10 days 1 chance

I have to make an album by 10 days for my career, with the help of my CRUSH! how will it go will i fail?


3. One great night

Its 1:00 and i get a text its  from miles ,excitement erupts in me and it says "come over" i dont know what that means but i grab a sweatshirt and sneak out my window. soon i come close to a big white house and then i see him. come on inside he sayz, okay????  i say. i start to speak but then in mid sentence he kisses me! he then pushes me againist the wall grabbing on the hem of my shirt and throws it. he pulls down my pants and takes of his shirt. he then picks me up and throws me on the bed, he then comes close and rips my underwear."im a virgin" i say, he says i'll be gentle. he enters me slowly keeping a pace and gradually goes faster moans slip out and groans happen. i suddenly feel a great pleasure feeling and white stuff comes out. soon i leave smiling to myself,and wondering what will happen tomorrow. 

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