The Truth about Harry Potter's Sister

Harry Potter has a younger sister named Lilliana. During her 4th year, she learns many things join her on the adventure to change the Wizarding World


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1. Inheritance



      I was pushing myself on the swing set when I heard Dudley along with his friends walk up. I looked around for Harry to see if he heard Dudley coming this way instead he was smirking, so I used legilimency. ^I wonder if I could use Dudley and get Lilliana in trouble with Vernon, but I just don’t know how to do it. Do I fight Dudley and have him say it was Lilliana or what? If I fight Dudley, how do I make him say it was Lilliana instead of me. ^ Dudley is our cousin and the only way to describe him is by saying he looks like a baby elephant minus the cuteness. His friends only make up a tiny fraction of my tormentors with him included. They go after me because Harry threatens them with a stick (wand) if they look at him the wrong way.

    Just then Dudley started talking and calling Harry a freak because he cries out for Cedric in his sleep, so before anything could begin I calmly said, “Leave my brother alone since he has had a hard life.”

    I know what my brother goes through because Tom and I share a connection. I was also in the tournament and won, but since Dumbledore put me in he didn’t want me to win. I am the girl-who-lived, but since I cannot be molded into what Dumbledore believes is the 'light' way it falls to Harry to 'defeat' Voldemort. You are probably wondering what I look like. Well, I have flaming red hair not like the Weasley's mine is red instead of orange. I have bright Avada Kedavra emerald green eyes and scarred milky white skin. I am abused by my mother's side of the family. My best friend is Severus Snape before you comment anything harsh just know I can kill you in a millisecond with the deadliest curse and no it will not be the killing curse because that would-be mercy.

    I felt something coming from the North of us since the air was getting colder and icier I figure it is Dementors. I start walking toward the tunnel to get home since I feel them closing in and I didn't want to know what Dudley said. Why are the Dementors in Little Whinging?

   “Dementor’s run.” Harry screamed when the cold was so great frost covered the ground. They ran until they almost reached me at the entrance of the tunnel when the Dementors swooped in. I was in the center of the tunnel and the one that entered in front of me just glided by without stopping.

   < “Why did he glide past me?”> I muttered aloud since no one could hear me. I then felt astonishment and shock, but it wasn't mine. I looked around and saw the Dementors just looking at me.

   Finally, one spoke while the other went to accomplish their task, < “You are special little one and we are only here to make your brother do a simple spell. You see we were given the task to look out for and help you by someone higher up than the ministry. We know you had some bad experiences with our kind, so you can perform the Patronus Charm along with Harry. Also, we know that you had asked us to keep an eye on the Ministry, so we thought to report to you that a pink toad woman has it out for your brother.”>

   However, before he could finish speaking my brother had to go and save the day even though I was in no danger. Miss Figg came to help us move Dudley and told Harry not to put his wand away. She must be a squib since no witch or wizard would tell us to keep our wand out in the open. Along the way she was muttering something about killing a Mundungdus Fletcher. Oh well, I am home, for now, and can stretch my back from holding Dudley up for so long.

   Harry walked in with Dudley and I was behind him since we both couldn't fit through the door. Aunt Petunia screamed. Uncle Vernon grabbed me and wanted to know what happened to his precious Dudders. I felt anger in the back of my mind and I knew the Dementors must have followed us home for safety reasons. Before I could explain an owl flew in with a letter it read:

Dear Mr. Potter.

   We received word of you using underage Magic in the form of the Patronus Charm in front of a muggle at 9:20 this evening. You have already been given an official warning during the Summer of 1992 so that means you will be expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ministry representatives will be coming to destroy your wand.

Hoping you are well,

Yours sincerely,

Mafalda Hopirk

Improper Use of Magic Office

Ministry of Magic

   “Harry, what are you and I and even the world going to do? If you are expelled then more than likely Voldemort will win unless Dumbledore can somehow do it himself. However, with you being the Chosen One chances are so slim that they are nonexistent for even Dumbledore.” I asked looking scared even though I really didn't care. Pigwidgeon, the owl Sirius gave to Ron for being a ‘friend’ to Harry, then flew in with a letter reading:


   Don't give up your wand. Dumbledore is getting this all fixed. We will be sending someone to fetch you, so pack your stuff.


Arthur Weasley

   “It seems Dumbledore is answering your question. What are they doing about you since the letter said they are only getting me?” Harry said with a smirk thinking I will be getting his punishment also, but I knew I was going with him since Severus would never leave me here even if I get his punishment.

   “I will ask one more time what happened to my Dudders and why are there owls coming in and out of my house?” Vernon screamed the last part and I heard rustling outside. It was the Dementors moving closer and they are even angrier.

   “I didn't do anything to him. The Dementors blocked our exit and I had to save us since my sister cannot do the spell yet. She just stood there while I carried him looking confused and dazed, but by the time we got here she slowly came back to her mind leaving the shock behind.” Harry explained making me seem like a little girl who knows nothing and is incompetent.

   “Lilliana Harley Marie Potter, BASEMENT NOW! I will teach you to do nothing while Dudley needs help even if you can't do the charm you could have pushed him out of the way.” Uncle Vernon screamed his face turning an ugly blood red. The anger in the back of my mind spiked.

   “That would be hard to do when they said they wouldn't ever hurt me and they were only there to get Harry to do a spell because of a toad.” I mumbled so low no one knows what I said. Harry, however, looked at me like I know you know something and I will find out what it is.

   “What was that?” Vernon asked me.

   “Nothing sir, just saying I should have pushed Dudley out of the way instead of freezing.” I said as I walked down there knowing I might not come back up. What an end to my almost 14 years of life? As soon as I hit the floor, I am, forcefully, pushed up against the wall.

    “You will remember this punishment even if you don’t know it happened. It will always be in the back of your mind with the thoughts of danger.” Vernon says while stripping me causing me to think he meant consciousness since he is a muggle. Once he does he looks at my body and licks his lips. He unbuckles his belt. The whole time that this is happening I am screaming no please no. Just then he covers my mouth with his hand to muffle my screams and Rapes me repeatedly. This happens 4 times then he takes his whip and whips my back till there was blood dripping on the floor, legs, and arms. He proceeds to hit me with his fists in my stomach, head, and chest. He takes a knife and carves slut, freak, and worthless whore in my skin. I pass out from screaming and pain hearing, < “You will not die today, Lilliana Potter, you still have much to offer this world. The Dementors need you.”>

   I wake up and feel as if someone took the Hogwarts Express filled it with angry hippogryphs and let them have at me. I looked down and see the clothes on my body realizing I still remember what happened. That is when I realize I am in the living room and I have a tail and a set of ears. I scream out of shock. Some girl with bubblegum pink hair rushes in with her wand out.

   “What happened? Are you okay” The girl asks looking around realizing I am in no danger.

   “I have a tail and ears. That was the cause of my screaming.” I said already knowing she didn't hear me and the next words were going to be something about Dumbledore sending them for Harry.

   “Oh, we came to get Harry and you because Dumbledore doesn't think it is safe for him anymore and Snape wanted to make sure you were okay because he said he worried. What did you do that caused Snape to worry about you? Oh, I am Tonks, Auror and Order Member.” Tonks said. Ah, Nymphadora Tonks, Auror and related to Sirius Black through her mom, Andromeda. She is a metamorphagus.

   “Why do I have a tail and ears? I didn't know my family had any Creature blood in the bloodline.” I said, but she did not catch the last part only the question, which was good for me. Maybe it is a dormant gene that only comes out if you are close to death.

    “Oh, you got an early Inheritance; it happens when the person has been through physical and emotional pain to the maximum limit of you would have died.” Tonks told me emotionlessly. She must only care for Harry then.

   “Oh, thank you.” I told her. Mad-eye Moody walked in followed by Harry and Kingsley Shacklebolt, a ministry official and Auror.

   “Your sister needs to have her wounds checked, so either Pomphrey or Snape can do it back at headquarters.” Moody was telling Harry.

   “Snape, as you said, will be doing it. I do not trust Pomphrey with something this vital. And it is nice to meet you Mr. Moody and Shacklebolt.” I hold my hand out to them, but they both just stiffen as if I was a disease and they were my intended host.

   “How did you know his name? You have never meet him and how could you not trust Pomphrey, she is an amazing mediwitch.” Moody said going into interrogation mode. I quickly searched his mind and saw he was thinking: ^This girl is hiding something Harry was right we must keep an eye on her or she may set the Death Eaters on us, which will ruin Dumbledore’s plan for a better world. I do remember her though she has even better grades than even her mom, but sadly she is a Slytherin^. I stopped there to check Shacklebolt's that were going in the same direction except for the grades.

   “I know his name because I pay attention and follow political parties. I may only be 13 almost 14, but this is my country and I have a right to know what bills may or may not pass along with who protects and helps run this country.” I was still being looked at like I was the enemy.

   “Miss Potter go pack your stuff, so we can get to HQ.” Moody replied as if I had no right to know any of this. I went to the cupboard to get my important items. These were my parent’s journals and letters between each other, a better map than the Marauders could ever dream up which will be explained later, and my notes and letters. I got my school stuff put into my trunk already adding these items while walking up into the attic to get everything my Aunt Petunia told me to take since it was all my parents. She may hate me, but she has a horrible hatred for Harry because he threatens them.

   “I am ready to go and have all my stuff.” I said noticing Tonks is carrying Harrys stuff. Fame is clearly getting to his head and they allow it.

   “Where is your stuff?” Shacklebolt asked suspicious.

   “It shrunk itself.” I explained telling the truth.

   “What do you mean it shrunk itself?”

   “My trunk all I have to do is say a certain phrase and it shrinks and becomes invisible to all but those I keyed in, which is me and Severus.” I tell them as if I am talking to children instead of adults. I can see their shared thought: ^What is she hiding? ^

   “Oh!” That was all Harry could come up with saying since he was thinking: ^I better make them doubt her enough to check her stuff for anything I might want to keep. ^

   “Yep, it only works for MY voice and I have the phrase.” I said emphasizing my voice since Harry had bad thoughts.

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