Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


2. 2


  The party was over by the time I got back to Mikes house after waiting with Susan and seeing her safely onto the bus. To say he was annoyed with me was an understatement. My leaving with Susan had really upset him.

  He was so pissed off that when he answered the door he told me to, “Fuck off,” Then threw out my overnight bag and slammed the front door shut virtually in my face leaving me standing there needing a shower and feeling like shit. I had three options, beg to be let in, go home or try contacting Susan. 

   Crouching down I lifted the letterbox flap in the door and shouted through it that I was so sorry and would do anything to make amends if he would only let me in.

   The door opened as far as the safety chain would allow it. Mike’s face appeared, “Do you really mean anything.” He asked.

   “Yes, as long as I can have a shower first, “I said. 

   With that Mike closed the door and after releasing the chain, he opened the door wide letting me in.

   “Fuck that.” I said. I had come downstairs after a shower and a change of clothes. Mike had just told me to make amends he wanted me to be his slave for a day.

   “You did say you’d do anything.” Mike said seriously.

   “But I didn’t mean anything like that.” I replied.

   “Well you know where the door is.” Mike said.   

   “Okay, Okay, what are your commands oh master,” I said.

   “Do you remember we saw the musical ‘Naked boys singing’” Mike asked.

   “Yes.” I answered puzzled.

   “Well I want you to be my ‘Naked Maid’ so strip.”

   The rest of that evening and night it wasn’t too bad walking around naked in fact I almost got used to it and was considering joining a nudist camp.

   It was at midday the next day that things could have got really embarrassing because Mike had invited a couple of our gay friends for lunch. However, when I answered the door John and Jack immediately stripped, leaving Mike the odd man out. 

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