Queen Alpha

Stella was always different. She looked nothing like her family and had an unfamiliar power. After getting into a brutal fight she meets Lucas. From there she discovers that she is so much more powerful and royal than she ever believed.
*Huge thank you to Lily Anna for creating the cover! Go check her out, she's made some real crackers!*


4. Chapter Four P1

"That was phenomenal!" I shout as I barge into the dinning hall. Lucas and my new 'guards' are all still eating breakfast but look extremely worried. They all shoot out their chairs and kneel. I look across to Hunter and he just nods.

"Well this all got awkward. What are you guys doing?" I chuckle as I plonk myself onto a chair, kick my feet onto the table, and start munching on cold toast.

"Welcome back, Your majesty." Josie smiles.

"What?" I mumble through a mouth full of toast.

"Your wolf has been released Stella." The king, my father, says proudly. The twenty wolves I was running with all trot in and sit around the room, Hunter stays by my side. Then hundreds of people file in and kneel in rows before me. My eyes dart around in panic as I shoot up and brush the crumbs off me. Lucas stands, body tense, and then smirks.

"All hail Queen Stella of the werewolf Kingdom!" Lucas shouts as the people of all shapes and ages repeat his world. As I look around at all the people who were cheering and chanting my name and then the wolves who were howling wildly, a small smile played on my face. Maybe I could get used to this, I thought to myself. My father walks towards me, a smile broadly on his face.

"I've always dreamed of this moment. I know you weren't given the upbringing you should have but I'm so proud of you. Talia would have been so proud of you Stella." He says sadly as he touches my cheek. He places a heavy gold crown on my head and then the crowed erupt in even more applause and excitement. Lucas catches my eye and gives me a huge smile.

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