12 Am

12 Am Is A Short Story That Follows A Ex Lover Who Loses His Mind, So He Plans To Show Up To He's Ex Lover House At 12 Am With An Automatic Rifle


1. 12 Am

Oh my love It’s 12 Am and now  love is about to show it’s true colors  

I understand life goes on, But if I can’t have you no one can have you

Understand why I’m doing this, Not through jealousy or any type of hate against you

You were the best thing that had ever happen to me,

So please don’t feel any type of hate towards me after this night

I just can’t live without you, You said that you had enough

But enough of what??? I thought I was doing everything right

And when you said that we should see other people,

I lost it like literally lost it, I didn’t know what the hell to do

I try to commit suicide many times but failed as you can see



I don’t know maybe standing by your window those nights,

While you was making love to the other guy, Made me go a little crazy

Or when I hid in your trunk while you went and see him,

And yea I heard you guys fucking in the car also

So let me just say revenge was all I was plotting for you



So now I’m here with an Automatic Rifle pointed towards your head

I can still hear you screaming his name in my head

So I’m really trying not to pull the trigger, So early

Tell me was he better, Than me because It sounded like you loved it

And you never sounded like that to me, Stop that crying

There’s no use I won’t spare you, You can't walk away from this now


I want you to feel what I felt, Stuck unable to do anything

Mind racing over a hundred thoughts a second, All those times you ignore my calls

And Texts I just couldn't wait for this moment


They say What will separate us from the love of Christ?  

Well my love do you still believe in christ now?


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