Rayner stepped into Sentire with trepidation and came out into a frostbitten world, with power at her fingertips and the word Goddess on everyone else's lips.
Anthony stepped into Sentire with purpose and came out into a war-torn world, with horns on his head and the word God on his tongue.


Author's note

My entry for Round Two of the Movellas Talent Show, and the sort of sequel to Coloured Errors (can be read as a stand-alone though).

1. Where there are Gods


Act 1, Scene 1 


They play on the dark side of the moon, gleeful because the shadows don’t chastise them for sharing their darkness. In clothes sewn from dreams and willow the wisps, they dance into their victory and don’t waver as the crowd goes still and silent.

Walk like a God, talk like a God, be like a God.

They laugh at the stars.

Like a God?

They are Gods. 

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