SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

21. Map of the forgotten sword

The sword the arglo was under a masked rich it was the eviksword and his unknown brother the evil they somehow lost was forgte on somehow the, creation was almost an 


Even known map, that could help save the arglo was a somehow hidden of missing puzzled unknown secrets more then a answer the evilsword and the creation the swordfish man was lost yet remebered. 

The very treasure was lost somehow the arglo was in the hands of smissing chain of deep sea beasts they were helping and they, were somehow a very spontaneous help.

The arglo was going to somehow end up in evilsowrds demise, the spike of his sea, the sea captain somehow not far behind herd of the arglo in the very ️️secret it possed 

It could help the journey since the sea captain was lost already it would help in the best eyed out plan. The sea captain wanted just the petals of the beast.

Somehow the adventure was more then thought of they fought and went on, and they still seemed the slower the maos had, to be in the maps way somehow?

The sea captain evil enough saw the arglo was a shiny sword the deep way that the sea beast could hold no ️secret to an evil sea captain.

The sea beast saw his armor and his eyes and the, ️️secret was thta, he was his maker, the very fish thta were once under were saved and granted by the sea captain the least thye do Is help the arglo was not in the armor deep under, yet the sea beast managed to grab it wisk the sword was spinning the swearing island sunk now lost and somehow the sword managed to get in the sea captains evil irony.

The sword was so powerful that the swordfish coudnt help the sea and its angry ways, the sea captain became a mighty captain , and the maos were in perils yet the petals and the missing flower thought to be a jewel was somehow just a flower more valuable but how?

The mighty petals somehow were in a deep rose in some arbor once again the maos were in the missing tunnel deep somehow the evil sea captains neede to find his maos, one somehow was missing, deep on a island its petals somehow ar ored the arglo, with this sword, and the captain it was powerless, no or no one could defeat this sea captain.

Evil sword was somehow on the missing, island Seabeast was on swordfish mans path, they saw an arglo yet they needed to find the maos before evil sea captain

The island, was maos it was full of buetiful of that these roses had elegant beuty if they were unusual deep black and there know existence black beuty was a arbored rose yet they were not of creatures of, battle but roses of petals soft poems.

Sea captain could see an angry anchor once harrbored the island it roses were of many unusual and great stories, the petal,and the stoires were of senic and elegant islands among now the ones missing.

The stories somehow, were petals and the riches of thieves thta once harrbored them, not only was sea captain looking for the rose but the petal,that harrbored it, in the rose contained a liquid that was true, irons it sword could get arglo and heal the swords, the battles were always in arglo defeat somehow the liquid arbored the swords wealth.

The monster, the maos was somewhere on another island? The evil sea captain was hiding unknown the arglo sword was not in the magic power since nights a rose petal,was

So unknown it had many lost, songs thus somehow had the arglo and a missing maos 

This flower thta left and had been controlled the monstir beast thta once song out the lonely seas,. The eviks ea captain waited and waited, yet the petals of the lost maos never came.

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