noses and cheeks.

Her mother was an attractive woman, in more than one way. She had a nice figure, but her personality was what made her sparkle. She was nearly always smiling, and she had a knack of making any situation glow. She loved to laugh and dance with her children, Katelyn and Kacey, who was younger than his sister by two years. She also loved to play with them, participating in whatever activity they wanted, but she loved singing for or with them more than anything. She would sing her children to sleep, stroking their hair and cheeks lightly as she soothed them with her soft, sweet voice. The songs she sang them most often was "You Are My Sunshine" and "Little Birch Tree", as her mother had sang those to her in her childhood. 

Katelyn always loved her mother's singing, and it could make anything better for her. A normally cheerful little girl, she wouldn't let a little thing hold her down. If something somehow got the best of her, she would run to her mother and ask her to sing for her in her little voice, and her mother would do so while cradling her and hugging her. Yes, her mother was an angel for her.

Katelyn had just finished a squiggly drawing of a tree, and was about to show her mother so she could guess, when her mother heard a strange noise. Her bright smile dropped as she looked around, hearing it more. She stood, leaving her daughter reaching for her on the floor. Katelyn smiled again and held onto her mother as she picked her up, carrying her on her hip with her as she wandered the house to find the source of the sound. When she didn't hear anything, she returned to the nursery and set her daughter down again.

A door opened down the hallway, a man's deep voice calling out to the house. Both Katelyn and her mother called back in response, smiling cheerfully. Their happy yells stopped in the silent house, the only sound filling the air was a soft crackling. The soft classical music had stopped as well, leaving the strange crackling sound the only one to remain.

The crackling grew louder and louder, spreading through the house. Kacey, only a young infant, woke up in his crib from his nap and began to softly cry. Katelyn's mother picked him up as well, pulling him and Katelyn into her lap, hugging them as she looked around, her head towards the ceiling.

Loud swears erupted from the lower floor of the house, the same voice that had just arrived. The voice shouted warnings as Katelyn's mother stood, holding her children's small bodies close to her own. The crackling sound was roaring now, and the house had gotten unbelievably hot. A crumbling and crashing sound was heard as Katelyn's mother ran out of the room, watching the staircase crash to the ground in flames, stranding her and her children to the upper level of the house. 

Katelyn's mother rushed her children into the closet of the nursery, the only place she could think of going that the flames would reach last. Quickly, she unhooked a necklace from around her neck and hooked it around Katelyn's. The silver fire emblem on it was passed down to children through generations, extremely valuable. Katelyn smiled up at her mother, not understanding what was happening. 

Both joy and sadness flooded her mother as she hugged her children, both of whom were now smiling. Her tears dotted their small shirts, hearing another cracking sound above them. The air was full of thick, gray smoke as she gently set her children on the ground of the closet, watching them wiggle about and giggle for the last time. Her tears dripped down her cheeks as she smiled at them again, wrapping herself around them and holding them tightly. Her normally cheerful voice was shaky and soft as she whispered in her children's ears.

"Momma loves you."

She planted a soft kiss on each of their foreheads just before the roof above came crashing down onto them, the small children's clothes dotted by their mother's tears, and blood. Too young to understand, Kacey continued to hug his mom, crying out of fear from the loud noises. Katelyn, however, was able to know that the blood from her mother's body was not a good thing. She hugged Kacey as she tried to wake her mother, her attempts failing. When she could not wake her, her young mind was able to connect the dots. Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks as she realized that the one person she held closest to her was further than anyone ever was. A part of her inside felt as if it tore off and was ripped away along with her mother's life. 

Not much later, a few men in large, yellow coats and hard hats came in, picking up the children after hearing their cries and carried them out of the shambles of the burnt house. Nothing made a difference to Katelyn any longer. Nothing mattered.

Her angel was gone.

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