SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

37. The deed and a missing deep traesure

aThe queen would be sunken deep as, the maos, and the singing flowers that gave the islands afloat, an anchor and a eviksword thta wrecked the, once begging oceans, was just under the great rise it became once.

Swordfish man knew his sword was not as strong as the arglo, but somehow the strength of rust had talent and wisdom, down the Seabeast coukd see, an open way he galloped in a very fast and defiante way, he swam ,as if the mighty waters of deep oceans.

The oceans seemed as once they,myers big now deep and the since the potion had made them more and more, softer and deep, came a great and elegant queen.

Just a myth and the water knew her, she help swish the sword that fish be came and swordfish mma once heard the queen of the lost, deed the fish he became and the sword.

Thta opened his fins and became man, a ooen sword he was all man now, he battle a great Evilsword the arglo and the very, deep down ️secret, the kind thta shallower the sea. As if it ate up the very beast within the. Sea became one mellowed ocean and a great sword was still in battle, the one thta Seabeast knew!

The exasted sword became. Agreat reef under deep was one traesure after, the next, it wasn't a rise oetal it was isnt that but, some riches were now, in the great sea, of the south seas, after all the battkes.

Evik sword looked and found his arglo and the missing scrool finally was there a traesure deeper and more existed, more treur, more then a flowers mind.

Yet the maos seemed more promising, somehow the arglo saw amity wind deep the see, the arglo sliced then ocean and it's a mighty wind that found the swordfish and the, old golden arch down deep in a ocean.

The ocean started to go under as if the, great sea was just opened up a traesure of roses seemed to bring them back up and the. List of the great journey still fostered a miracle.

Somehow the seas becam e barren after the ocean opened up, and the treasure thta evil sword finnaly gained was an petal ,each of seven unique distinct beuty and finally the traesure was somehow found.

Evil sword found the pedals now the only thing missing was beutiful rose on a such iskand like kings island, it still semed far away, yet it had a queen and the door thta not only led more then a rise it, gave a great door.

The only sea thta locked this ️true island was sunset thta once the sword coukd be a fire of swords perhaps.

Somehow the only sword thta coukd ooen this island would be arglo the evil mind thta it could be yet, thieves owned another iskand Seprate.

Swordfish man saw evil sword take these precious pedals thta once ran a wonderful journey and great adventure still to come.

Sea beast found the only necklace and gave it to swordfish man another way it still had 


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