Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


3. 3

Chapter 3  

   A few days after the party I was in this shopping centre in the late evening, waiting for the lift when who should I see coming toward me but Susan.

   “Hi there,” I said and before I knew it Susan had grabbed my arm and pulled me into the empty lift that had just arrived.

    Almost before the lift door shut we were kissing. God her body felt so good pressed up close against mine. To my embarrassment, my cock responded by becoming rock hard.  Oh no not again I thought as I felt Susan’s hand snake through the waistband of my trousers and underpants and grab hold of my cock. Oh god her hand felt so good.       

   Luckily there was no one waiting as we exit the lift. Because once again Susan pulled and I had to follow.

   Thankfully By the time we reach the bus stop Susan had let go of my cock as there were several people waiting.

    When the bus arrived, we went upstairs and sat at the back of the bus before I knew it Susan had already opened my coat unzipped my trousers, pushed down my underpants and was holding my cock.

   For some reason she hesitated and looked across the bus before going down on my cock.

   OMG on the far side of the backseat near the window was a cute looking boy with a big grin on his face. I could see he was sprouting a really nice hard on which he was rubbing through his jeans. 

Wow that was a bus ride I will never forget.

      At the front door of Susan’s parent’s house, she opened up and once again grabbed hold of my forever hard cock. Then telling me to go quietly as everyone had gone to bed. She pulled me from the hallway into the front room switched on a table lamp which gave us just enough light to see by then closed the door.

  we settled on this really large four-seater leather sofa and after a hug and some French kissing Susan began to stroke my cock. I had to stop her because I was getting so excited that if she didn’t stop I’d shoot my load. which if she wanted me to fuck her wasn’t a good idea.

   Susan now no longer allowed to play with my cock instead took hold of my hand and while we kissed she guided it down to that special place between her wide-open legs.

   O MG I had never done this before her hair felt so wet down there and when I pushed my finger in, her reaction was to close her legs imprisoning my hand.

   After a bit of fingering play it got really nice and slippery and certainly ready for my cock which after its rest was now rearing to go.

   Quickly I stripped off my clothes, and then with trembling hands I rolled on a condom. While I was doing this, Susan had taken off her bra and wet panties ready for action.

   Once again Susan took hold of my now wrapped cock and spreading her legs extra wide this time to allow my large cocks head to slip in, followed by my eight-inch shaft until our bodies touched.

   At first, I just lay there on top pinning her down while we kissed. It felt so good just lying there our bodies for a moment at rest.  

   Supporting my weight on my hands and knees, I began slowly at first to move my hips backwards and forwards. Each time I pulled my cock shaft out almost to its head and then slammed it back in, Susan would moan and literally move beneath me. The problem was we were lying on a leather sofa which had got wet and slippery.

   So, before I knew it we had moved from the middle of the sofa to end up jammed tight against an arm.

   Now firmly anchored against the sofa arm, I speeded up, Susan cried out for me to go deeper.  Using all my weight I slammed into her.  God the sensation was so unbelievably good that I felt my whole body vibrated. I stretched out my legs as the sap in my balls began to rise. Then unable to hold it back I shot my load. Thankfully I maintained my erection and carried on until with a shout Susan came.

   That’s when we heard footsteps on the landing.

   Hell panic stations although I was fucking scared of being caught, I was more worried about getting Susan pregnant, and so I took my time to remove the now full condom when I extracted my softening cock. After which, using my t-shirt I cleaned up the leather sofa while Susan got dressed. Not having much time, I grabbed my things and dived behind the sofa.

   There was almost silence except for the sound of my heart pounding and footsteps coming down the stairs.

   From my hiding place, I heard the door open and a deep male voice, exclaim, “Susan, you alone in here?”

   “Yes, Dad I am,” Susan replied her voice implying surprise that he should think otherwise.

   “Well I thought I heard voices.” Her dad said sounding puzzled.

   “Oh, you must have heard me reading my college notes aloud for tomorrow’s lecture.” Susan said laughing.

To my relief her Dad thankfully accepted this explanation and asked her to keep the noise down because he was going out early in the morning and needed to get some sleep. He also told her as he left to go back upstairs not stay up too late.

   Once again Susan using my cock as a handle led me upstairs and to my horror as we passed her father’s bedroom door Susan called out quietly, “Night, Dad,” thankfully the only reply was an answering snore.

   Susan’s bedroom was at the back of the house and to my surprised she had a king sized bed, which certainly was better than the single bed I was forced to use back in the room I shared with Charley in college

   After first having a shower I got into bed naked and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.



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