Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


7. 7

Chapter 7

   “Fuck.” I declared as I walked into the room there on the bed was Charley totally naked fucking from behind this really cute boy.

   My body’s reaction to the pure animal lust being performed in front of me could not be denied.


   A few days after the thing with Charley I was in the pub and pulled this girl Wendy. Don’t ask me why; maybe it was to prove the point that I could still do it with a girl. Wendy and I popped into the women’s toilet for a quickie.

   Fortunately for me one of the bar staff must have become aware of our activity, because he started banging on the cubicle door, demanding for us to come out. This thankfully made my limp cock go hard and no way was I going to open the door until I had finished.


God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Sexually I’m a mess. I saw Charley today and instantly got a hard on which was really embarrassing because I was with one of the twins. Both Charley and Tina certainly noticed it and couldn’t stop looking which made it worse. Tina suggested we all go back to her place.

   When we entered Tina’s bedroom the sex got a bit crazy. Apparently, Tina was into S and M. which should not have surprise me as she had been very demanding and controlling at our previous sexual encounters.

   Still it had come as a shock when she told us boys to strip down to our underpants, then to go lie on the bed and to make out together.

   After a while Although I had been with Charley more than once, it felt really strange when we cuddled and I could feel both of our rock-hard cock’s pressing against each other’s body’s especially with Tina watching.

   That’s when Tina decided to join us.



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