On March 16, 2127 a virus takes over mankind turning them all into cannibalistic monsters of some sorts. After 3 years, the situation has gotten worse, with a lack of food and water a group of people finds themselves fighting for their lives, while also trying to figure out what started this outbreak.



3. Reprisal

Joss, Iman, and Zaine swiftly turns around to see 1 man with a shotgun aiming it at the back of Callen's head, and the other 2 men aiming guns at them. Without hesitation Joss aims His gun at the man with the shotgun, the other 2 men directs their guns at Joss. Promptly, the front door opens with ease, and a well known face walks inside. Iman eyes increase in shock.


(Holding a gun in His hand)

"Easy boys, we don't want to draw any attention."

The two men slowly backs away with their guns still aimed at Callen, Joss, Zaine, and Iman, Callen slowly turns around, Eren signals for the rest of His team to come in.


(Looking at Iman)

"Iman, Iman, Iman, didn't think I'll see you any more."



Eren smiles.


"Where's that slick daughter of yours?"


(Walking down the stairs)

"Right here."


(Looking at Ria)

"Hey there sweetheart,"


"Don't! call me sweetheart."

Eren chuckles.


"What y'all hiding up there."


"Nothing you should worry about."


(Pointing at Callen)

"I know you, your father and I didn't get alone very well but, depending on how you all act, I may let bygones be bygones, with that being said."

Eren turns to Ria smiling.


(Pointing at the stairway)

"If anyone else is up them stairs tell them to come down now, or I'll kill every last one of you, I'm talking children and all."

Forthwith, Marlene, Emma, and Arissa comes down the stairs.



"Now listen to me, I hate when I'm played, I had more soldiers than this you know."


"Well what happen to them?"

Eren turns to Callen.


"They're half of what you see chasing, and eating people up out here."


"That's rough."


"No, It's respect, that's what happens when you don't respect me."


"We're not your soldiers!"


"You got that right, you could never be my soldiers, you're not tough enough."


"Well I tell you this, leave with anything from this house and you'll find out."

Eren walks up towards Callen, face to face.


"You're skating on thin ice, I suggest you keep your mouth close, especially if you want to keep that little girl safe."

Callen glances over at Marlene to see Her holding Emma's hand.


"I promise you, If you touch Her, I will kill you."

Eren laughs.


"We'll see about that."

Eren turns around, and signals for 2 of His men to check upstairs.


"Anything you find up there take it."

Callen looks at Iman shaking His head.


"This home is monitored, it's not ours so the things you all are taking are traced."

Eren quickly turns around, looking at Joss.


"Traced by who?"

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