Elements Enchanted

Adriana Martinez has been given a gift. Not even her family knew about her gift. Adriana who is 19 years of age, and from Newberg, Oregon, seeks her true self on a journey throughout her life; while falling for a particular green-eyed boy.


1. Chapter 1

Adriana's POV

    I sit against the cool rock, my hands tapping the side. Tap-tap-tap-tap. I do this a few times before I launch my self off the rock.

"This is crazy right, I'm dreaming. That's what is going on". 

I continue to pace back and forth, biting my nails while doing so. I stop in mid-pace and look down at my hands. Nothing seems out of the ordinary but these hands can do so much more. I take a deep breath and exhale. There's a small pond beside me. I inhale and exhale one more time before I take a few steps and position myself at the edge of the water. 

Okay, let's test this again, maybe I am not dreaming ... 

I extend my hand and focus on the water. Some water droplets begin to rise. I try to focus even more. Soon, more rise and join the rest. At this point, I have a vertical line of water just floating in the air. 

Yep, this is totally normal. 

I begin to move my hand in a slow circle and soon the water is doing the same, I move it even faster and the water speeds up as well. Soon I have a small waterspout forming in front of me. 

Alright, let's try something else. 

I let my hand come to a halt. I look down at my left hand. I bring it up and reach it out in front of me towards the water. I focus on what I want the water to do and part my hands away from each other. I now have control of two streams of water. 

I jump at the noise and the water drops, as so does my focus. I then flip around to look behind me. A boy slightly taller than me, with green eyes and curly hair, stands by a tree staring at me and where the water was in awe.


The panic sets in upon my chest. 

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