The Truth about Harry Potter's Sister

Harry Potter has a younger sister named Lilliana. During her 4th year, she learns many things join her on the adventure to change the Wizarding World


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2. Order of the Flaming Chicken



      “Well, we best be going since we don't need Death Eaters coming after us.” Moody said as if I sent them a secret message.

     When we apparated out, Moody grabbed me and would not let me go even when we landed. We were in Muggle London where Number 12 was missing. Fidelis Charm probably with Dumbledore secret keeper since he wouldn't trust anyone but himself. Tonks gives me a piece of paper reading:

Number 12 Grimwauld Place, London

     The paper catches fire, but Harry slipped his into his pocket. I mutter Dumb-as-a-door under my breath as we walked in Sev looked at me and so did Remus stupid heightened senses. Sev looked at me and told me to go to him. Everybody looking at us.

     *“Sev, can you bring me to Gringotts?” * I whisper in French so not even Remus can hear me with heightened senses. My Creature Inheritance was covered by Moody since we were going into a muggle town. My wounds still need to be checked since I didn't have any more pain reliever and couldn't make any more since I was in so much pain.

     *“Why what’s wrong Lil?” * He asks concerned not caring if everybody heard. I told him to drop the glamour around me.

     *“I came into an early Creature Inheritance since he did what we thought would never happen. It was the worst one, yet Sev. I could not stop him and I blacked out. However, since I came into the Inheritance, all past oblivates broke. It was happening longer than we thought.” * I told him sadly. He looked down at me and hugged me closer than ever and picked me up and put me on his hip.

     “I will get you out of there. That whale you call an uncle is lucky I have not gotten you out yet or I would sick the worst of the worst on him for harming you. I could make the Dark Lord look like a fucking kitten once I get you healed and safe with me if someone so much as touches you without your explicit permission. *I just don’t know how long it will take and Dumbledick will pay for all the suffering he caused you.” * Sev said. The room gasped because Snape just threatened muggles with Death Eaters since they are thinking I deserved whatever and everything I got.

     “Can I sleep in your room tonight? *I don’t want my nightmares to wake anyone.” * I told him and he looked down nodding.

     “Kreacher!” Sev yelled then he popped in. “Can you bring Lil’s stuff to my room?”

     “Kreacher, thank you but you don’t have to. I can do it.” I told him and he looked at me and smiled.

     “I got it Miss Lil.” He said

     “Address her as Miss Potter, Insolent Creature.” Mrs. Weasley screeched coming into the Foyer.

     “No, it is fine. He can call me anything he likes, ma’am.” I told her angry that she would dare put down a living thing. Kreacher popped out smiling.

     “Stains, of dishonor, filthy half-breeds, blood traitors, children of filth!” a curtain was yelling at us. I walked over a and saw a woman with black hair around the age of 50 who looked just like Walburga Black, mother of Sirius Black. She stopped screaming and just looked at me then bowed.

     “Hi, why are you screaming such hurtful words, Mrs. Black? Some of these people are nice but others aren’t.” I said talking to her.

     “The hurtful words are just how I feel about them and which ones are mean to you I will set them straight. What is your name, child?” She told me.

     “I am Lilliana Harley Marie Potter, ma’am the one and only Slytherin besides Sev here. I’m sorry but I will have to pass up that offer for now. Opinions matter but so do other people’s feelings. If you don’t mind could you maybe not yell it so loudly some people are conscious and insecure about their blood even though they should embrace it?” I explained to her and she smiled and nodded.

     “Yes, Lilliana I will try but once I get that list from you when you are ready then they will wish they weren’t born. If I may, why is a Potter in Slytherin?” She asked me the question everyone asks when they find out my house.

     “Thank you, I chose it. I fit into all the houses, but Alistair, the sorting hat, allowed me to choose. I chose the outcast house because it reminds me of me. I am a cunning person yes, but I have the ambition to see a better world. I am cunning and sly enough to achieve it. I am also loyal to others even if they doubt me in any way I will defend them to my last breath because I am not them. It does not matter the house you are in or your background you are your own person through your choices. If my parents were still alive no matter what anyone says I know I make them proud. I do not judge people based on their views because they are opinions. I am the Slytherin Potter because I am me. I best be going I must explain how I came into my Inheritance early and what transpired before. Do you want your curtains open or closed?” I asked her.

     “I am glad someone has realized the true potential of Slytherin instead of the reputation because while Slytherin has Voldemort Gryffindor has Peter Pettigrew and Grindlewauld. It does not matter the house everyone is good and evil there is no such thing as Dark Magic it is the intention of that Magic. Light Magic is for harm just as much as Dark or Grey. Sadly, before I could fully teach Sirius the difference in the Magic he wanted to be a Light wizard. He is powerful now I know, but imagine if he or even Remus, the Werewolf, did their affinity Dark Magic. They would be even more powerful. That was all I wanted for them. Thank you for starting this conversation with me because it gives me hope for a better future even if I cannot see it. Early Inheritance, I am so sorry I wouldn’t wish that amount of pain on even my worst enemy and you can close them for now, darling.” She told me sadly at the mention of the pain I went through.

     “Yes ma’am, thank you for understanding.” I closed her curtains and turned to look at the others with their mouths agape. “Why are y’all staring at me?”

     “Lil, how did you get her to stop screaming?” Sev asked shocked.

     “Oh, that when I went to her curtain she stopped and looked at me. I guess I subconsciously casted a muffalito and we talked. She was very understanding and told me she would try and not voice it so loudly because after all they are her opinions even if it isn’t nice. I already knew who she was so I told her my name and house. She asked why I was in Slytherin and I told her I choose it.” I explained to them and they were even more shocked that I talked to her.

     “Did she say anything about me?” Sirius asked, wonderingly.

     “The only time you were mention was when she was thanking me for seeing the potential of Slytherin instead of the reputation, and that there was no such thing as Dark Magic just Magic. One of her regrets was not being able to teach you and Remus that because while you are powerful as Light Wizards imagine practicing your true affinity.” I told him and he looked thoughtful at what I said.

     “Okay, let’s get this meeting over so we can get some sleep. Can Snape be present for this?” Moody asked me.

     “Yes, the children however cannot be including my brother. Mrs. Black?” I asked as her curtains opened. “Would you like to join us?”

     “No darling, it is fine but remember what I told you earlier one thing and I will fix it just give the word or list. Thanks for asking and listening to me though.” She said smiling at me.

     “Yes ma’am.” I replied in turn and closed her curtains. “We can do this in the living room, so we are all comfortable.”

     When we entered the living room and got down to business. Moody asked the first question, “What happened?”

     “Don't interrupt. I was pushing myself on the swing when Dudley walked up and started calling Harry a freak for crying out at night because of the tournament nightmares. However, I know what he does through so I got up and defended him because I was in the tournament also. I did not want to hear the reply so I started walking back to my relatives. When Harry yelled Dementors I just about reached the entrance to the tunnel, so I just stayed at my pace. I had just got to the middle of the tunnel when the Dementors swoops in. They glide right past me heading for Harry, so he fires his charm. It takes them both Mrs. Figg comes and complained about Mr. Fletcher. When we got home the ministry and everyone sent their letters and Vernon wanted to know what happened to his son. Harry told them everything he did and that he was the one who also carried him home. I got in trouble for not helping my better like a good freak should even though I carried Dudley home also. My punishment was that my Uncle Vernon raped me 4 times, whipped me on my back till it bled while I was still in the process of being violated, beaten in my head, chest, ribs, back after the whipping, legs after the carving of Slut, Worthless, Freak, and Whore. I then passed out from the screaming and pain. I woke up and feel as if someone took the Hogwarts Express filled it with angry hippogryphs and let them have me. Everyone knows everything else.” I said with no emotion and hugged Sev closer while leaving out what I heard before the black out and what happened between me and the Dementors.

     “Anymore questions before I get Lil to bed?” Sev asked everyone. No one had any because they were still in shock.

     “Bedtime, Lil. Come on.” Sev said and Mrs. Weasley stood, too.

     “Snape, she is staying in the girls' room. It is on the second floor, third door to the right.” She said as if she could tell me where to sleep.

     “I already have a room, so no thank you.” I told her smoothly and grabbed Sev’s hand.

     “Night everyone.” Sev and I said together. Mrs. Weasley following us to Sev’s room.

     “You are not staying in the same room as him, Lilliana Potter. You will stay in the girls' room or else.” She said.

     “Or else, what? My stuff is already in Sev's room. What can you possibly do? What are you going to carve words like Slut, Whore, or Worthless Freak, treat me worse than a house elf, brutally rape me over and over, hit me in my legs and chest and ribs or better yet whip my back until it is so bloody you do not know where the blood ends and the skin begins or better yet kill my parents. Whatever you think your or else will be remember I have survived far worse by far better people then you will ever think to be and I will continue to survive because I am a Potter and we survive all things and come out stronger even in death because we are remembered for who we were and not who we want people to think we are.” I told her walking into Sev's room. I got ready while telling Sev goodnight and that I love him.

      “Night Lil and I love you too.” I heard as my head hit the pillow on the bed.

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