Murder Mary

Murder Mary Is A Short Story That Follows A Women Who Puts Her Ex Lover In A Difficult Life Or Death Situation


1. Murder Mary

All them rough times that you put me through

Showed me that you didn’t give a fuck about how I felt

Don’t look so upset now, I want you to have the same energy

You had when was fucking that other bitch,  

So you can stop all that crying and begging

Because it  won’t change how I feel towards you,

My love for you doesn't exist anymore


All them night’s coming home late,  drunk, Or not even coming at all

I hoped that you had your fun, Why??  You must be thinking well,

All Them times  just gave me time to think of all the ways I could murder you

And I can tell that you are scared, I would be to if I was Paralyzed

And all I could do was move my eyes, So just calm down

I’ll make it quick don’t worry, You made me go through so much

All I ever wanted to do was murder you, And I know I could have just left

But where the fun in that, You had your fun so let me have mines


All I ever wanted was your love, But you never gave me that

You felt as if you had to give that other hoe it, Mmmmm

So I thought of a wonderful way to make you feel what I felt


Your going to suffer just like, You made me suffer

But like I said I’ll make it quick, If you look over there

There is where your going to be buried alive, You're already

Paralyzed so there's  no need to try to move at all cause there's no use

I want you to lay there until you take your last breath, And just think was it all worth it


And I forgot to mention don’t think you will be alone, No not at all

I Invited some guess to keep you company

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