Queen Alpha

Stella was always different. She looked nothing like her family and had an unfamiliar power. After getting into a brutal fight she meets Lucas. From there she discovers that she is so much more powerful and royal than she ever believed.
*Huge thank you to Lily Anna for creating the cover! Go check her out, she's made some real crackers!*


1. Chapter One

I wake up drenched in sweat and panting. My heart slams against my chest as I stumble towards the bath room. I steady myself by gripping to the sink and stare at my reflection. Pure white hair tumbles down my shoulders and black eyes stare back at me. Ever since I was little I was noticeably different. I could always out run a grown man, fight better than the village hunters and could out think the Red suits. I wash my face with cold water and shake the unnerving feeling the nightmares always give me. I look nothing like my parents or sister. They all have jet black hair and blue eyes, matching with their pale reflections.

"Stella, wake up." My mother shouts from down stairs. Outside the little bathroom mirror, the sun was starting to rise and birds were already singing their high pitched tunes.

"I'm up!" I shout back and walk back to my room where I start to get dressed. I put on leather pants, combat boots and a white blouse under my matching leather corset. Against my mother's wishes, I don't wear dresses like all the other women in the village. My father thought I was brave for dressing differently whereas my younger sister and mother hated it. They said I cause them too much grief and wish I was normal. How can I be normal when I noticeably stand out? I put my long pure white hair into a loose French braid and walk down stairs. As I walk down I put my hunting knife into my waist band and then a dagger in my two thigh slings and upper arm.

"Oh Stella will you please just wear one of my dresses?" Poppy, my sister, begs as I sit at the breakfast table.

"Poppy, if you ask me again I'll rip your throat out. Got it?" I snap. She scowls at me and carries on eating her burnt toast. Our home was a little cottage on the out skirts of the village, closest to the Ever Green Forest. It had two floors and six rooms: A kitchen, bath room, dining area and three bedrooms.

"Stella will you go to the market and fetch some eggs?" My father asks as he shoves some coins into my hand.

"I'd be honoured." I respond dryly with sarcasm laced in my voice.

"That's my girl." He chuckles and chucks my black, floor length cloak at me. I drape the material over my shoulders and put the over sized hood up. Quickly I leave the cottage and start the little walk towards the centre of the village where the Sunday Market was always held. I got multiple disapproving looks as I walked through the back streets. No one, apart from my father, liked the fact I was more of a man than woman. Women were jealous of me for my desirable slim figure and men envied the strength and speed they could only dream of having.

"Stella!" An annoyingly familiar voice calls.

"What do you want Charlie? One ass kicking not enough?" I mock as I turn to face the rich boy of the town. He clenches his jaw and looks at me in disgust.

"You better watch your mouth."  He spat.

"Or what? You'll fight me?" I laugh in mockery. I roll my eyes and walk away, leaving him in the alley. I'm out in broad day light when he grabs me by the arm, yanking me to face him. A few people stop and stare, waiting for the easily won fight to start.

"Please don't do this Charlie." I sigh as I throw my cloak to the side.

"You're a little slut that needs to start acting right otherwise you'll be hung!" He shouts aggressively.

"Slut? Are you kidding me! That's rich coming from you, you man whore!" I spat.

He growls and throws a punch at my face. I easily duck and plant a strong punch in his gut. While he's doubled over I land a powerful uppercut to his jaw. His head snaps back and he staggers back wards. A large crowed has gathered around us, most gasping at the fact I'm beating up the Mayor's son. Charlie charges forward and chucks me to the ground. As he goes to slam his foot into my face I roll out the way. I have to get back to my feet, I think to myself. In seconds I'm back on my feet and I'm throwing angry punches to his face. Blood spews from his mouth and nose until he's on the floor defeated.

"Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't kick your ass Charlie." I say as I kneel down next to him. I grab the collar of his now blood stained shirt and lift him to face me.

"I'll kill you next time." I whisper and then forcefully shove him back to the ground, making him slam his head against the cobble street.

When I look up mortified faces stare back at me. My face hardens and sets in stones as I walk away. They make a gap for me, out of fear, to let me out of the circle. Everyone runs to Charlie's side, trying to help him but deep down I knew I'd done serious damage. He was either going to walk away with severe scars and possible a messed up brain or he'd die. It should have scared me, made me feel guilty but it made me feel nothing. I felt no remorse or fear as I walked through the streets. I stopped by the local water pump and washed Charlie's blood off my knuckles.

"That was brutal." An unfamiliar voice chuckles. My head snaps up and a tall well built man stands before me. He had jet black hair and piercing green eyes with a sharp jaw line. His biceps were bulging out his white shirt and he a purple scar going from his left eye brow to his jaw line. As I stare at him I feel this strange, dark pull towards him.

"I don't need your judgemental remarks." I snap as I wipe my hands on my leather pants.

"I was doing to exact opposite actually, Stella." He smirks, leaning against one of the street lights with his arms crossed.

"I'm flattered truly." I smile sarcastically as I start to tie my leather boot's lace.

"Oh don't be like that. I'm only checking up on you." He snaps.

"Checking up on me? You're a freak." I snap confused and slip my cloak back on.

"Oh that is rich from you!" He growls. I roll my eyes and start walking away but he roughly grabs my arm.

"What!" I snarl trying to yank my arm from his strong grip.

"Don't play stupid with me. I know you feel the pull between us." He snaps viciously.

"You don't know what I feel." I scoff, eventually releasing my arm from his tight grip.

"I know you feel like an outcast. That you don't feel remorse for nearly killing that boy. I know you feel an overwhelming power in your bones but you feel confused because you don't know what it is or how to control it. I know a lot about you Stella Peterson." He says coldly. I stare into his eyes with a hard stare until a white hot rage fills me. I lash out by slapping hard around the face.

"Don't ever make assumptions about me again." I spat and then storm off, shoving my hood up.

As soon as I'm out of his sight range I sprint towards the woods. My heart slams again my chest and my breath catches at the back of my throat as I slam my feet on the dirt. Low hanging branches slap against my body as I run and my legs start to feel like jelly. Eventually, I stop running and have to lean against a tree for support as I catch my breath. I'm surrounded by hundreds of thick trunked trees and dark green leaves. If tears hadn't been blurring my vision, it would have been quite beautiful.

Who ever that guy was, he was right. I did feel like an outcast and it felt good to hurt Charlie. It was like all the built up tension in my muscles could just be released in a series of punches and kicks. But what did he mean 'Checking up on me'. I've always felt like I was being watched but I blamed the judgmental eyes of the villagers. And what was that strong pull towards him about? He even said he felt it too! My head spins as I aimlessly start wondering the forest, in search for a stream. After an hour I find 'River Creek' which was a ridiculously long river that our village was names after. I plonk myself on a large slab of stone and rest my back against a tree.

"Why'd you run out here?" The annoyingly familiar voice snaps.

"Who are you and what the bloody hell do you want with me?" I sigh fustraitedly.

"I'm Lucas and I told you, I'm checking up on you." He says taking a seat near me.

"Why? Why have I never seen you before? Are you working with someone? Who are you to me?" I say with an eager look in my eyes as I turn to face the Lucas.

"You really don't know do you? I thought Alex was joking about the orchid dust." He chuckles.

"Alex? Orchid dust?"

"It's a dust from an orchid you can turn into a memory loss potion and Alex was the last freak that came to check up on you.." He shrugs. My eyes widen and my jaw drops. Memory loss?!

"Well I was told to bring you back with me so can we go?" He says dismissively as he stands up, dusting the dirt off of him.

"You're bloody dreaming if you think I'm leaving with you!" I scoff, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Have it your way then." He snaps and then the world goes black.

*This was the first chapter of 'The Werewolf Queen'! I hope you like it and I'm sort of winging this so tell me what you think!*




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