10 days 1 chance

I have to make an album by 10 days for my career, with the help of my CRUSH! how will it go will i fail?


2. 10 DAYS!!!!

Miles asks me " you wrote that yourself?" "yeah" i say "that was good" he says "Thanks!" he then walks away the red haired girl walks up to me oh my gosh! that was awesome! "yeah yeah thanks" im demi she finally says and i already know who you are she says more. lets sit together at lunch she says once more "great!" i say. Hours later of boring school and laughing with demi school is finally over. i go home and mom is back. "hey ma" i say hey honey wanna eat? " naa" i say im going to bed. i crash. like 2 hours later the door bell rings and its like 5:20.  i run down the stairs and a attractive man waits for me at the door "hi" he says  "im mr.Malik (lol the fangirls right now) you want a career 10 days and i want an album you fail you i will make sure you never have a career in this country again." he walks away without another word and just gives me a number.


sorry for such a short chapter thanks for reading my story and i'd like to dedicate this chapter to potatoes, my readers, and plebs!

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