The Truth about Harry Potter's Sister

Harry Potter has a younger sister named Lilliana. During her 4th year, she learns many things join her on the adventure to change the Wizarding World


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4. Shopping and my Masteries



     “Severus is not as important as Merlin.” Dad tried to say because of achievements.

   “No, he is more important because Merlin may have been an amazing wizard with many saying to his name. He though is not the one who cleans my injuries and heals me when my brother and the school hurt me. Severus makes sure I am alive along with ALL the Slytherins and Fred, George, Neville, and Lee the only good Gryffindors, Susan Bones and Cedric Diggory a Hufflepuff before he died, and Luna a Ravenclaw. He lets me sleep in his quarters if I had a nightmare because only he can stop it. He makes sure I eat because I do not get enough at home. He comes over during the summer to heal my wounds. Severus Snape is the most important man to ever live because he sees me for me. He does not see me as you or mom like everyone else. He tells me you are proud of me and that I am not a disgrace after some of the teachers get to me by saying my parents would hate me for the house I am in.” I say to them and my dad looks down in shame.

   “What teachers tell you this?” Ravenclaw asks upset that a teacher would say that.

   “Whoever had my brother before they got me and the only teacher who treats him like everyone else treats me is Sev. The teachers Harry does not take help me if they can because they see what is happening. Remus Lupin was the DADA teacher my second year, but he was all caught up in Harry to even though I helped him and Sirius Black, an escaped convict.” I said sadly. My parents gasp at hearing Sirius was an escaped convict.

   “Lil, you know they didn't know it was you, but they still should have at least tried to help you. They don't even know your boggart.” Sev said. I am the only one who doesn't have a fear so I can see the Creature.

   “I even made sure Remus had more than enough of his potion. I have the goblins suppling it to all Apothecaries at low prices, but I also have an antidote made for Remus because of what the Wolfsbane does to their insides.” I said quietly.

   “Lil, when did you make the antidote?” Sev asked already knowing the answer to the question.

   “My first year since I have an eidetic memory I remember everything, so I knew who was the true traitor and it was not Sirius. Sev also knew because he knew I would not help someone unless they had redeeming qualities. I remember the Werewolf, so I made an antidote for him.” I said.

   “You were only 11 how did you do it?” Mom asked shocked.

   “I had the help of Hogwarts, herself. She let me in to the Founder's rooms and they all had something I added to the potion. From Slytherin, I added Basilisk venom, Gryffindor tears from Fawkes, Ravenclaw how to brew, and Hufflepuff gave me the ingredients that are rare, expensive, or non-existent anymore. Miss Hufflepuff, I let Sev into your greenhouse because he is the youngest Potions Master and he is very good at his job. I took the original potion and added the venom and tears to the brew. I had a friend who wanted to test it so we let him.” I said looking down when I looked up they all smiled.

   “I still have to give you my gift. I give you the ability to tell if someone is lying to you. Also, I give you the ability to be able to have any power for however long you have a need for it.” Merlin told me.

   “Thank you, you didn't have to do that I am fine with what I had before.” I winced at the end because I turned a certain way and hurt my back. Sev hasn't had the time to look at it with everything happening at HQ.

   “Lil, it is your back, isn't. I still haven’t been able to look at it to determine injuries.” Sev asked looking worried that something might truly wrong. 

    “Griphook, could you give me a pain relief potion. Sev, you can look later.” But I saw the looks of everyone and looked down knowing I would have to tell them.

   “Why is your back hurt?” Hufflepuff asked.

   “You know how I told you Dumbledore abuses and knows I am abused. I wasn't just talking about at Hogwarts.” I said and the only one who caught what I said was Slytherin.

   “Sweetie, what happened?” Mom asked.

   “I live with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. They fear the unknown and how they get 'control' over it is by hitting me. They do not hit Harry because he threatens them with his Magic. The reason I came into my Creature Inheritance early is because I was raped 4 times, hit in my chest, ribs, back after it was whipped till it was bloody, and legs after it was carved into with the words Slut, Freak, Worthless, and Whore. My brother made me get beat because he said that when the Dementors came I did not help, but I did I was communicating with one of them and I helped carry Dudley home though I couldn't tell them the first part. They said that I was not going to be harmed they were only they are for Harry to do a spell then leave and that a pink toad woman was after him in the Ministry. They did not want to cause me problems and will protect me because they have orders from higher than the Ministry. I feel their emotions in the back of my mind they were angry at Vernon because of how he spoke to me. I heard them follow us home and I heard them outside in the bushes. I also heard Death before I passed out.” I told them looking up at the end. 

   “You can speak my language and feel our emotions. It has been a long time since someone has been able to even hear us much less both. They think we are emotionless, but we are not. We have emotions just like every living being. We just live so long we have to block them sometimes.” Death said sadly at the end of it.

   “I have a question what is an Itachi? And why does Hogwarts not help Harry like she helps me?” I asked remembering all of Harry's injuries he gained at Hogwarts.

   “I can answer both questions. First, I need to know how Hogwarts helps you. An Itachi is a vampire, neko, and wolf mix. There is only a new one every thousand years. I was one along with my grandmother before me only women can be an Itachi. You are the ruler of those 3 races. Why?” Ravenclaw asked me.

   “I am an Itachi and Hogwarts heals my wounds. Sev has seen some gruesome ones, but he has never fully seen the worst. Hogwarts told me that Harry can rot in a hole and die. She would not help even if she loves her students. She may or may not help prank him.” I said that last part smiling remembering a particularly funny one.

   “You are very powerful, my child. Does your brother aid in the injuries?” Hufflepuff asked.

   “Yes, he said since I was a disgrace to the family I should be treated as such. He is just mad that he did not have the courage to become Slytherin. If you come from a generation of a certain house then you feel no matter what you should be in that house. Alistair told me that many of the wizards and witches, today, would be powerful if they weren't biased.” I said and they nodded along.

   “That is why Hogwarts doesn't actively protect Harry. She does but only from outside forces that she protects you from. It seems you are her favorite. Her last favorite happened to be during our time, it was Merlin. Hogwarts believes in family loyalty no matter house. She does not like bullying especially if it over envy or fame. It seems your brother is in deep with the castle's hatred.” Slytherin said.

   “You mean to tell me my son, my baby boy, is hated by a castle that is meant to be his second home.” Mom said growling at the thought of Harry in danger.

   “Or your only home.” I said quietly, but they heard me anyway. Sev looked at me and nodded in understanding.

   “Griphook, I want to open a Creature School. I will have it at Hogwarts since the Dark Lord is on my side we have no worries. I want it open to all Creatures including the dangerous ones. They deserve an education just as much as I do. I will have to put my Masteries in and hope to get them. I will have Hogwarts hold some of the classes for me. If you want since maybe some of the baby Goblins will go can you find teachers for me I trust your judgment with your kids. I will tell you what classes I will need the teachers for after my Masteries come in.” I told him.

   “Wait Masteries, you are only 13 how can you already be thinking of Masteries?” Mom put her two cents in after acting like it was the castle's fault Harry is being injured instead of his stupidity.

   “Because she is smarter than you. She has 8 applications complete and in the process 6 more.” Sev said defending me. My mom looked at me like how.

   “What do you want them in?” Dad asked looking proud of me.

   “I have Potions, Charms, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures even though I can't take the class, Transfiguration, Wards, Study of Ancient Runes, History, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts, Alchemy, Arithmancy, Dueling, and Muggle studies. I have the applications for Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Charms, history, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures done. I just need the other 6 to be finished by the time summer ends, but I should be done. I just have to take the tests and give them one of my creations or findings and I will be the youngest in everything that interests me.” I said counting them off on my fingers.

   “Why can't you take Care of Magical Creatures?” Tom asked and I saw Sev get angry because he knew I really wanted that class, but I didn’t put it on my schedule.

   “The teacher is one of my bullies. He does not like me and thinks I am a disgrace to my parent’s memory because I am not my brother.” I said.

   “You mean to tell me that Hagrid is one of your bullies. I will have his head. He is a half-giant he could seriously hurt you, Lil.” Sev said fuming thinking of him even hitting me. Mom and dad looked ready to kill.

   “He told me I deserve to die because if it wasn't for me my parents would be alive. Harry would have the perfect childhood and everyone's lives would be better than ever. But since I was born they were weak from having to take care of me so their reflexes weren't as fast.” I said looking down at my shoes ashamed.

   “He will pay. He has pissed off the Goblins for trying to kill our Queen not to mention I know you have other friends. Who might they be though?” Griphook asked fuming at Hagrid hitting me.

   “This is all in the black lake or forest First year: The Mermaids born and cursed, Kappa, Grindylows, Chimera, Fairies, Pixies, a Giant, Centaurs, Unicorns Dark and Light, the Squid, a Griffin, a Horned Serpent, Acromantulas, and Werewolves. Second year: Hippogriffs, Sirens, Hinkypunk, Wolves, a nest of Phoenixes, a Leprechaun, Dementors, a Dragon. Third year: I met a High Elf, a Thunderbird, Thestral herd, Hags, Troll, Hellhound, Manticore, Red Cap, Sphinx and some more. I had a lot of time and when I made my first-year friends they helped me. I see the Unicorns at the beginning and end of the year to wish me luck.” I said and they were shocked to say the least.

   “You are friends with some powerful Creatures. Can I ask to hear about you school years?” Mom asked.

   “Yeah most of them are the rulers of their kind. The Werewolf happened to be Greyback. He told me that he did not mean to bite Remus he has been looking for him to apologize. I made an antidote for the Wolfsbane potion since it is slowly killing them from the inside out. I tested it on Greyback and he has a lifetime supply of Wolfsbane Potion and antidote for his pack. The antidote worked it is the one going into the potion application, but I am not allowing just anyone to make it. I will be the only one to be able to supply it. That is only so I know that they are being made properly. It will also only cost the stores 5 galleons a box. Anyway, first year I had Gilderoy Lockhart as a DADA teacher and he sucked. He said he was a Ravenclaw, but all he specialized in was memory Charms from stealing others work. I heard Serenity, but I needed a place to study so Hogwarts brought me to the Chamber of Secrets. I saw everything that was happening. I am the one who saved Ginny. However, Ginny thinks Harry saved her and so does he. I did it from the background. Second year, Sirius Black was on the run because he was an escaped convict. We had Dementors. Werewolves, and murders in the school. Remus almost killed me if it was not for Greyback. My third year everyone seems to forget. I participated in the Triwizard Tournament as the 5thchampion and won. However, due to Harry saying Voldemort has returned he was rewarded with the cup and winnings, all thanks to Albus Dumbledore.” I said and they looked at me.

   “You competed in the Triwizard Tournament in your third year and won.” Mom asked.

   “Yes, the first task was a dragon, the second was the mermaids even though the person I saved didn’tmeananythingtome, and the third was a deadly maze filled with Creatures and curses.” I explained.

   “I bet Hogwarts was fuming.” Merlin said remembering when he was in danger like that.

   “Yes, Serenity is also teaching me Parselmagic because Hogwarts wants me to learn.” I said. 

   “She helped me create more spells then I created by myself.” Slytherin explained.

   “Have you told Remus about the antidote?” Dad asked.

   “No, I haven't I am worried about what he will say.” I said looking down. I looked at the time and saw we had a half an hour left. 

   “What do you mean?” Sev asked.

   “I am scared he will do what Sirius did.” I told him and everyone looked at me.

   “What did Padfoot do?” Mom asked.

   “Um, well he asked me who I was the first time I met him. I told him and he pointed his stolen wand at me. He said I was lying and that his best friends only had one child. He didn't believe me and if Sev wouldn't have come he was going to hex me.” I told them. Dad looked pissed and mom looked upset.

   “We have to leave, Lil. You still have your shopping and applications to put in.” Sev told me.

   “I need a new wand. Do you guys want to come with me?” I asked the others because I wanted them to come with me. They nodded and followed me. 

   We go back to Madam Malkin's and get Kreacher’sand my wardrobe. She says that it is the littlest she ever made and I replied it is for my house elf. We went to get a new trunk. It has 15 compartments: 7 are for my school years including books and notes, 1 is my closet organized by style, season, and when it is worn, 1 is my library with a fireplace, 1 is my study with my important papers, 1 is my Potions lab, 1 is my Potions supply room organized by most used to never and common to rare, 1 is a Dueling room, 1 is an apartment for Tom and my familiars, and the last one is for anything of super importance such as my cloak, locket, and my Heir artifacts from the Founders and Merlin. All the compartments have a different password in Parseltongue. We go get my familiars and my Magic picked: a baby Dark Shadow Phoenix, a baby Thestral, a baby Unicorn, a Sphinx cub, a Boa Constrictor, a Raven, a Kitten/Kneazle, a Wolf cub, and a baby Basilisk, a baby Griffin, along with Fawkes. Afterward, we go and get my new wand to use at school considering I cannot very well use Dumbledore’s old wand in public. None of the other wands work for me and so I ask if I can use my familiars for my wand. So, I had a 12” Holly and Black Oak soaked in Basilisk Venom, given Unicorn, and Thestral Blood along with Dark Phoenix Tears with hair from my Wolf and Sphinx cub. The only familiars not used is my Boa, Raven, and Kitten/Kneazle. 

   “We will expect great things from you.”The wand-maker said. We decided to go to Knockturn Alley for my wand since Ollivander is in Dumbledore’s back pocket, while I am at it I should look at my map. I opened it and said my password: \Hogwarts is my home\causing Sal to smile in delight scaring everyone. 

   “What is that Lilly?” My dad asked me seeing the map.

   “My version of the Marauder’s Map. Remember, I said I have an eidetic memory it helped me remember the map. I asked Hogwarts to find and copy it for me, so with the help of Ravenclaw’s library I understood the spells used. I created my own map after destroying my copy of the Marauders. My map is 3-D. It shows you who is who, where they are, what they are doing, and what they are saying or thinking. I use it to save Harry because even if he doesn’t love me I love him.” I looked to the Headmaster’s office. Dumbledore was pacing thinking: ^I need to keep Lilliana away from Severus since he is becoming a bad influence. Oh, who am I kidding, I need to keep Lilliana away from Severus because he is only supposed to love Lily Potter not her daughter. I may have to kill her since she is in the way of Severus sacrificing himself for Harry to live. Truly, a sad thought she would be an amazing addition to the Order since both Molly and Hermione said she is smart. I may hinder her work by saying she stole it from myself, but I will just do it tomorrow since she isn’t putting them in today. ^

   “I am getting my Masteries before we go home.” I take them out glancing over the finished and non-finished. I summoned a quill and started fixing my mistakes and finished all applications.

   “Okay Lil, you figured out what was wrong.” Sev asked me. I handed him my work.Tom was looking over my Wards, which said that if the Patronus Charm was to be added as a defense even if it isn’t harmful it would still give the other defenses time to reset.

   “Lil, if this existed when I went after you. I would haven't ever been able to get in even knowing the location before the Aurors showed up.” Tom told me in awe. I smiled at the complement.

   “That was where I got the idea and there is even away to use Herbology in Wards.” I said smiling. We apparated to the Ministry. The guard turned out to bean old student of Sev’s and was still afraid of him. We got to the correct office and I handed the woman my applications.

   “Sweetie, how old her you and what year are you in?” The woman asked in shock.

   “I am 13 and going into my 4th year at Hogwarts.” I told her.

   “Wow, after my third year I was lucky to even be considered passing.” She told me.

   “I am passing all of my classes with higher grades then the Brightest Witch of this Generation, 1/3 of the Golden Trio herself.” I said looking at her and she smiled.

   “While we are waiting for the examiners, what is your name and house?” 

“I am Lilliana Potter and I am the Slytherin Potter. What is your name and house?” I told her.

   “I am Maria Valentine and I am also a Slytherin. What is it like being related to Harry Potter? It must get boring.” She told me, truthfully.

   “Sadly, it is not fun. He isn't like he was before he found out, but that is okay because people change it is part of life.” I told her.

   “Well here is your examiners for all of your applications and afterword they will ask you about your creations.” She told me. 

   “Okay thanks.” I went to the back room and started my tests and finished in under 2 hours. It was extremely easy. They asked me questions about my work and I explained why I created what. They told me I passed and that I set the bar high with being a Master or Mistress.


Mastery Scores and achievements

Pass Grades: 

Outstanding (O) 

Exceeds Expectations (E) 

Acceptable (A) 

Fail Grades: 

Poor (P) 

Dreadful (D) 

Troll (T) 


+-high score

++-Highest ever scored

*- Youngest

! - valuable find

? - shows infinite knowledge and skill


Wards- O+++*!?

Study of Ancient Runes- O+++*!?

Care of Magical Creatures- O+++*!?

Transfiguration- O+++*!?

Defense Against the Dark Arts- O+++*!?

Dark Arts- O+++*!?







 History of Magic- O+++*!?

Muggle Studies- O+++*!?


   “We are proud to have you join us. You are the first to have ever received all of the achievements in one go.” They said.

   “Thank you. I can't believe I beat my Godfather's record.” I told them.

   “Who is your godfather?”

   “Severus Snape, the young well use to be youngest Potions Master.” I told them and they said that I had a long, but difficult road ahead.

   “One more thing, school since you have Masters in all of the curriculum and then some. We are bumping you up to Teacher's Assistant tell the Headmaster that he is unable to say different because the Masters have decided, however only for core classes and we would like you to still take OWLS and NEWTS so you have the scores. You will be teaching Years 1-7 because you are quite capable.” The Potions Master said in admiration.

   “Thank you, I best be getting back I have to go take my apparition test. Also, I know that when someone submits a potion or creation with their application that the recipe can be given to anyone. I do not want that for my potion on the antidote, please. Two of the ingredients are extremely violate and so rare they would not even be able to make it. So, can I have it back so no one is tempted to try it.” I told them and they smiled and nodded handing it to me. I walk out to the front office. Sev and the others look at me and I look down and smiled.

   “How did you do, Miss Potter?” Maria asked.

   “How does youngest Master in everything I applied for sound not to mention I am the first to achieve all of the achievements in one go?” I asked innocently and she shrieked and hugged me after I showed her my paper.

   “Why did you shriek for?” Some young person asked.

   “Because the little lady passed everything perfectly with the rewards to show for it. What are you applying for?” She asked the newcomer.

   “Potions, I want to be the youngest Master. Severus Snape became one at 25 and I am 20.” The guy said.

   “Sir, I am 13 and by the way that was the easiest test I ever took and I made an antidote for the Wolfsbane since it is slowly killing the werewolves.” I said innocently.

   “You are 13 and already accomplished that.” he asked.

   “I am 13 and a Master in Wards, Herbology, Study of Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts, Alchemy, Arithmancy, Charms, Dueling, Potions, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies. I passed them all with excellence today, since I am still in school I will be considered a Teacher's Assistant and I still have to sit my OWLS and NEWTS, which are next year and 7th year.” I told him all I did and he looked shocked I showed him my score sheet.

   “I am glad someone was able to do it. Why did you go for Potions?” He asked, shocked that I did so well at 13.

   “My godfather is Severus Snape. I wanted to beat his record to prove that he is an amazing teacher. I have to go, but it was nice talking to you.” I told him and he looked at me. I grabbed Tom and Sev and walked out. We then went to get my apparition license. At first when they heard my age, they were against it until I told them I came into my Creature Inheritance. I passed with the highest score they have ever seen, so we went to celebrate with some ice cream.

   “I know I should have asked earlier, but does Harry know about the map?” Dad asked me.

   “He only knows about the Marauder’s Map.Do you want to know why they even rescued me from my relatives? It is because Sev was worried about me. They were only going to take Harry. Moody and Kinglsey are suspicious of me because I follow politics and knew Kinglsey’sname. Moody tried to say I was a Death Eater because Harry told him I was. Harry is so lazy that he cannot even carry his own trunk, because Tonks did it for him. They thought something was wrong with me and Harry is thinking about getting them even more suspicious so he can check my trunk for anything he might want.” I said and copied the map handing it to Sev.

   “Why did you hand me a copy for Lil?” He asked astonished.

   “I know how worried you get when you don’t know for sure if I am okay. I have it set just like mine except it is only for your Slytherins along with my friends and not the whole school. The codes are white- healthy, purple- emotional abuse, red- injured, black- life or death. All that is needed to get the quickest route is say quickest way to (the person in trouble’s name) and it will show you along with an estimation of time. Also, your map password: My Little Snakelets. One more thing if someone is plotting to hurt one of your snakes in a harmful way they will pop along with a name of who they were after and what they want to do.” I explained while showing him how to work it.

    “Lil,thankyounow I don’t have to worry as much anymore since I can get to you all quicker. It would be different if teachers didn’t automatically point finger sat Slytherins and instead helped them.” I looked down at my vanilla ice cream agreeing. The founders were shocked that teachers discriminated against house asking what Slytherin protection was.

   “Slytherin stick together. If you have a problem with a house mate it will not be seen outside the common room. If you see a house mate being bullied help. If a house mate is hurt life or death or just seriously injured retribution is automatically invoked. Then there is the one where rules can be broken, but if caught have an airtight alibi to back you up. The only way that retribution is not invoked is if you state that you don’twant to go against anyone like Lily told the Slytherins." Sev said the important rules and why retribution hasn’t been invoked yet. Mom and dad were shocked and then began to understand why Slytherin house hated them especially after 5th year. The founders were impressed and Slytherin was beaming in pride.

    “Even if the Slytherins and my friends are foaming at the mouth for the okay.” I said smiling at how I am always asked for the okay to get revenge.

“What does Hogwarts have to say?” Merlin asked.


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