Diary Of Clara-Faye Denswell

Being a teen can be tough sometimes. This story is about Clara-Faye, and the things she goes through,


3. The Day Off, Is Busy.

Dear Diary,                                                                                            Tuesday morning

Mum said I don't have to go to school this morning because Perri's little sister is sick. Mum and Dad want me to take care of her, her name is Dawn. Dawn can be a bit of a trouble maker sometimes, but I can handle it. She's a year younger than me, but she has dyslexia 

so it's a little harder at times, especially when I'm helping her with her homework. It's complicated, but eventually we get through it together. 

Soon, Perri and Dawn came by. Jeez, Dawn has grown up so fast oh my gosh. last time I saw her, she was 4, and that's when we found out she has dyslexia. Hopefully we can get it cured by the time she turns 14, she's 11 now, so we have some time. oh what the heck, we have all day. Diary, i'm going to go help Dawn with her studies. I will write in you tomorrow!


                                                                                                love: Clara-Faye Denswell

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