The Truth about Harry Potter's Sister

Harry Potter has a younger sister named Lilliana. During her 4th year, she learns many things join her on the adventure to change the Wizarding World


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3. Gringotts



          I woke up before everyone in the house including Severus and Molly. I got up and went to take a hot shower and get dressed. I dressed in black skinny jeans, black tank top, black veiled brides crop top, and some black with white lace converse. I was about to walk down to fix breakfast with Kreacher when Sev woke up. He used a cleaning charm on himself instead of showering and walked toward me to open the door.

         When we got downstairs, Kreacher was walking in the dining room. “Kreacher, may I help you cook, please?” I asked, politely.

         “The mother of blood traitors said not to go in the kitchen. I can however help you cook breakfast and it would be an honor, Princess.” He replied. Why did he call me a princess it seems all Creatures do even Goblins? I get Sev’s morning coffee for him and he smiles.

         “Kreacher, why did you call me Princess and please call me Lil.” I told him and his eyes widened in response.

         “It is what you are Princess Lil. Do you mind if I hide the Black Family History in your room?” He said and the whole time Sev was watching in amazement cause Kreacher was being respectful.

         “Sure, since it is History and all History deserves to be preserved. We can start cooking. Do you mind if I play muggle music?” I asked knowing his views. I call all the artifacts to me and have Sev put them in my trunk in our room.

         “Yes, it is fine as long those filthy Mudblood Blood Traitors don’t do it. You have free reign.” He replied so I flicked my hand and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons begins playing, so Kreacher and I start singing and having a good time. Just when the song ended Mrs. Weasley walked in looking at Kreacher with hate.

         “What do you think you are doing? We told you no kitchen.” She told him. Hermione and Ginny walked in to see what the commotion was about and looked down on him.

         “Kreacher, do you mind getting the food and cutting the music off. I will get the drinks and wash up the dishes that don’t have food on them that we used.” I said ignoring the furious women my brother calls friends and family.

         “Lil, I can get it all for you. Go sit down you did your share or well most of everything so let me do this.” Kreacher said smiling. Hermione looked furious that he was being nice to me and the other two were shocked.

         “We will bring it out together.” I said and grabbed everything. We walked out talking and laughing. Everyone looked at us in shock.

         “Lilliana, how dare you! You get here last night and in the morning the house elf I have been trying to help suddenly likes you. What did you do to him?” Hermione yells and everyone looks at me expectantly like I did something wrong except Sev.

         I feel Kreacher getting ready to yell at her and I head it off. “Kreacher, why don’t you go see if Mrs. Black would like to join us for breakfast and when you get back I will have a plate of food on the table for you.”

         “Yes, Lil. Thank you.” Kreacher said knowing I was giving him an exit to cool off as I fixed his food and placed it on the table. Everyone looks down in distain.

         “Sirius, when Sev and I go do our errand can I buy Kreacher some clothes. Not to dismiss him or anything, but because he deserves to be able to call something his. Also, I saw those looks of distain. How many of you think Kreacher shouldn't be at the table and why do you think this?” Before I had finished saying that Kreacher came in with Mrs. Black’s portrait and put her on the wall. Everyone raised their hands except for Sirius, Sev, Remus, Fred, George, and Arthur and their answers where he did not deserve anything and he was beneath them.

         “Hermione, last year you create S.P.E.W, correct? Okay then why are you saying he is beneath us. In fact, if anyone is beneath anyone it is all us beneath him. He is the one who wants to preserve History for all to see because no matter era History is Dark. If anything, all of us should be his servants. Okay, y'all said that he was a disgrace. I want you to get up from the table right now. Walk away because if he is a disgrace you cannot have his food. If he wants to eat wherever he wants he can. You are guests in his home including Sirius. He has been here longer than you so if you want to disrespect him in his home get the fuck out. You will not put him down in front of me and if I hear one tiny whisper that he in anyway had been injured by any of you. I will have your head on a spike. Do you understand me?”

         “Lil, you get more like your mom every day that I have gotten to be in your life. She would be proud of what you did, but if I know you then you still have something to say about this at a later date.” Sev said with pride.

         “Lilliana, Kreacher was telling me what just happened and if my son doesn’t give you permission to get Kreacher clothes then I will officially make you my Heir somehow.” Mrs. Black told me after they all replied with an understood.

         “No thank you ma'am I don't need to become Heir of a family to know I have a family. Family is what you make it not by blood or relation. Family is the ones you would lay your life down to save, who if you could would give your last breath, meal, or water to so you can see them smile one last time. Family matters more than all the money in the world because of the loyalty and trust involved. That is why even if you could I would not want to become Heir. I already have my family and every day I add someone worthy to call my family. No matter Creature, Gender, House, or Magic affinity if I consider you family you always have me thick and thin.” I told her truthfully. Everyone looked at me like they could not understand why I would turn down the Black fortune.

          “Lilly, you can get him some clothes. Also, I, Sirius Orion Black, hereby name my Heir to the Black Lordship and fortune Lilliana Harley Marie Potter, So Mote It Be.

         “So, mote it be. Sirius, you didn’t have to do that you could have continue to give it to Harry like you planned to in the beginning.” I told him. Everyone looked at me like they agreed with me not deserving it.

         We sit down and begin eating. Kreacher and Mrs. Black join Sev and me in our conversation on going to Gringotts. Mrs. Black tells me that when I get back I should have Kreacher bring me to the secret room after I told her I was a Parselmouth.

         “Wait, you are a Parselmouth?” Ron looked at me as he said this with food in his mouth.

         “Of course. I was born this way unlike Harry. Sev, can we turn in my Mastery Applications?” I asked and everyone looked shocked.

         “When did you have time to do this you are only going into your 4th year because I am going into my 5th and am nowhere close to having my paperwork done.” Hermione asked after Kreacher went to get them. I have applications for Potions, Charms, History, Transfiguration, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and some others that haven't been completed.

         “I guess I will be the only one attempting to break Sev's record, as youngest Potions Master. I found the time because while you all were breaking all the school rules and being rewarded. I was with my teachers learning other stuff or over the summer while you people are doing whatever I never sleep because I am working on Herbology or Potions or even Care of Magical Creatures. My first year at Hogwarts I made friends with Grindylows, the Mermaids, Kappa, and I found a herd of Unicorns that always meet me on the first and last day of school to give me luck. I know some Pixies, Fairies, Elves, and a Snake. That is why I am neutral neither side of the war have what I want because I listen to their problems. I have a friend who is a Werewolf not Remus and I want to make it better for them, but him especially because he is the only other person who listens to me. We have to go or we will be late.” I said simply before they could say anything Sev and I got up to go to Gringotts leaving them shocked because I could win the war by myself. Sev had taken the measurements while I was talking.

         We apparated to Diagon Alley and dropped off the measurements for Kreacher and my wardrobe at Madam Malkin’s in the colors black, emerald green, and silver for a full wardrobe only adding red and blue to mine. We then went to Gringotts for my Inheritance test and we bowed to the goblins that we met leaving them shocked.

         # “Lilly, how can we help you today? I was just about to owl Severus because something important came up that needs to be addressed immediately.” # Griphook asked me in Goobledook because he knows I like practicing it. Sev also speaks it.

         # “I came into my Creature Inheritance early, and I wanted to take my Inheritance test to see what I am. I would also like to open another vault while empting one. We can also discuss that important information that came up.” # I told him in an asking voice. He looked upset by this information and told us to follow him.

         # “Griphook, can we after the test see if anyone besides me or Severus withdrew from my vault, please. Also, can you call Tom Riddle, please?” # I ask. He nodded and proceeded to call Tom and gave me a dagger so I can take my test.

         *“Why did you have Griphook call the Dark Lord?” * Sev asked confused.

         *“Because I want to see how much of a danger he is to my brother and I want to give him something.” * I told him quietly.

         “Griphook, why was I called to Gringotts?” Tom had just walked in to the room.

         “That would be because I asked him to, sir. I want to see the danger you mean to my brother even if he doesn’t love me and give you some things, but first I must take my Inheritance test.” I replied and he looked shocked. I place the dagger in the center of my palm after washing it and slice down releasing 7 drops of blood. 7 is the magical number. My papers include my Vaults, Birth Certificate, Wizard Court Seats, Creature Inheritance, Properties, Lady/Heirships, Blocks, Relatives (Living/Dead), Money, Stocks, and Withdrawals.

Birth Certificate

Name: Lilliana Harley Marie Potter

Mother: Lilly Molly Potter nee Mortimer Evans

Father: James Charles Potter

DOB: October 29, 1981 12 am

Blood Type: Pureblood           

Inheritance: Itachi

Magical Guardian: Albus Dumbledore (illegal)

Relatives (Living/Dead)

Lilly Mortimer Potter- Mother (Dead)

James Potter- Father (Dead)

Harry Potter- Sibling

Sirius Black- Godfather (Innocent)

Remus Lupin- Godfather

Lucius Malfoy- Godfather

Narcissia Black Malfoy- Godmother

Draco Malfoy- God Brother

Tom Riddle- Godfather

Alice Weasley Longbottom- Godmother

Frank Longbottom- Godfather

Neville Longbottom- God Brother



            Potter (Blood)

            Olympus (Magic)

            Slytherin (Conquest, Blood, Magic)

            Peverell (Blood)

            Goblin Queen (Magic)

            Wizarding Queen (Magic)

            Emrys (Magic)

            Ravenclaw (Blood, Magic)

            Hufflepuff (Blood)

            Princess of the Fae (Magic)

            Gryffindor (Blood)

            Hogwarts (Blood, Magic)

            Mortimer (Blood)

            Gaunt (Conquest)

            Evans (Blood)

            Lestrange (Magic)

            Le Fay (Blood, Magic)


            Black (Blood)

            Lupin (Blood)


Goblin Nation


            Goblin Mine

            Goblin Castle

            Goblin Manor

            Goblin Safe-House

Wizarding Queen

            Ministry of Magic

            Wizarding Castle

            Wizarding Manor

            Wizarding Villa

            Knockturn Alley

            Diagon Alley

            Godric’s Hollow

            Shrinking Shack




            New Orleans

            New York



            Chamber of Secrets

            Slytherin Manor

            Slytherin Cottage

            Casa de Slytherin

            Slytherin Safe-House


            Gaunt Cottage (goes to Tom)


            Potter Manor

            Potter Castle

            Potter Cottage (goes to Harry)


            Gryffindor Castle

            Gryffindor Manor

            Chamber of Courage

            Gryffindor Safe-House



            Roman Demigod Camp

            Camp Half-Blood

            Olympus Safe-House


            Ravenclaw Castle

            Ravenclaw Manor

            Chamber of Knowledge

            Ravenclaw Safe-House

Marauder/ Potter, Black

            Marauder’s Castle

            Marauder's Safe-house

Hogwarts Founders


            Founders Safe-House


            Hufflepuff Castle

            Chamber of Loyalty

            Hufflepuff Cottage

            Hufflepuff Safe-House


            12 Grimwauld Place

            Black Manor

            Black Safe-House


            Peverell Manor

            Peverell Cottage


            Emrys Castle

            Emrys Safe-House


            Mortimer Castle

            Mortimer Cottage

            11 Grimwauld Place

            Number 4 Privet Drive


            Lestrange Manor

            Lestrange Cottage


            Evans House

Princess of the Fae

            Fae Palace

            Fae Safe-House

            Check family ledgers for more information

Wizengamot Seats

Emrys- 30

Potter- 20

Black- 24

Peverell- 50

Hufflepuff- 32

Fae Princess- 100

Slytherin- 30

Ravenclaw- 32

Gryffindor- 30

Olympus- 60

Wizarding Queen- 200

Hogwarts- 50

Goblin Queen- 100

Mortimer- 44

Lestrange- 24

Evans- 30

Gaunt- 30

            Around 95% of the court (1 vote tells if a bill passes) (886 seats)


Creature: Itachi (submissive)

Mate: Wolf (dominant) / Veela (dominant)

Core: White- 95% blocked (blue- squib, orange- weak, yellow- average, green- powerful, golden- warlock, black- mage, white- most powerful being)

Powers: Multi-animagi (13): Dark Phoenix, Griffin, Basilisk, Wolf, Sphinx, Lion, Badger, Raven, Chimera, Dragon, Hellhound, Dementor, Unicorn, Manticore, Shadow Phoenix; Parseltongue, Shadow Travel, Illusions, Beast Speak, Wandless and Wordless, Necromancy, Blood Magic, Natural Legmines and Occulmens, Seer, Heightened Senses and Danger Awareness, Mage Sight, Immortality, Eidetic Memory, Natural Healing, Metamorphagus (blocked except for Parseltongue, wandless/wordless)

Other: Mistress of Death


0-12 Months: Oblivates, Magical Core Reducer, Blocked Avada Kedavra, Horcrux

1-Year Old: Oblivates, Imperio, Cruciatus

2- Year Old: Malnourishment, broken: Arms, Legs, Ribs, Whipped, Cruciatus, Carved: Freak, Oblivates

3- Year Old: Malnourishment, Oblivates, Imperio, Cruciatus, broken: Ribs, Fingers, And Toes, Carved: Unwanted

4- Year Old: Malnourishment, Cuts, Burns, Cruciatus, Imperio, Oblivates

5- Year Old: Rape, Malnourishment, Oblivates, Burns, Whipped, Shocked, Cruciatus

6- Year Old: Malnourishment, Whipped, Slapped, Beaten

7- Year Old: Rape, Oblivates, Malnourishment, Magical Core Reducer         

8- Year Old: Imperio, Cruciatus, Oblivates, Carved: Whore

9- Year Old: Oblivates, Imperio, Malnourishment

10- Year Old: Rape, Malnourishment, Oblivates

11- Year Old: Loyalty Potion (Keyed to Dumbledore, Weasleys Except Percy, Fred, Arthur, and George, Hermione Granger), Hate Potion (Keyed to Malfoys, Slytherins, Tom Riddle, Sirius Black), Liquid Imperio, Malnourishment, Rape, Beatings

12- Year Old: Rape, Oblivates, Love Potion (Keyed to Ronald Weasley), Beatings

13- Year Old: Imperio, Cruciatus, Rape, Oblivates, carved: Freak, Worthless, Whore, And Slut, Forced Creature Inheritance, Pregnant

            (Loyalty, Hate, and Love Potion Did Not Work)


Potter: 201-230, 686, 785, 890

Black: 175-200, 600-605, 786

Olympus: 1-50, 300-400, 606-610

Slytherin: 55-100, 687-699

Peverell: 251-299

Goblin Nation: 1000-2000 (extension Charms on some)

Wizarding Nation: 2001- 2089 (extension Charms)

Emrys: 101-174, 231-250  

Ravenclaw: 501-599, 901-948

Hufflepuff: 3000-3098, 949-999

Fae Nation: 3099-3555 (extension Charms)

Gryffindor: 701-789, 787-889

Hogwarts: 891-900, 2090-3000

Mortimer: 51-54, 3556-3700

Lestrange: 401-500

Evans: 700, 3701-3901

Gaunt: 3902-4000


Potter: 1,553,678,357,128,790 galleons

Black: 2,000,000,000,000,000 galleons

Olympus: 600,780,000,000,000,000 galleons

Slytherin: 500,898,999,075,890,000 galleons

Peverell: 89,000,000,000

Goblin Nation: 999,000,000,000,000,000 galleons

Wizarding Nation: 900,503,895,753,899 galleons

Emrys: 15,200,389,506,879 galleons

Ravenclaw: 12,000,000,000,000 galleons

Hufflepuff: 15,687,128,569,150 galleons

Fae Nation: 4,867,280,568,289 galleons

Gryffindor: 3,135,178,103,954

Hogwarts: 1,000,000,000,000

Mortimer: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Lestrange: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 galleons

Evans: 2,000,000,000,000,000 galleons

Gaunt: 593,845,394,859,034,589,034 galleons

            Total: 599,950,580,110,340,110,095

            (richest person in magical and muggle world) 1 galleon= 20 dollars muggle



Grunnings: 100%

Microsoft: 75%

Nintendo: 80%

Subway: 50%

Walmart: 90%

Wizarding World

Daily Prophet: 100%

Parkinson Corporation: 90%

Brooms R Us: 85%

Quibbler: 55%

Diagon Alley: 100%

Knockturn Alley: 98%

Malfoy and Co: 80%

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes: 99%

Zonke's Joke Shop: 50%

Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions- 80%

The Leaky Cauldron- 67%

            Check family ledgers for more information



Everything before November 1, 1981 has been a Potter whether by birth or marriage.

All from Potter main vault:

November 1, 1981: Continued until 1991

            Albus Dumbledore- 50,000 personal vault

            Molly Weasley- 23,000 Molly Weasley vault

            Vernon Dursley- 10,000 Vernon Dursley’s bank account from the trust fund of Lilliana Potter

All the same every month until June 1991

            Harry Potter- 200 galleons from trust fund of Harry Potter

            Hagrid- 713 took something out

            Molly Weasley- 100,000 galleons out of Lilliana’s trust fund


            Harry- 200 galleons from the trust fund of Harry Potter

            Lilliana- 300 galleons from trust fund of Lilliana

            Molly Weasley- 2,000 galleons from trust fund of Lilliana

            Hermione Granger- books and 1,000 galleons from Potter Vault

            Ginny Weasley- most of the jewelry and 2,000 galleons from Potter vault

            Ronald Weasley- a Nimbus 1997 and 2,000 galleons

1993- 1995

Everyone took the same amount of money and Hermione Granger took Books

From Evans


            Hermione Granger- all the books, 1,000,000

            Ginny Weasley- all the dresses and jewelry, 1,000,000

            Ron Weasley- 1,000,000 and moved it to his personal vault

            Molly Weasley- 20,000,000 moved to personal vault

            Albus Dumbledore- moved 20,000,000 moved personal vault.


         “Griphook, can I get everything back with interest while making them pay for everything they stole, please. However, don’t harm Arthur, Percy, Fred, George, Bill, or Charlie as they did nothing wrong so far. I told Harry not to trust them, but no he did not listen. I also want all the artifacts, jewelry, and books back along with money if they are in anyway damaged. I want their bank accounts to possibly be frozen until this is resolved. Also, why does it say I am a Queen and a Princess along Heir to all these houses wouldn’t my brother get them except for Slytherin since I defeated the Heir and Black because Sirius named me Heir earlier? Can you make it to where Harry can only withdraw a certain amount of money? Most importantly I want my baby protected do not let this knowledge leave this room without permission.” I asked Griphook after looking over the papers.

         “Rowena Ravenclaw had a prophesy about you. She said that in time someone would come and become ruler of 3 kingdoms this person will become their Heir and will get their vaults. The 3 kingdoms had to be on the brink of war 2 against 1. The person will be the most powerful in the world more powerful than the Founders and Merlin combined. So, I think everything including being the other Founders and Merlin's Heir went with it to add political power. Claim your houses please. Of course, we would never harm your baby and yes we can.” He replied to everything mentioned.

         “I, Lilliana Harley Marie Potter, hereby claim Ladyship and Heirship of the Ancient and Most Noble Houses of Potter, Olympus, Slytherin, Peverell, Emrys, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Hogwarts, Gaunt, Lestrange, Evans, Mortimer, and Black. I claim my right to the throne of Goblins, Wizards, and Fae. So, mote it be.” I claim everything and felt the Magic working with the claims. A bracelet with all 14 houses pop up along with 3 tiaras that mold to form one. You could see the subtle differences in the tiara to tell you the 3 kingdoms. Tom places the tiara on my head and Sev places the bracelet on my wrist.

         “Also, Lilliana, it seems there are 2 marriage contracts. One is between you and a Mister Ronald Weasley signed by Albus Dumbledore while the other is between a Guinevere Molly Weasley and Harry Potter also signed by Albus Dumbledore. The wills left by your parents also have not been opened and where closed on the day the contracts were drawn up, November 1, 1981.” Griphook told me. This told me my parents wanted us to find true love and not some marriage of convenience. I am a Lady so I can take over my estate with an emancipation.

         “Void and null them and can I get emancipated or did the old Magic already do that? The wills I want opened, but not right now I will let you know when. The letters though when I do figure out the best time need to be sent the night before the reading. Is it possible to remove these blocks without harming my baby? I want to open another vault, but we can just use the one I am about to empty.” I said.

         “You already are emancipated now that you are a Lady and a Queen.” Tom told me looking awestruck.

         # “Griphook can you please go and empty the contents of vault 890? I need to talk to Tom before I give it to him, but I feel it will be all good.” # I told him Goobledook.

         # “Yes, Princess. These Potions will not harm your baby and while the vault is being emptied I will start the paperwork.” # He replied handing me a pain relief, block remover, and a spell remover.

         “Please call me Lil or Lilly. We are after all equal.” I told him and he nodded his head.

         “Miss Potter, why did you call me?” Tom asked.

         “I want to know what kind of threat you are to my brother because today can change the future or it can continue in the same way?”

         “I don't even know why I want to kill him you see I am not even a part of his prophesy if he has one. I only know yours: She who is born before the month of October dies. Has the power to stop the Evil Lord, but can also destroy the Dark Lord in the process unless she joins the Dark or creates her own. The girl who is born as the month of October begins to end. I thought it might be you so I visited and tried to kill you but instead killed myself. I think Dumbledore had Peter put the thought in my head.” He said sadly.

         “So, my brother allowed the fame of something he didn't do to get to his brain. He allowed people who just want his money and fame to become his family. Okay I am going to take the thought of killing him away. Also call me Lil.” I said.

         “Yes, it is fine Lil.” He said. I went through his mind and saw a pretty R rated daydream about a certain Potions Master we share. I also saw the offending thought and took it away.

         “I saw a daydream about a mutual friend hurt said person and you will die a painful death.” I told him and he knew I was talking about just by looking in his eyes.

         “Yes, ma’am.” Griphook came in at that moment with a diary, a locket, a ring, a cup, and a diadem.

“Here are your Horcruxes take the soul out of them and Accio Nagini. Take the one out of her as well. You have two more but I will keep one of them and as soon as the other comes into Gringotts it will be delivered to you.” I told him performing the spell to give him his whole soul.

         “Why not just give it to me and who is the other?” Tom asked once he looked himself.

         “Because it is me and I am immortal so you will be also. My brother just turned 15 so when he comes into Gringotts for his supply money the spell at the entrance will take effect cleaning him of soul Magic like Horcrux.” I told him.

         “I achieve my desire, but with my soul almost intact. Thank you.” He said honestly.

         “Griphook, the paper work, please.” I said and he nodded putting it on the desk.

         “Okay Lilliana. Do you want it to be a high, medium, or low security? And how much do you want to be withdrew? How much do you want in the vault? Who can go in and out? The last one the same for Mr. Potter with all of your vaults.” Griphook asked me.

         “I want it to be high security, only myself, Dobby, and Kreacher, I want to highest amount withdrew to be 100 galleons. I want the interest to be 20% and the starting amount to be 30,000. If you don't mind. For Harry, I want him to only be able to withdraw 150 galleons in a month." I said and he nodded handing us the papers to sign. “Also take 300 galleons a month from the trust fund, please. I know what your hoards mean to you guys.”

         I finalized everything when 8 people showed up and they are my parents, the Founders, Merlin, and Death. My parents and Death stepped forward with 3 items. My parents bestowed upon me a ring (Tom used as a Horcrux), a wand (it looked a lot like Dumbledore’s), and my brother’s invisibility cloak. “This ring is the resurrection stone, this wand is the Elder wand, and the Cloak of Invisibility. These make up the Deathly Hallows. These make you the Mistress of Death use them well.”

         “We give you 100% access to everything within the walls of Hogwarts and beyond that we own. We give you 8 new animagi forms along with your 5 to begin with. (already added to the Inheritance because Magic knew it was happening) We give you the ability to have the real value and contents knowledge of everything set before you along with books you would like to read. We will help you find your mates and we amplify all house abilities and add any that you may lack.” The Founders said together smiling at me. Slytherin looked at me and added, “Thank you for choosing my house when you could have been in any of the others. Thank you for seeing the potential.”

         “You are in Slytherin.” My father asked, but said it more like a statement.

         “Yes, Alistair, the sorting hat, told me that I could fit into all of the houses. He wanted to name me Heir my first year, but I told him to hold off. He will probably call for my resort when we get back. He tries every year, but I turn him down. I chose Slytherin because it is the outcast house since no one from the other houses talk to them unless to cause trouble. I am an outcast in my family and I saw me in them. I also know that I am cunning and sly enough to change the world, but I am loyal, brave, and have the courage to forgive those and stand by those who have harmed me in the past no matter house. No matter Gender, Magic affinity, or Creature we are equal in everything. I chose Slytherin because I knew I would find my true friends there and those who stand by me even though my house is said to be Dark. I may have chosen Slytherin but really Slytherin chose me.” I said and the Founders smiled at me even though they did not like how my dad asked his question.

         “What house is your brother in?” Dad asked.

         “Gryffindor, however if there was a such thing as a Dark House. I am sorry to say Mr. Gryffindor it would be yours because everyone thinks that it is the house of the brave and loyal. It sadly now is not because more bad comes from their than good. For instance, Grindlewauld, Dumbledore, and Peter Pettigrew are all past Gryffindor and they have harmed more people than anyone. Peter took my parents away, Dumbledore abuses me and allows me to be abused, and Grindlewauld was the first Dark Wizard and caused the first war. Slytherin has Merlin, Salazar Slytherin, and most importantly Severus Snape.” I told them and I could see the Founders' looking at my dad and silently fuming that he was putting a Hogwarts House down.

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