On March 16, 2127 a virus takes over mankind turning them all into cannibalistic monsters of some sorts. After 3 years, the situation has gotten worse, with a lack of food and water a group of people finds themselves fighting for their lives, while also trying to figure out what started this outbreak.



1. Characters Introduction

1. Callen (African American Male) - Callen is a 25 year old male who lost His whole family 3 years ago, when the outbreak started. Callen main goal is to find out what started this outbreak, and to put a end to it.

2. Iman (Caucasian Male) - Iman is a 39 year old soldier, He is also the step father of Ria. Iman wife Rose (Caucasian Female who is also the mother of Ria) was killed in a car accident 4 years ago. Iman will do anything to keep Ria safe, He's a very brave soldier.

3. Marlene (Caucasian Female) - Marlene is 24 years old, Her sister Miranda (Caucasian Female who is the mother of Emma) before she died told Her to take care of Emma, and for the past 10 years Marlene has been doing just that.

4. Emma (Caucasian Female) - Emma is 10 years old, Her mother Miranda died while giving birth to Her. Emma loves Callen, He's like a big brother to Her, He's very protective of Her.

5. Ria (Caucasian Female) - Ria is 23 years old, Her biological father is Riyad who was killed 9 years ago trying to protect Her and Her mom during a robbery but, before He died He gave Ria a necklace with His picture on it. Ria wears it all the time. Now with Iman as Her step father Ria learns how to shoot guns and fight with all kinds of weapons. Ria has become a very brave and strong young woman, still a little shocked by the death of Her father, and Her mother.

6. Joss (Caucasian Male) - Joss is 25 years old, He is best friends with Callen, Joss is a very strong young man, He's also very good with guns.

7. Zaine (African American Male) - Zaine is 20 years old, Zaine is the brother of Arissa. Zaine lost His girlfriend Mia 6 years ago (Caucasian Female) to an drug overdose. He always keeps a picture of Her in His pocket.

8. Arissa (African American Male) - Arissa is 21 years old, Arissa is the sister of Zaine. She loves Her brother and worries about Him a lot.

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