Queen Alpha

Stella was always different. She looked nothing like her family and had an unfamiliar power. After getting into a brutal fight she meets Lucas. From there she discovers that she is so much more powerful and royal than she ever believed.
*Huge thank you to Lily Anna for creating the cover! Go check her out, she's made some real crackers!*


2. Chapter Two

I wake up in a dark room surrounded by silk pillows and heavy quilts. My head throbs and it takes me a minute to remember what happened. Lucas knocked me out! I throw my legs angrily out of the four posted bed and explore my surroundings. The room was massive with giant tapestry's hanging off of the high walls. I bang on the door, screaming and shouting.

"Let me the bloody hell out!" I scream as I slam my fists aggressively on the white oak door. When no one answers I slump back onto the bed and groan. Think Stella, think! I start pacing the room and then I remember: I still had the secret knife in my boot! Quickly I run to the door and put my ear to it. I couldn't hear anyone out there so I started to pick the lock. With in minutes I unlock the door and thank my lucky stars my mother used to lock me in the cup board. I always used to pick the lock and escape, it drove her crazy.

Silently I walk through the long corridors and it takes me a few minutes to realise what type of building this is, a castle. The view from the window displays an extremely large court yard surrounded by forests and fields. Every corridor is decorated with heavy curtains and paintings with solid gold frames. A red velvet carpet flows through the long hall ways and ivy laces around the ceiling. My eyes dart around rapidly as I move my way further into the castle.

"What do you mean she's escaped?!" A loud frustrated voice booms from a large. My eyes widen and I dart behind one of the floor length curtains.

"We went to bring her dinner and her door was wide open." A small voice stutters. I roll my eyes at how pathetic the boy sounds. Rule number one: Never let your enemies know they scare you.

"Go and find her now!" It shouts angrily and then the sound of heavy footsteps in metal armour clangs down the corridor.

"Lucas are you sure she was ready? You know what Talia said." The voice sighs. Rage floods through my veins at the name of that scum bag.

"I'm positive My Lord. She had the white birthmark on her shoulder." Lucas assures. Birthmark? Curiously I check my shoulder for a mark and sure enough a white crown has appeared on my left shoulder.

"She's just like her mother. When Talia was brought here, she too escaped." The voice chuckles. My mind races as I process what he'd just said. I have a mother and her name is Katie. I was born from her and my father. This man was lying. I wasn't adopted, my parents would have told me.

"You lying son of a bitch!" I shout as I step out from behind the curtain. Lucas and the plump man look shocked. The room was humongous, with gold statues and two thrones at the back of the room, mounted on a marble raised floor. Golden light glimmered through the ivy covered windows and my loud foot steps echoed across the high walls.

"Stella! There you are." Lucas growls.

"Oh you are so dead Lucas!" I snap as I storm towards him. I throw a punch at his head but he ducks quickly.

"First you act like you know me." I shout as I finally land a blow around his jaw.

"Then you kidnap me!" I scream again punching him hard in the gut. I go to punch again but his grabs my hand and tackles me to the ground. A series of frustrated growls and huffs escape my mouth as I try and fight him off.

"Shut up and calm down." He snaps, pinning my wrists down and staring me hard in the eyes.

"Is this...Is this Stella?" The man dressed in a red robe and gold crown gasps.

"I told you she had a temper." Lucas grumbles getting off of me.

"You look just like Talia." The man says with tears in his eyes.

"That's great now where was I, oh yeah." I smile innocently and punch Lucas with all my might around the jaw. Taken totally by surprise he stumbles backwards holding his face. While he was still steadying himself I leg it out of the haul. I race down different corridors, desperate for an exit. Guards race after me but I easily out run them and carry on sprinting away.

"Stella! Wait!" Lucas shouts after me but I've already found the large oak doors. Bursting through them, I jump down the large white stone steps and out onto the court yard. Dogs go wild as I run towards them but go mute as I past them. I'm almost at the gates when a loud howl pierces my ears. I turn around and a black wolf the size of two grown men stands before me. I expect it to attack but it just dips his head down and bends a paw so it is just bellow my height. Multiple other wolves do this until they surround me. I look around desperate for an escape but I see none. Lucas runs towards me but stops in his tracks when one of the wolves start snarling at him. The white haired man smiles proudly from the steps up towards the mighty castle.

"What's happening?" I shout towards Lucas.

"They've found their Queen." Lucas says, kneeling down and bowing his head. I look up in confusion and see the entire court yard is filled with men, women, children and large wolves kneeling before me.

"I'm not a Queen! I'm an outcast remember?!" I panic.

"I think it's time we have a talk Stella." Lucas says as he stands back up.

"Ya think?" I respond sarcastically.

The wolves all stand back up but snarl towards Lucas. I smirk at the glimpse of fear that flashes in his eyes. As I walk back towards the castle the black wolf trots a few inches behind me, clipping at my heals.

"Why is it following me?" I whisper nervously to Lucas.

"I told you, he knows you his Queen and he's known as a 'venandi'. It is Latin for Hunter." Lucas says calmly as we walk up the white steps. I nod, slightly confused, and then follow Lucas back to the big haul. I plonk myself on a chair and stare expectantly at Lucas and the old man.

"I guess an introduction is in order," The old man chuckles, "I'm King Alfred of the Wolves."

"I'm Lucas White and I'm a werewolf." Lucas says blankly.

"I'm Stella Peterson and I'm defiantly not a Queen." I say as I ruffle the black wolf's fur. Eve when he sits he is taller than me.

"I'm going to tell you a story Stella, and I need you to listen and believe." Alfred sighs as he takes a seat opposite me. I nod and then he begins.

"You were born in a time where war was happening everywhere. People wanted you dead because you were the next heir to the throne. Werewolves only ever get one mate and can't have children with anyone except them, so when you were born my wife, your mother, was assassinated. In order to protect you I gave you away to live in secret and now 18 years later my beautiful girl is back. Stella you are the heir to the wolf Kingdom. When you turn 18 you're wolf will come through, just like Lucas's did. And when that day comes I will abdicate and you will become Queen." Alfred says, grasping my hand.

"I've had people come and check up on you every couple of months to see how you are growing and progressing. Every time they came back with news of how beautiful and strong you are becoming my heart broke for Talia would never see this. As you've already seen the real wolves of this Kingdom have already bonded with you and so, will no longer obey my rule. There are 20 in total and they were all born when you were and so have only been tolerating me in order to wait for your arrival. However the werewolves will need your trust and respect as you'll become their Alpha. I understand that this is a lot to take in but you must believe." He begs. I stare speechless at him and then at Lucas who just nods his head.

"I, I believe you." I stammer.

"Oh thank goodness! Lucas take her to her room and bring her some food, you must be starving!" The King chuckles standing up. You can tell a huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulders as he smiles fondly.

I force my legs to stand me up but I have to use the Black wolf to help me walk. My head spins as Lucas escorts me back to my room. As soon as I'm there I collapse on the bed and let out a heavy sigh. Lucas leaves with out a word and the Wolf jumps up onto the bed and lies beside me.

"I'm scared, confused and exhausted. How are you?" I laugh lightly.

"I'm just glad my true Queen is home." A gruff voice chuckles in my head.

"Did you just speak to me?" I say in alarm as I jolt up and stare at the wolf lying beside me.

"Yes Stella. And my name is Hunter not black wolf." it sniggers.

"This day just gets weirder and weirder." I chuckle as I lie back onto the heavily cushioned bed.

"You should try and sleep. Tomorrow will be even weirder I promise you that." The voice says.

"You're probably right Hunter." I smile as I start to unlace my boots. I kick them off and remove my corset and leather pants. I'm left in a baggy white blouse and my pants.

"Night." I mutter as I submerge myself in the duvets.

"Night little wolf."

I fall into a deep sleep with my mind racing.

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