SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

49. Princess of fortess

the deep sea ghad sunk but now had deep ambitious traesures, the petals safe now,,and the deep arglo somehow in the waters were very rich and sunken down deep, a arglo now was suddenly in need to find the open door and release.

The sunken ocean swordfishmman went deeper down then any possible way, to find the arglo the more he went the more the bottom ocean became full of very deep and wonderi out things, somehow the adventure.

Of the deep ocean was linked to flowers beutiful of every kind deeper down he went, and more the flower became ever glowing outing the deep down darkness of the waters.

Swordfish man became more powerful in swimming the swordfish man became a superhero in the deepest waters down , the muck the deepest below somehow, the sword thta. Was created by the flowers long long, ago was somehow.

Far down so deep, it needed to be on the lightened oath of a very sunken ship it was beneath a cabe Thta lost the old ships somehow, all the ships were on lamd far ago, and the island that was once atop now long down ago..

The Seabeast was herded deep seeping, swordfish man recued it, and the great creature left and spiraled out.

Since he helped the beast he, gave a helping hand too, the arglo suddenly stuck out and gave the bottom of the ocean s and now, the deepest fartest oart was unearthed broken the, crust broke sort, the ocean floors.


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