Queen Alpha

Stella was always different. She looked nothing like her family and had an unfamiliar power. After getting into a brutal fight she meets Lucas. From there she discovers that she is so much more powerful and royal than she ever believed.
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3. Chapter Three

Hunter nudges my arm to wake me up as the sun starts to shine through my window. I look at him with a bored expression and shove my head under the heavy quilt.

"Did yesterday really happen?" I groan.

"Yes little wolf. Now you need to awake!" Hunter demands. I peep my head out and stick my tongue out at him before reluctantly pulling my legs out of bed.

I wash my face and throw my white hair into a low bun at the nape of my neck. Next I throw on a pair of leather pants and a clean blouse before putting on my corset. My feet submerge back into riding boots and then I face Hunter.

"Is this princess enough?"

"Not nearly but your a Queen so who cares?" Hunter chuckles the last part and then pushes me with his snout out the door.

We walk towards the dining hall where The King, Lucas and three other boys and one girl sit waiting. When they see me they scavenge to their feet and bow but the King and Lucas just smile.

"What are you doing?" I ask confused.

"We're bowin to are new Queen we is." A scruffy ginger looking chap speaks up.

"Oh God. I thought you were joking about being queen." I frown and slump into a chair beside Lucas.

"These guys are your Royal Guards and she'll be like a trained assassin but disguised as your Lady." Lucas smirks.

"I don't need guards but okay." I shrug.

"Okay so I'm Nathanial." A blonde boy with hazel eyes smiles.

"I'm Parker." A dark skinned boy grins.

"And we're the twins: Josie and Joey." A pretty ginger girl smiles warmly.

"Well I'm Stella." I reply dryly before biting a chunk out of an apple.

"She isn't a morning person." Lucas informs with a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes at him before scraping my chair back.

"I'm going for a walk." A with that I leave the room. Hunter trots beside me as I power walk towards the front doors.

"What is wrong your majesty." He speaks through our mind link.

"Why do I need guards? I can bloody protect myself!" I growl.

"Don't think of them as guards then. Think of them as your partners in battle. They'll be the most loyal people you'll meet."

"And why do I feel this uncomfortable pull towards Lucas? He's a cock bag but for some reason I refuse to kill him." I say fustraitedly as I barge through the dark oak doors. A cool breeze hits me and I relish in it.

"Everything will be easier to understand once you release your wolf Stella."

"And when is that?" I snap.

"Soon, very soon."

When my feet hit the gravel a surge of energy release with in me and I sprint off towards the gate. Something inside me forces me to run as fast as I can. My face sets in stone as I run and when I turn my head 20 black wolves are running beside me. A small smile plays on my lips as my body devours this phenomenal feeling with in my bones. For some reason all my instincts make me throw my body forward. I brace myself for a painful impact but I don't hit the ground. Instead I run ten times faster and feel 20 times taller. When I turn my head I realise I was the same height as Hunter and the other walls and then eventually everything clicks. My wolf has been released. The giant gates open up and I sprint through them letting a loud howl escape my jaws. It causes a chain reaction and before long the 20 wolves are howling and barking with me. I welcome the feeling of the powerful wind rushing through my fur and the dirt crumpling at my paws.

"Slow down little wolf, you need to rest." Hunter commands. I slowly slow down my pace and before long I'm trotting up to a small stream. My reflection stares back at me in the clear blue water. I have a pure white wolf with a golden hew to it and my eyes are a shocking blue. The cold water tingles my throat as I slurp the water down.

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