The last Party

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  • Published: 21 May 2018
  • Updated: 21 May 2018
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This a crime story. Enjoy


1. 1.

  Uranus is a tumultuous planet. The bone-chilling cold and storms are throughout all the year there. But not just the sense of hopelessness lives in Uranus. On Earth, also strange and non explainable things happen. People rarely change. They are either good or bad. Well, nowadays, worse than usual...


                                                                                        . . .


Unusually loud is at Antoine's house. His place turned out to be like a city jungle, barely coping to hold up the might of the urbanized gorillas that are partying like it's coming the end of the world. A chaos hardly scratches what the interior atmosphere looks like. A strong thunder from an earthquake is also a weak comparison. The source for that wild party was coming from the metal music, blaring from all four directions. Some of ''the guests'' were coming even from the nearest villages by train. It was the rager of the century and all of Antoine's pals were there. The dozens of the self-invited people don't count. The clock showed 21:30.

Despite the long night, the host warned everybody that by midnight they should go because he was on duty.

-Oh, c'mon!-protested a black-haired man-Don't spoil the party, bro!

-I am powerless-said the host-Enjoy every second of it because, just like in fairy tales, all is over by midnight.

-Can't you not to go to work this night, Antoine?-asked the same guy

-Yeah, big deal!-proposed another

-You didn't understood what I am saying!!-angrily responded the host-The party will be until midnight. Period.


Everybody in the room felt surprised by the host's tone and his mood change so easily. By nature, Antoine likes to control things and to hold the power in his hands. The others hardly knew about this side of him and didn't raised the question again.


The black-haired man was his pal Barry. Even he, who knows him rather well, felt surprised a minute ago.

Antoine went to the kitchen. Others go on partying and drinking. The host was working as a border guard but nothing was so simple. He wasn't the typical guard. He was secretive and silent because he was hiding a big secret inside of him. He and his colleagues were killing people that crossed the border by train. Those were the orders of people above him. And all of this would be another crime story if the main purpose for it wasn't because of religious sects, connected with underground king-pins. ''The Satan Followers'' needed dead bodies for their rituals. For the dirty bloody job the border guards received lots of cash.


                                                                                         . . .


Antoine acts ruthlessly. He turned himself into the devil's servant, masked as a straightforward man in front of the others. Well, not that much straightforward not to make parties. The parties were the ruse, the net everyone fall into without get a clue of it. For money, Antoine was ready to do anything. Even killing his friends.


                                                                                         . . .


30 minutes to midnight. The host is just getting dressed. Others felt hard leaving the wild nest. No matter that most of them were coming here from afar, taking the train.

Barry began cleaning. At the same time Antoine put the gun into his pocket and urged all of the guests to go home.

-There is a train at 00:50 for the direction you were going to. The town was on the border and of course there were border guards. Luckily, Antoine was one of them. Or not. He ran to the roof of the building where some men took him with a chopper and left his pals. Not long ago, he took his place on duty and waited for the train that the party-goers were about to take on into.


                                                                                          . . .


The night was going slowly. Not even a sound. Antoine started being nervous. To relax, he took the phone from his colleague and dialed Barry, hiding the number. A ''hello'' followed.

-You are … next, buddies!-said the border guard with modified voice and hung up.

Barry started to laugh and to re-tell the brief phone conversation to the others. All, under the influence of booze and grass, laughed uncontrollably and the chortle of their voices spread everywhere inside the train. The party crew really didn't fathom the danger around them.


                                                                                            . . .


The train was heading north. Antoine was already ready. He heard the long vehicle coming. The guard entered for a check-up. But it was a faint word. When the train stopped, Antoine and the others rushed to the exists and started shooting aimlessly. And screams followed. Blood starts spilling around. The guards swiftly pulled the bodies out. It was their last stop. Then the bodies were transported toward unknown direction.


                                                                                            . . .


Antoine received a briefcase with money. With no remorse he continues to be on duty. Only his sinister laughter could be heard in the dead of the night.  

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