Bad Luck

Bad luck follows those it wishes to.


1. As It Begins

A slew of bad decisions.


“God fucking damnit,” Rebecca yelled as she pulled her thousand-dollar heel out of the gum. Macie stood and watched as her social worker stomped her foot and called for a cleaner. “I remember when the daughters of rich people were respected,” Rebecca muttered. Macie watched with her usual bland expression.


“I told you I was bad luck,” she said, brushing her short red hair out of her face. Rebecca straightened up, checking her lipstick in her front camera. “I said I’d get you to a home that’ll keep you, and I will. Stepping in gum doesn’t prove you’re bad luck. It could happen to anybody!”


“Could this happen to anybody?” Macie asked twenty minutes later, blinking dust out of her eyes as she stared at the giant car accident. “Just a slippery road,” dismissed Rebecca as the cops arrived.


Nothing else happened on the way to 31 Huckfinn Road. Sure, a bird smacked into a sign, but that was simple compared to what usually happened when Macie was around. At fifteen, Macie had already witnessed seven deaths (not counting her family), one attempted murder, four attempted rapes, thirty four robberies, and seventy two car accidents. Not a bad score.


The only person not affected by Macie’s bad luck was Macie herself. At five feet five inches, Macie was not a tiny girl. Her bad posture and thin frame made her look smaller, though. Her ripped up Uggs and messy brown and gold hair with her dark lipstick created an image of a scrappy kid with anger issues. She had a doubtful glare, like she was waiting for your death.


“Macie, dear, get out of the car. It’s time to meet your new family!” Rebecca shrieked. Macie glared at the surrounding scenery. Large, robin-blue house. Countryside everywhere. Macie closed her eyes and saw her parents burned into her lids. Jake, the tall red haired man that had been her father. And Tess, the brown haired goddess that had been her mother. Both pretty, both dead. Macie climbed out of the car, and blinked at the family.


Two guys with great hair and smiles to light the world stood in front of her. If Macie had to guess, she’d say they were somewhere around fifty each. They were holding hands and looking at her with less disappointment than expected. Aww, they were nice people. They won’t get along with Yale. Yale was what Macie had named her bad luck. Was it crazy? Yes. was Macie crazy? Also yes.


As Macie thought these things, one of her new “dads” tripped on a rock and cut his arm. It had already begun. “Sweetheart, Beck and Izzie will be here later. Until then, you can rest up, okay?” the taller of the two (the one that hadn’t fallen) said as he helped his partner up.


Macie was up in her room when she heard the front door open. “I’m home!” a female voice shouted. “Beck is gonna be home around eleven!” there was silence, and then an “Okay, Honey! We’ll text him!” as the dads (Jason and Chase) yelled back. Macie walked out of her room and watched as a lean, ripped girl with brown hair up in a ponytail and brown eyes stomped up the stairs. When she saw Macie, she smiled.


“Hi! I’m Izzie. I’m the other kid they took on– besides Beck, of course. I was at soccer practice, so I wasn’t here when you arrived. Speaking of which, do you have a spare hairbrush? I left mine in the locker room– silly me –and my hair is gonna be so tangled when I’m out of the shower. By the way, your hair is so pretty! You do have your own hair product, right? Oh my god I am babbling so much I am so sorry but you’re easy to talk to so yeah but wait are those highlight natural or dyed?” Macie blinked.


She blinked again.


The girl hadn’t tripped, bit her tongue, or been cut by a flying butter knife (don’t ask) even once during her babbling. Then, realizing she was being rude (she was asked a question, for god’s sake) she responded, “no, they’re natural.”


“Well, they’re gorgeous.”


“Thanks,” Macie replied.


Nobody had called her gorgeous before.


“Macie, darling, come help with dinner!” Jason called from the kitchen.


Macie sighed and pulled her hair up, plodding down the stairs.


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