This Is Worth Something

Nysa Grey Hawthorne arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the beginning of her sixth year, but after being disowned by her family for being sorted into Slytherin her life begins to unravel. Secrets are revealed, danger follows her around every corner and friendships begin to form, the most unlikely being that of the "Slytherin Prince" himself, Draco Malfoy. As Nysa continues her year she becomes more and more focused on trying to survive.


5. Chapter Five

Word of Harry's crush on Nysa spread through the school like wildfire, which was to be expected considering that Harry Potter was essentially Hogwarts royalty. However, while many congratulated Nysa on nailing down the Boy Who Lived, she hadn't seen Draco since the day Hermione told her about Harry's crush. She knew Draco was probably furious, knowing the boys' history with each other and honestly she couldn't blame him. If Draco had all of a sudden starting date her arch-rival, Nysa would have some problems too.

Nysa wandered around the hallways, Great Hall, classrooms, and the courtyard, all in search of Draco, eventually finding him on the docks near the Black Lake.

"Draco! Thank God, I've been looking for you everywhere!" Nysa grinned, panting from the lack of oxygen as she sprinted over to him.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for your date with Potter? From what it sounds like, the whole school's going to be there." He chided bitterly.

"Alright. Alright I get it you're upset, but..." Nysa began to say, but Draco quickly interrupted her.

"But nothing Hawthorne. You know how I feel about Potter, you know about our history and you still decided to go date him, but it's fine. You didn't owe me anything, it's not like I was your best friend or anything." Draco said coldly, glaring at Nysa before shoving his hands in his pockets and stalking off across the courtyard, leaving Nysa alone. 

She wanted to run after him, wanted to explain how everything happened so fast and that all this had only happened yesterday. She wanted to apologize, but at this point, there was no use in trying to reason with Draco, so she just stood there watching her best friend walk away and possibly out of her life.

Tears burned in her eyes as the chilled wind whipped her hair across her face, her entire body shaking from the cold. She knew she should go in before she caught a cold or hypothermia or pneumonia, but she remained there, her feet frozen to the ground.

"Nysa! Are you okay?" A voice shouted as a blurry figure ran toward her. Once the tears cleared from her eyes she could see it was Harry running toward her, pulling off his jacket and wrapping it around her and as grateful as she was to see Harry she was disappointed it wasn't Draco who was practically dragging her inside from the cold. 

Watching Harry take care of her, Nysa's mind drifted back to Draco, her only friend practically all year. She wondered if it was possible there was some other reason that Draco didn't want her and Harry to date other than the boys' past, could he possibly have feelings for her? Was there something more than a friendship between the two of them? Nysa pushed the ridiculous thoughts from her head as she brought her attention back to Harry who was staring into her eyes, closer than he had been a minute ago.

"Harry?" Nysa whispered, but before she could get another word out Harry's lips were pressed against her's. Her fingers locking in his jet black hair. 

There was a spark. There was heat between them and it certainly wasn't emitting from the fire in front of them. 

There was a spark when they kissed, but it wasn't Harry she was envisioning in her mind.

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