This Is Worth Something

Nysa Grey Hawthorne arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the beginning of her sixth year, but after being disowned by her family for being sorted into Slytherin her life begins to unravel. Secrets are revealed, danger follows her around every corner and friendships begin to form, the most unlikely being that of the "Slytherin Prince" himself, Draco Malfoy. As Nysa continues her year she becomes more and more focused on trying to survive.


3. Chapter Three

         Nysa remained quiet and unnoticed over the days following the howler from her father. Her mother hadn't reached out or tried to write her and Nysa honestly wasn't surprised. She assumed her mother agreed with her father in the choice to disown her.

       "Hey Hawthorne!" Draco called out, running to catch up with her.

       Nysa winced slightly, she didn't feel like she deserved the name and frankly, she didn't really want anything to do with it. Every time she entered the Slytherin common room it would go dead silent and if she chose to sit down everyone would vacate the room, everyone except Draco.

      "Look Malfoy, can you please call me Grey? I don't want to have any ties to my parents. Not after yesterday." Nysa sighed, dropping her gaze to the floor.

       "They're your family, how can you disown your own blood?" He asked her, almost shocked by her statement.

       "They disowned me, Malfoy. And I know what your opinions on how pure-bloods are better than everyone else, but look I don't care. So what, they're both Aurors? They are parents first." Nysa said coldly as she dug her fingernails into the palm of her hand in anger and frustration. They were parents first, before anything else, their position at the ministry, their magic, it shouldn't have mattered. She was their daughter.

      "I know what you've heard about my family and me, but underneath everything, all the rumors, and lies, and dark magic, we can be good and kind people." Draco protested and he wasn't lying. He had been there for Nysa, by her side every step of the way since her father disowned her. He knew exactly how it felt to be a disappointment to his father. No one deserved to feel like that, no matter their blood status.

      "I'm sure you all can be and you are, but it doesn't matter Malfoy. My father's mind is made up. I'm no longer a Hawthorne, so I'd really appreciate it if you just called me Grey."

      "Alright, Grey." He conceded, offering her a small smile, which was greatly appreciated and returned by Nysa.

      "Thank you, for everything. You might be the one Slytherin who hasn't constantly avoided me. I guess everyone thinks I'm going to report them or their parents to the ministry." Nysa half-laughed. While she didn't support death eaters, Voldemort, or the practice of dark magic she certainly wasn't a snitch.

       Draco laughed lightly as the walked into their potions class, a group of people shoving past them. 

      Nysa stumbled backward and fell to the ground as a red-headed boy shoved past her, knocking her down.

       "Watch it, blood traitor!" He hissed at her.

       "You're one to talk, Weasel." Draco snapped at him as he helped Nysa to her feet.

       "Oh I wasn't even talking about her association with Muggles, I was referring to the fact that she had the audacity to show her face after being sorted into Slytherin. An Auror's daughter, a death eater just like the rest of your house, who could've guessed?" Ron laughed bitterly before joining a large group of Gryffindors and walking away.

        "Grey? Are you alright? Weasel's bit of prick, I'm sorry." Draco murmured, looking at her. Nysa had gone white as a sheet, the color completely drained from her face. She looked as if she could pass out on the spot.

        "Is that what everyone thinks of me? The Gryffindors think I'm a death eater and the Slytherins think I'm a snitch?" She finally managed to choke out, looking up at Draco.

       "Look, I don't think that and I'm sure there are a good bit of people who share my opinion. Come on let's get you to class, there's someone I want you to meet." Draco smiled, taking her hand in his and leading her into class.

        "Hey, Granger!" He called out and a small, pale girl with curly brown hair turned around, her Gryffindor tie slightly crooked and a tired smile plastered onto her face, that quickly faded into a look of disdain upon seeing Draco.

         "What do you want, Malfoy?" She scoffed, walking over to him and Nysa, who quickly dropped her hand.

         "Calm down, Granger. I come in peace. Grey, meet Hermione Granger. Granger meet Nysa Grey." He said introducing the two.

         "Hi, I'm Nysa." She smiled, extending her hand.

         "Ah, you're the one everyone's talking about. I'm not one to judge a person based on gossip, I know how difficult family situations at this school can be." Hermione smiled, wrapping her arms around Nysa, making Draco smile.

        "I don't know how you found this one, Malfoy, but don't let her go." Hermione whispered to where only Draco could hear him.



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