Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


5. 5


Chapter 5

   Charley my roommate wasn’t in when I got back from my encounter with the twins so I was able to get some bedrest before the questions started.

     I think it was the blood on the back of my shirt that did it. Apparently, the girls in the throes of sexual passion, had nicked the skin of my back with their long finger nails.

    To say Charley was upset was an understatement just the sight of blood made him feel ill.

  Thankfully Charley had contacted Mike who when he came over although not pleased with me had insisted that I go back to his place so he could look after me.

   On the way back to his place I told Mike everything. I sort of bare my sole. Instead of getting annoyed he started laughing and said “I suppose you want to be a top now you’ve tasted real pussy.”

   “No way,” I declared,” Then admit I had enjoyed the experience, but as a bottom, no girl could ever please me in that way.

   To my surprise when we got to Mikes place he grabbed my cock and led me upstairs to the bedroom and mindful of my injured back we had great boy, boy sex which sort of proved my point.

   O M God, I had this nightmare of a dream last night, I was in a rowing boat in the great hall of the university and everyone was watching me having sex with one of the twins, and in the boat with us was the coxswain with a megaphone calling out the strokes. “In, out, move faster.”  By the noise we were making, we were certainly enjoying ourselves. At the end when I climaxed there was a cheer and clapping,

   The really scary part was Mr Jones the maths master from my prep school was there writing on a white board in large letter so everyone could see. He gave me a five for effort and only three for content and wrote, “Could do better.” Thankfully I was still staying with Mike who just hugged me until I stopped shaking.

    The following night my dream was no better I was doing it again having sex with both twins this time on a tube train.

   At the first stop. The doors opened and a bunch of tourists waiting on the platform crowed in. Immediately the cameras came out and they were all taking pictures. I obligingly lifted my leg so exposing sight of my cock pumping away inside Susan, for a cute looking young man who came in close to take a photo.

   Before the young man knew it Tina the other twin had moved in and after unzipping his pants was already holding his hard cock. The sight of which made me shoot my load. I had then awoken to find I was actually coming and had creamed my pyjama pants. Poor Mike was not too pleased with me.  

   By the third night I was so worried about dreaming, I Stayed up all night, and had felt so bloody tired the next day, that I fell asleep in the lecture hall, thankfully without dreaming.

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