My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart Is A Short Story That Follows A Heartbroken Husband Set To Get Revenge On Her And Her New Lover


1. My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart if only you know how much love I have for you

Remember all those times you said you was going out,

To hang with your friends, I believe you said it was a girls night out

Am I’m right??? Mmmm

Well let me spill the beans, You never went out with the girls

Hahaha, No my love no

Instead you was out with a whole new man

I bet you're wondering  how do I know this???

Well let’s just say My Sweetheart

I followed you everywhere you went



Now… Now calm down, There's more to the story

Let's continue, Now one night you said

That you had to stay overnight  to work, Catch up on your hours

Well I drove past that fancy restaurant

You know, The one you said you always wanna go to

I guess your wish came true, But we all know that was

A night to remember, That night when he proposed to you

Would you have ever told me, Its been like a month since he did it


Well let me just say, Looking him in the eyes while I was stabbing him

Put the most happiness in my heart, There never find his body

So I guess there will not find yours,  Either

Would you like a last phone call to your love ones my dear or not??

In a few you will never see them again, You won’t wake up in your bed

Tomorrow or any day at all, Sorry to say


Now before we both finally wake up from this nightmare world,

I would like to say all them nights,  You was out with the other guy or when you made loved to him in are bed, Did you ever had me in your head???


Now my love in a few I’m going to die,

Yes I said die, I drunk a poison that will kill me in an hour

So less to say when I load that shotgun over there will you want your death to be from that or the axe on the table


It's your choice If not,  The coin decides

I’ll give you 30 secs.



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