SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

17. Missing maos

one flower the maos seemed brilliant and majestic as , it was lost and scouts mellow any song, it's silent singing was very defiante opened by battles, the sea captain saw the tunnel deep down lay ocean sthat once existed.

The pieces to the map were of this flower a maos of many it lead a key under the boat, lead new lands under the land lead a wrecked island an ️secret way under a traesure of rixh Golden Arches the thiefs saw gold yet thier eyes saw riches.

The swords were under evil swords powers somehow the singing maos were under deeper then the flowers and the maos and battles made the ships lose their empty cargo.

Somehow the necklace was more then just a necklace its poems its battles it petals were among many many, things lost, a little island named south eas gained and lost yet rixhes were deep jewel were like pedals soon the swordfish went deep under, and found a Seabeast full of swords and ooen traesures south of many it taught at the mystery was beyond belief the missing island was swallowed completly how unknown?


Somehow the real treasure was in flowers and swords were ️️secret beyond the mark were these the real jewels?

Where were they and where or who is this magical flower creature.


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