Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


4. 4

Chapter 4

    It seemed as if I’d only just shut my eyes before I was awoken again and felt a pair of demanding lips attacking my cock apparently Susan wanted more.

    God it was almost a repeat performance of our earlier sexual encounter except with a lot more noise as apparently her father had already left for work. At one stage I got the feeling that Susan had taken over and was using my cock to pleasure herself.

   After another shower and with only a towel wrapped around my waist I went downstairs for breakfast were there was a surprise waiting for me. 

   I stopped at the kitchen door and observed Susan standing at the stove cooking breakfast. I had to smile because although she was wearing an apron for protection, from behind I could see she only had on a bra and a pair of see through panties, which to be honest being gay did nothing for me.  If it had been the cute boy on the bus from last night that would have been different   However, a noise to my right made me turn. I was stunned. I looked left and exclaimed, “Fuck!” and then looked right again and said,” Double Fuck!” not quite believing my eyes, for there was a Susan at the stove and another Susan laying the table. Both of them started laughing.

   The girl at the stove said, “Hi Danny, I’m Susan, the one you did last night. That’s my twin sister Tina over there who did you this morning.”

   While eating breakfast, the twins explained to me that one of them would go out hunting and if she found a nice good-looking boy and the sex was good as it had been with me, they would invite him to stay the night so the other twine could also enjoy the sex.

  After breakfast both Susan and her sister Tina dragged me reluctantly back upstairs to the bedroom, where the three of us had sex.

   I must admit it felt strange at first to be having sex with two girls who look so similar that I couldn’t tell the difference between them, except for their tattoos, Susan had a star on her inner thigh and Tina had a rose. 

   Later when I was allowed to leave I found I was so sore in places that it was painful to move let alone walk. 

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