this is life


1. 1st song

you know they say 

I wish that I could grow up just like you

and then you a flash back to all the troubles you had

and you just smile back at them remebering

you had a mama who just left one day 

your daddy worked a lot of the time

you never wished to grow up you just sat there and cried


If i could just turn back the time

If i could fix everything

I would, but I ain't no God

you just have to live with your life

it may seem hard, but you will get through

this is the way life built me.

you had two brothers who you loved dearly

but one day your daddy says you can't see them again

you cry and cry again and wonder what you could do to get them back

and one day you meet a guy

you didn't date him, but you made plans to go get the boys back

and then he walks out of your life

he leaves you alone once again having to start over


you had the time of your life then

and you look at now and it seems to get worse

and you just realize

how much pain daddy went through just to raise two girls

he sacrificed everything and gave it to you

to make sure you grew up the right way

you look at yourself now and say what a life I've had


If I could just turn back the time

and fix every little mistake

I would keep it just the way it is

because this is the way life made me. 


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