SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

42. the battle of the rage part 1

the seven deeds were almost fulfilled, but now the ultimate battle of swordfish man was to avenge the seven oedals and defeat, evil sword the only thing was a sword that was the arglo.

It mighty fire and great strength had the ability to craete firestorms and sea storms, it would be hard, to battle. Swordfish man however gave up no battle. The arglo and its uniform mystic powers swiped the island bears in half and swordfish man continued but, his sword was soe how no match for the arglo.

Evil sword had found his battle great and with utter passions, the love it came and the great fish he created still the mighty sword got into deep water, it's oeril had fell deep into the sea. 

Somehow it landed and fell out of evil swords hands an, the mighty reef fell deep, Seabeast found the great sword and swallowed it deep the ocean became a withing mount of muck, an mud, the battle seemed to last forver.


However the victory was nowones defeat, even though swordfishnman lost the battle a true mighty hero sank below the surface, and the sea beast thta never found his sword, found somekind of lost, traesure its poem was sunken deep to, everything got swallowed deep, thta ocean caved and the only thing that found the, great sword.

Evik sword found the petals he hid and then thought swordfishnman done for good unknowingly he wasn't trapled or swallowed by sea, he was recued by sea beast.

The battle never stopped the very start of the arglo was the beginning, somehow thtas where all the, battles of the sky began e fire and sea.

The very least of the islands were not of flowers or great roses there pure, and aunust pedals. Yet the sword somehow battled the great seas.

The seven oedals were however still on evilswords path they were hidden deep within the mighty hut.

Swordfishnman found his ️true victory but still on one islam daries a fair princess, lost within time.

Evilsword still had the mighty, sword in his hands it want deep but avenged to the top, swordfish man surfaced, and the sea beast gave way, to open sea, the migty sea called a deep sword.

The arglo was great in then right hands, sea beast runs reached deep, somehow evik sword grabbed the sword back.

Swordfish man lost his strentgh and the battles he fought. Yet the mighty wind of the sword sweet another, battle the very one thta lay in the mystery, a hut of the finest jewels.


Oedals of the ooen seas needed to go back evilsword, came the mighty hands he previeled once agin the swordfish had been battling a mighty power beyond his creations, the great arglo, had been nevr defeated, a mask ocean opened the sky set.

It seemed the sun would set but, the arglo masked fire set a great sky lit beyond its time, however the oedals had still been in the hut, and the arglo was in evil swords hands.

Swordfish man grabbed his mighty rust sword, and swing it toward Evik swords, mighty hands it know key out the arglo, and again it swayed into the open waters.

The waters again and waved raged in the ooen sea another battle fought, swordfish man, defeated the most villain with his mind.

The ️️true sword feel deeper in and swallowed a ocean somehow, the land took a curve and the, sea beast and fishes That Sam would set deep in the reef.

Now thta the sword was finally under somewhere under the sea. It was lost again.


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