10 days 1 chance

I have to make an album by 10 days for my career, with the help of my CRUSH! how will it go will i fail?


4. You used me!?

I wake up take a shower and throw on some random clothes i run down stairs and say hey mom, "hey sweetie granola bar?" yeah thanks mom i say and run out to school i see miles in the hallway with the popular kids i say hey. megan the mean girl of our school gives me a nasty look and miles turns away from me. i walk up to him and ask why isnt he talking to me,megan then pushes me and say "leave him alone freak!" i grunt at the sudden contact. hey! i say and then i smack her,she shrieks and say "you're just mad because you're a whore and hes MY MAN!" .that alone makes me cry and i smack miles and say you used me! I run home early crying that day,but it didnt last long because my mom drove me right back. my music teacher ask me whats wrong and i say nothing, miles fake cough and says whore. ms.harper looks at him and said "ok. you will now help Tiniyah write her album if you dont you will fail. suddenly i smirk and feel like a sack of potatoes just for a second.

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