Poppies and new beggings...

Returning to the woods where she once spebt many hours memories flooded through her. Can she remeber the good times and set aside the bad and heartbreak to continue on with her life?


3. This time a year ago

A year ago I walked the same path. The weather had been glorious the whole feel different. Poppies were beggining to wake after their long sleep but i hadnt noticed them. I was going to miss the tall, handsome, straight sailing man by my side. I may never see the way his eyes lit up when something was humorous. There in the forest, i thought that my world was shutting down when he told me that he was going to war... I was sorrowful, wondering how i wpuld get through the days that would suddenly become so long and the nights so cold. I sighed. I had heard no news from my loved one for 2 months now. Once again i thanked god that my beloved was even alive. Now i know that i am able to draw comfort from the towering but withered trees, that almost seem ageless and had been able to survive the tough storms the weather threw at them. The poppies still stained a dull crimson, dauntless, were not going to let anything over power them. Feeling a fiery strength wash over me i knew i was not alone. These poppies, doing their job, represents the strength and determination of everyone; not only the bravery of the soldiers but of everyone left at home.
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