Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


6. 6

Chapter 6

   A few days later as I walked into the lecture hall, I couldn’t help but notice the girl in a blue top wearing a short skirt sitting in a seat above me. From where I was standing, I could see a lot of leg and her panties, which were, stretched tight giving me a tantalising impression of what lay underneath them. I found that both inviting and disturbing because I’m gay

   The girl must have been aware of my gaze because she suddenly turned her head and looked directly down at me. My first reaction was to cover up my crutch area with the bag I was carrying. O MG our eyes met and she smiled at me. 

   All through the lecture I could only think of the girl Sandy. That’s the name she had given when asking the lecturer, a question.  I couldn’t concentrate my only thoughts was of having sex with her.

   I don’t know what’s wrong with me, straight forward gay sex is no longer satisfying. I find, emotionally, I need something extra. When I got Sandy into the room I shared, instead of putting the tie on the outside handle to tell my roommate that I’m hopefully screwing someone inside, I left it off.

   The excitement of being discovered was certainly a turn on. Sandy was lying on my bed on her back with me on top, I was just getting to the interesting part when the door opened and Charley, walked in.

    Oh my god to say I shot my load was an understatement. My whole body reacted to Charley smacking my bottom. It was as if someone had pushed a button and a volcano had erupted. Much later, when sandy had left after first suggesting maybe next time we could make it a threesome, Charley had laughingly apologized for the smack. He then admitted the sight of my bare bottom was too good an opportunity to be missed.


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