Is Danny Gay or Straight that is the question?


1. 1

Chapter  1 

   Oh, God I was so nervous I had met this girl Susan at the party. We were dancing and our bodies had got really close. Then to my embarrassment, I got aroused which rather surprised me, because I'm gay.

   Susan with a laugh just pulled me in closer and whispered, “Danny Let’s go back to my place?”

   “Fuck it,” I thought, what should I do. I'd never been with a girl before. 

   Thankfully the house lights were down low. So, when we moved apart, I was able to adjust my thing, without being seen, except by Susan who had then reached out and touched it, which certainly didn’t help.

   Followed by Susan I managed to get upstairs and into the bedroom to retrieve our coats without meeting anyone.

   Once again when I went downstairs with my coat on which thankfully covered my still hard cock. We said our goodbyes to Mike my best friend whose birthday party it was.

   Outside at the first shop doorway, Susan pulled me in and we kissed. Suddenly I felt her undo my coat and push her hand through the waistband of my trousers and underpants then take hold of my still had cock. Laughing she moved back into the street still holding on to it. Thankfully, I was able to cover her hand with my coat because as we passed a couple of boys coming our way. I heard them laughing as they must have realised from the way we were walking something was up.

   Oh, God she had to stop soon the movement of her hand pulling and my walking was like jacking off in slow motion. If she wasn’t careful she would end up with a handful of my goo.

   After leading, me some distance down the street. She thankfully pulled me into another shop doorway just before we reached the pub and to my relief let go of my by then slightly wet oozing cock.

   To my surprise she put her hand that had been holding onto my cock, to her mouth and licked my goo off her fingers then she kissed me using lots of tongue which certainly was a new way for me to taste my own goo.  

   On the move again, this time with her slightly sticky hand in mine. Thankfully as we passed the pub with my coat done up, no one could see the wet patch now showing down the front of my trousers. With all the excitement I had creamed my pants.

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